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The best scene in Magok-sa temple is needless to say, the hall of Buddha. But the hall of this main Buddha was not one but two. Those were Buddhas of Vairocana and Shakamuni. As I posted before, Vairocana is as same of the concept of the God by Aristotle. Vairocana is as similar as the principle make this world working.
And Shakamuni Buddha is the present Buddha saving people in this world.

The thing attracted me was the hall for Vairocana. Actually it was the wall paintings.


In my guess, it must be 4 heaven kings. I thought they had painted to protect this building. As other temples in this region, this hall was fired during the war with Japan 1592 - 1597.
They rebuilt this hall after the war. Not like other temples, they seemed to do their best to rebuild same feature as before. So in my opinion, this hall could preserve the style of Goryeo dynasty architecture.



The structure of the hall in Magok-sa is little bit interesting. The hall for Vairocana seemed the center of the temple. And it seemed to be built previously. But the hall for Shaka Buddha is so important in Buddhism as much as Vairocana. So it looked like they had built the hall for Shaka, Daewung-jeon, after the hall of Vairocana.

Because the hall for Vairocana, Bokwangdae-jeon, had been constructed before, the Daewung-jeon had to be located behind the Bokwangdae-jeon. So they seemed to build 2 story building for Shaka Buddha to emphasis the prestige of Shaka.



But as you see below, the main hall in Magok-sa temple seemed the Bokwangdae-jeon for Vairocana.
But this two building made the wonderful Scenery with the Autumn leaves.

I could photography the best shot with these two Buddhist halls.

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Best photographer... I always love you photo and post my dear friend @slowwalker ...really love you 💕💕😱

beautiful colors...

Fascinating history and beautiful architecture thank you for sharing as I truly enjoyed it. @slowwalker

I liked the wall paintings too. It's really tempting!

As usual wood carving temples., nice photography

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@slowwalker, Top class photography collection you caught from various corners. Such a elegant looks indeed. Those 4 heaven kings painting amazing and cleverly color placed yet. I think they protected Buddhism. After the war old Koreans built Magok-sa Temple. The hall for Vairocana and hall for Shaka Buddha both halls has awesome roof styles. Totally wonderful scenery with autumn leaves background.

Very beautiful photos. It can be seen that this temple is full of beauty that one wants to photograph. Especially liked the last photo.

Очень красивые фото. Видно, что этот храм переполнен красотой, которую так и хочется фотографировать. Особенно понравилось последнее фото.

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Thanks my friend for your excellent photography, it's really so beautiful that it can not be described in words. Many unknowing things have been known from your beautiful descriptions. thanks again for your excellent post.

Just another Phenomenal Piece of Breathtaking Photography, Keep it Coming @slowwalker.......

The scenery, temple and color of leaves of the autumn is so beautiful and the history makes it outstanding . Thank you for sharing .

You are right, I remember in your previous post you mentioned that you are going to visit the place now in Autumn with the beauty of its colors. Looking at the trees around, there are the trees with different coloration of foliage and different density. The last picture showed the temple that surrounded with such trees, I love that red color, looks like red beetroot color, do you know the name of it. Sometimes it might be maple tree.