Other Buildings in Gaesim-sa Temple, and Its Beauty

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Other Buildings in Gaesim-sa Temple

Gaesim-sa temple is small but beautiful place. And the beauty of this temple is not splendid, its beauty is simple and modest.

What I’d like to share with you first is the resident house for the monks.
It is not colored, but I could feel its beauty of the simplicity.






Next is the auditorium, it was built opposite side of Daewung-jeon according to common principle of Buddist architecture. Its ornament and patterns were so impressive.





Small beauties what I like most.





Thank you for reading

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Your photography shows the old styles and how old this temple is! It's truly beautiful, nature around and colors used with building make wonderful feeling while watching it! One more thing that i have noted is, building heights seems to be short! But personally I like it!


Aww ....😱😱....excellent post.... And....lovely photoshoot 📷 my lovely friend @slowwalker .love you 💕💕💞💞

It's great to view Korea through your blog. Even the smallest details were presented well. Thanks for sharing😊

With appreciation,

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Thank you @slowwalker! We really appreciate your support :) Looking forward to get your story compiled into a extended version. Can't wait for it!

@slowwalker, The monks living simplicity building in Gaesim-sa Temple. Also around environment giving big support for their meditation. There are some fascinating looks of roof style. The auditorium patterns same with previous temples as you shown us. It's colorful. Windows patterns different. But impressive. Thanks again for perfect photo clicks.

It's very nice place, I think things, places even people do not need so many things to be beautiful.
In the simple they look much more nice, because it looks like really is everyone.
The natural looks better!

It’s really beautiful architecture. I like the colorful hall.

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Love the traditional architecture and design! Looks like a peaceful place to meditate and enjoy the sun.

Wooow cool..Yeah, you're right. @slowwalker this is beauty place. Im agree with you

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Beautiful images @slowwalker

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Thanks again for bringing us some great photographs from Korea.

It is always my pleasure to share your content on twitter.

Keep up the great work and have a fantastic weekend.


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Truly a delightful building. From the structure and radiates - peace, kindness, love and joy.

Воистину, восхитительные строение. От строения так и излучает - умиротворения, доброта, любовь и радость.

Gaesim-sa Temple is a great photography.your
Gaesim-sa Temple buildings introduced write is awesome

gorgeous temple. ❤ very beautiful colors and artwork.
its an amazing place! so beautiful! all are great photograph of the temple! great lighting! well done! love your photography style.

Really nice photography @slowwalker
Rightly said the temple is modest and simple.

Simple is beautiful

뭔가 자연 그대로의 절 같네요. 뭔가 가미하지 않은 듯 한 잘 보고 갑니다~