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My kind of Santa. Love that the face is obscured in shadow.

This just so dark...and so well amazingly painted.
Love it! 👏👏👏 🐋

Incredible work! Virtually anything you post with speed painting and tutorials, I’ll upvote. I’m just about to embark on more color and digital painting and I’m scared shitless about it. Are you following @beekart @bryanpolitte and @justmousepixels?


Yes I'm following this profiles from now :) Thanks :)

The dark santa.
may i know what application is in use to paint this


Yes of course. I'm painting in Photoshop software. Use the Wacom Intuos Pro Large tablet :)

A really haunting vision of Santa.. no more "HO HO HO" for this fella!


Hahahahaha Yeah ;)

This is so awesome..LOVE IT!

Wow! This is incredible! Lovely work, so deep!

I love this!!! and it's so awesome to watch it come together. Did you have an idea of what you wanted it to look like before you started? or did you just go at it?

this is cool!