8 Foot Painting for Ice Cream Company Commission

in art •  6 months ago

This is an 8x8 foot painting that was commissioned by San Bernardo Ice Cream for a booth at a food show in Florida. I constructed the entire thing from wood and hardware purchased from Home Depot, while Amanda Turner did the artwork.


Below is a timelapse video of the entire process.


I actually built this entire support structure that Amanda is using to roll around on and get to the high parts. This turned out to be quite useful for many other projects as well.


Thanks for looking, folks. This project was actually more work than it looks like. We did this when we a couple of years back while living in south Florida. It was extremely hot in the garage where we were working! Please show some love and resteem to support the amazing Amanda :)


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OHH wow man this looks so giant and beautiful. You must have spent a huge amount of time designing this thing. The artwork by @Amanda Turner also looks very good. Great job.


Yeah it's a lot of wood and hardware. The worst part was working in the Florida humidity! I thought I was going to pass out. Also it was kind of tricky because we had to build a custom crate/box that could be shipped easily without damaging the artwork, as well as design it so that it could be easily disassembled and reassembled.

Nice painting and the biggest painting i have ever seen my new friend @nuthman... This painting is impressive and the perfection given to this painting by you is really awesome... Lovely to see this post...

You a new follower and a appreciator...


Thanks Kitani, very nice of you to say. Of course I didn't paint it myself, Amanda Turner did that. I did all of the photography, and built the structure that was painted on. And Thanks for the follow! :)

All the wonder that can be done with a brush. The art in the mind, the hands and the patience to create. Beautiful work congratulations. I would like to invite you to a Discord channel, of which I am a part, there are very nice people from different parts of the world. I leave the address.