Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Garbage Art' (Part #456)

in art •  5 months ago

'Garbage Art'


This couple was created by bits found in the garbage. It is a great example of how things most of us consider waste can be used and not burned or left to rot somewhere. The idea is grand. Imagine if we all start making art instead of filling up bins. :)

Enjoy your day! :)

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Wao very good idea, we must take this example, we take advantage of what we sometimes throw and turn it into art. Thank you for sharing this excellent publication.

Can I have your premission to recreate one of your amazing pics? :)
Thank you so much if yes. Keep going! Love your content!

i always like your content dear @velimir as i am reading your content on daily basis ,you are a great photographer in my eyes ,as you are expressing the different ideas in the pics or photography ,best of luck for the new challenge , great job keep it up ,have a good day,, i upvote you please upvote me thanks

Wao wonderful garbage art.You are so enjoying your life.Very impressive photography.You are a wonderful photographer.Your motor cycle series is amazing.Everyone like this great series.Thanks for sharing this great post .

This is a growing trend, @velimir! And it's a good thing that it is. The garbage tonelas that man produces would at least be being used and would have another purpose. I like the look of the artist! Where we see cables, plastic bottles, buttons, lids, they see pieces they can build. all a work of creativity and imagination. Thank you for sharing!

Amazing. As you say, it would be wonderful if we all put into practice the idea of ​​throwing less and taking more advantage of things. That is a great job, certainly a work of art. The details and colors are very beautiful, very striking and creativity is visible at a glance.

You do not have to see a lot of photos to know that it is a work of art, a very well done work, you can see the creativity and commitment that they put into it. The very striking and beautiful colors. Hopefully we all think of things like these before throwing everything away. Great message, @velimir.

I have been following your content for some time now and it's really good and consistent. Love to see a fellow rider on steemit. I upload vlogs of my world ride would love to get your feedback on it. Cheers :)