The Hall Praying for the Dead, Myengbu-jeon

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The one of the impressive building in Gaesim-sa was the hall for the dead. The name of the hall was Myeonbu-jeon, here Myeongbu means the dark world where the dead stay at.
Another name of Myeongbu-jeon is Jijang-jeon.


Myeongbu-jeon is consisted of One Jijang Bodhisattva and 10 Kings judging sins of the dead.


The reason made me interesting in this hall was the expression of the Kings.
Their face was as same as that of ordinary people.






There are two dreadful generals standing at the gate.



Sometimes I saw the smiling face of 10 kings, but reminding me of ordinary people' face was the first case in this temple.

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Once I could watch a movie it has these kings! In Theravada Buddhism we don't believe 10 Kings of After Life! Yeah we have some differences in a same Buddhism! But personally I like these relics! It's crafts of believes! So, they did it so well!


Beautiful photos @slowwalker.

Interesting you'd post this on the Day of the Dead - Death is the great leveller visiting kings and commoners without distinction.

As John Donne wrote, ask not for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for thee.

A somber post on a somber feast, my friend.


Thank you for your poem

Awww..... Great place....and... Awesome photography...I love it💕 dear friend @slowwalker 😱

a very interesting work sir,i support your works,really great myeongbu-jeon sir @slowwalker

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@slowwalker, Myeonbu-jeon hall inside seems mysterious looks. But superior looks to outside with amazing architecture.

Myeongbu means the dark world where the dead stay at.

Probably I feel mysterious look with above meaning. Jijang Bodhisattva golden statue bring me various world. Hand seals same with another Statues. But Face looks various to me. Sometime I could be wrong. I give my vision only.
Yep very interesting to see expressions of 10 kings. If I can see it live mind would be blowing.
Both dreadful generals protected Kings and Bodhisattva. Their looks dangerous; very deserve to the gate. That's brilliant photo clicks and explain included blog. Thanks.

Great pics and these amazing statues look great! Thanks @slowwalker

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The facial expressions of these sculptures once again confirm that each person is a small incarnation of God.

Выражения лиц этих скульптур еще раз подтверждает, что каждый человек - маленькое воплощение Бога.

I get to see awesome temple photographs from the comfort of my own Desktop! The colours are so rich and interesting, seriously, "wow" this is a great picture skill you have, very pretty and cool shot, this place looks really awesome with all the decoration and design.

Their face was as same as that of ordinary people. Were these addressed as guardian dieties?

I was wondering as there are guardian murals there.

It is said that the Cheonwang shrine is a must see. Is this the correct temple? I am amazed at the number of temples visited to date.


I guess those statues to have common faces as you mention is because even if they are kings are still human as others who can also be judged in that temple to die regardless of their position, in any way the photos are great thanks For sharing