Art Day With AJ | AJ Brockman

in art •  11 months ago

As a professional artist, entrepreneur, and advocate this event was something I have been wanting to do for a long time. As a kid, I wish I had someone like me as a mentor and with what I have learned I feel it is my duty to share with other individuals (disability or not) on how to work with what we are given. To this day I still do seminars, one-on-one teaching, and speaking engagements to help individuals with disabilities focus on what they can do rather than what they cannot.

The program organizer said – "Together,,, Single Handed Studio, and The Muscular Dystrophy Association hosted "Art Day With AJ" for young adults with disabilities. The afternoon event was packed with art demos, art displays, do-it-yourself artistry, food, games, and unrestricted access to talk with AJ. This event was a huge success and we look forward to the next program!"

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Nice .. Great post
Be strong .. Beautiful painting done well
Thanks for sharing this with us‏..

@abrockman Congratulation
First you are doing, what you are writing, and doing what you enjoy more; it is great to find people with high preparation, and at the same time motivational, helping others with overcomes difficulties.

So good to read your post. I have a dear friend that needs to read this but I don't think he would. He had a life changing accident last year when a snowmobile trailer fell on him breaking his back and snapping his spinal cord. He has no feeling from the waist down, and for a very active rafting, skiing, snowmobiling outdoorsman at the age of 60, to him this is the end. I hope that you can continue to help people with disabilities, as I can see now how much this skill is needed.

Nice work pal, keep it up


Thank you very much! Appreciate your support.


Congratulations my dear bro @abrockman

Good stuff.
Cheers to healthy community growth and creativity.

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Cool, thanks for sharing.

Great job you are doing and done. It has good demaind at the present time. I wish you and your team good success.

amazing nice work , congratulations

Congratulations !!!


This's a great event, and let me tell you, still I'm dreaming to have someone as my mentor . Hahaha

WOW.... love such efforts ! And big big respect for people like you, who organize such !

Also as I´m a Healing Educator for mentally disabled persons (was my first apprenticeship after High School)

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day may get your creative juices flowing again

I agree with the last part @abrockman. But in 6 months I still have not found how to get so many comments on the post as you. Even my posts are original.

I really think you are making a great job, motivating and helping another people, congratulations and don`t stop friend

For community, this is very good
Helping less privileged people is priority. The world has seen to many horrors. We have to hold ourselves closer lest we lose to an abstract adversary that we can't fight physically

Recently I was fortunate enough to find a good mentor. I hope for you the same.

keep it up and best of luck for your future,cheers!

Nice work check out my work @howsitgoineh

beautiful. love to see people doing what they want

Felicidades ... por compartir tu deseo que ahora es una realidad..

Congratulations, keep it up!

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Yeah i am upvoting and also w8 for your new upcoming post stay blessed..

mi visita mi blog y apoyame con tu voto

Esto es genial @ abrockman!!! empiezo a seguirte y colaborar con un voto, soy nuevo por aquí, soy discapacitado, se necesita mucha motivación para estas cosas, ojalá que te vaya excelente en el proyecto, muchas gracias por compartir!!!

Very good, post quality

Congratulations @abrockman!
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Good and lovely post, persistence and patience is the key, you will get to your desired dreams and vision. Just keep doing your best.

Give Thanks.jpg
Hi @abrockman, came across this page by accident. Yet I know there is no such thing as a coincidence. I was given the opportunity to thank God for YOU tonight, and to let you know you are very much loved, a God-sent angel to inspire and support young adults with disabilities.

Continue to be inspired and be an inspiration to others. Nothing is impossible with God. Amen.<3

Please vote me post @ferizaldahlan, thanks

your art is dope!

When i see an art like that i think how can it possible ?

Your writing is very creative, really great hope there is your support to me, because my heart is very touched rich language and words thank you brother @abrockman

Nice one bro.... Happy for you.... This post is upvoted by carterhale

good post friend

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

Hi, I'm a Japanese manga artist in Japan. I hope steem will become a platform for many and many kinds of artists.

Friend you have taught me, that limitations is just a word, I congratulate you and wish you the best of success in your career as an artist :D


Beautiful paintings, congratulations. I like them.

It's great to read your post, I read all your posts, much to learn from your post, much to know, I hope you are looking forward to such a beautiful post from you, you go forward, we are always with you, steemit A big flat platform! All our favorite sites, we all are here to build careers, since I am new here, so I want to help you with all of your help! Your! Hope you can get all the help you need on steemit, if you like, if you like, you can also improve yourself steemit! Thank you for posting a good post.

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You make me believe passion can drive one to become whoever he/she wants to no matter the state the persons finds him/herself. Continue being an inspiration for us. Keep it up @abrockman. Just upvoted and resteemed