Epic Backcountry Adventures with the Gang

in adventure •  7 months ago


I just got back from a fishing trip in the North Cascades Wilderness with a couple friends!

This shot was captured as we were heading into a canyon that narrows until you reach a stunning waterfall at the end. We ended up having to clear a log jam with our boat to make it there - but that just added to the adventure!

Pictured - my boyfriend @raised2b, my friend Shari, and my awesome #goldmoney hat - compliments of my friend @goldmatters.

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@raised2b is doing the rowing und @shinebrights gets the upvote rewards! That is unfair! :D


Hahah you make a good point my friend!! 😜 Maybe I’ll buy him a candy bar with those earnings. lol


do you get candy bars for 0,92$ up there? I dont think so. gotta need some more dolphins to upvote (not from the lake for sure :D)

but anways - why do you have WIFI?!


I got back yesterday. Haha no WIFI out there - which is one of my favorite parts! It’s so nice to get out of cell range for a few days. :)

Looks like you guys had a successful weekend! The picture looks as if it was made for an adventure movie or something :)


Aww thanks Michel! It’s one of my favorite shots from the whole trip! :)

amazing pic 😍😘

Yeah great picture ... hope the whole trip was as cool as this shot ;)

Butifhull view