The difference a single month can make to a puppy

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Good morning, Steemians. I hope everyone is doing great, despite the fact that most people are returning to work after the summer vacation these days. It's a bit sad that the summer is coming to an end already, but it will also be nice to return to normal habits again.

I really hope this will make Steem more active again now that people are not spending all their time outside. We saw an increase of activity when the summer finished last year, so hopefully the same thing happens now.

Anyway, I was just browsing trough some old photos and came across a few where my puppy Wilma looked so small compared to how she is now. While a month is nothing to us grown-ups, look at how much of a difference a single month can do to a puppy:

DSC_0110 – Kopi.JPG

She is definitely growing into getting the well-known body type of the sighthounds now, with a slender body that is made for running fast. Despite beginning to look like an adult whippet, she is still a puppy at heart, with outbursts of energy, reduced bladder control, and of course the ability to obliterate a shoe in a matter of seconds!

But let's return to my original ramblings for a second. What does everyone else think about a potential in increased activity when the summer is ending? Do you think your own activity is likely to increase in the coming months, compared to how it has been in the summer?

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Great and amazing photography @valth. I greatly appreciate your work my dear friend. 🤗💙

Thanks for sharing this post.



Yeah puppies can grow fast...I had similar experience with cats...
In one or two months their growth can really surprise you.
I was gone out of town for two weeks and when I returned I was surprised to see my kitten SNOW...She is growing at a fast pace.


Wow, it's cool to hear that she had grown so much in only two weeks. How old is Snow by now, by the way?

Well in my case, the summer vacations are ending in 3 days and I am moving back to my university from my hometown. I won't be able to give more time to steemit as my mid-term exams would be conducted right after the vacations.
Your puppy is cute and yes there is little change. He looks a little slender on mouth than the first one.


That makes sense. August to November/December is a really busy time for students! What are you studying by the way? :)

And thanks!


I'm doing BS in Chemical Engg.
Thanks for asking :)

she's cute regardless of age XD also puppy forever XD it's winter here at the moment but I have no life anyway.

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Thanks! Oh, I always forget that Australia do the seasons differently :P I bet your winters are probably more like our summers than they are like Norwegian winters though.

Wilma is growing up so wonderfully!!
Very beautiful and has them long legs going on :-)
She would be well loved on @kona's @dpet
#dailypetphotography 🐾


Thank you. And @dpet sounds interesting. I have never heard of that project before, but I will check it out!

aww...Cuteness overload!! She is so cute btw. she is sitting like a queen enjoing her shooting :D


Thanks. Yeah, she is so cute!

I think we will have a boring August and after that activity on steemit will increase and we will steem start rising. Some people are saying it will go to almost 18 $ by the end of December. But who knows. We just can hope for good.


$18 by December would be amazing, but I personally don't think that will happen. It's just so far away right now :(

Well she is looking pretty beautiful and she sure is growing well indeed :)

While as time is passing by it is feeling good by the way as because winter is much more preferable to me ;)


Thanks! Hehe, I'm looking forward to winter as well now. It's getting really tiresome with the long, hot summer at this point.

I have noticed an increase in activity in steemit, the people comment more, on the other hand your pet is beautiful and I like it a lot as you take care of it and give it love


You think the activity is increasing already? That's good news! And thanks :)

Glad to see that Wilma is growing great:).During summer physical activities definitely decrease due to climatic condition. Hopefully I will start walk/exercise after mid of September.


That's understandable. Working out or doing fitness activities in the warm summer is pretty exhausting!

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As you have probably seen already, I wrote another post about it :)

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Wow, they are very beautiful.
I like them...
Have a good day @valth


It's the same one though :P Have a good day you too.

Good but i don't like dogs.


Are you more of a cat person? :)