Adsactly Travel - Lessons from an Unforgettable & Epic Road Trip

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Every time I hear the word road trip, my heart skips a bit and I miss a breath. This is because I extremely love the open road. The idea of me and my best friends in the back of a van listening to soft rock and indie rock is the ultimate goal.


As I am growing older, I have realized that it is getting harder for my friends and I to get together anymore. As I reminisce about the post-college days that were, I can't help but go back to one major road trip that we took. As I go through the folder labeled “MOST EPIC ROAD TRIP” on my photography folder, I am welling up. As I wipe the tears, I also acknowledge the fact that we will not be young forever. We are welcoming new chapters of our lives and the dynamics of our friendships will have to change. We can't be doing the same things that we have been doing.

It is also welcoming an exciting new part of our lives. Getting married, raising kids and the whole nine yards. Although I am not married and I have no kids yet, I know that I will not be young forever and I cherish simple things like road trips with friends. If you have the chance to take one, say yes.

Feel free to be extra

The little extra things are what make the trip fun. I remember on our trip, someone made sangria at night and when we were picking him at his house, he had a pitcher of sangria and plastic cups. We put it in the cooler and someone had to use his leg to pivot it for the rest of the way because the road was bumpy.
When we got to the first stop, we all (except the driver) had a sangria and we appreciated the effort. Someone had also made sandwiches. I had come up with games that we could play on the way. Another person was in charge of the playlists and I appreciated all those extra things. By all means be extra. It's the spice to the ride!

Phones away

I was so happy during our trips that no one felt the need to keep checking their phone even though there wasn't a no phones policy. When you are truly having fun, you do not even remember to check your phone. However, phones are allowed for the occasional photos. Like this epic one.

Take photos

I now have these photos that serve as a reminder of this time. These photos are priceless because no matter how many years old I will be, I will always go back to them, reminisce and well up a little. However, keep a healthy balance of all the photos you take and sometimes live in the moment.

Bluetooth speakers and playlists

Mix up your playlists because we all do not have the same taste in music. Have some Kwaito (South African House), House, Trap, Country and rock songs and switch it up from the to time to ensure everyone gets accommodated. You can even ask people their favorite songs beforehand. I also appreciated the joy of having Bluetooth speakers. We went to this amazing ranch to have lunch and before the food was ready, we all started dancing around the Bluetooth speaker.

Thin the herd

This sounds brutal but group trips can be a hustle. Have about 5-7 people and that number is a sweet spot. The more people you have, the more time you will spend making decisions. I am sure you all understand group dynamics.

Check your car & have a plan

Make sure your car is good. One that is good with off-road terrain because people may wanna be spontaneous and try different places. Spontaneity is fun but it is good to have a plan. For example, we had a map and were doing a round trip from Nairobi- Nyeri-Kiganjo- Nanyuki-Naro Moru- Meru- Embu - Nairobi. These are all towns in Kenya.

Have a shopping list

When it comes to road trips, make sure you have a list of communal snacks, foodstuff, and toiletries. Are you going to be camping, sleeping in a hotel or Airbnb? Have all that in mind then share the costs. A list will be great. Here is one I made for you.

Make sure you also account for other costs like petrol. You can choose a treasurer.


A bonus tip is to wear light clothing is it is hot. also look for good shoes. I wore sandals and it was not all that easy especially when we were walking for long.

The next is up to you. We had such a great weekend. We went on a Saturday and came back to the city on Sunday Night. There were no issues all through. We stayed at a home and we had a great bonfire at night. It was one of those relaxed road trips that I will never forget.

Authored by @jeanwandimi

Photographs with logo by @jeanwandimi

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You make me think of my 'most epic' group road trip. 6 of us to San Francisco for a long weekend. 1000 mile (1600km) one way trip in a '56 Chev wagon. We drove in shifts and went to a Stadium concert on Sunday. That would have been memorial day (end of May) 1971.

We had maybe 4 items from your list (most of them didn't exist) and stayed 2 nights at a commune in Berkeley. We gave them $150 for food and shelter and they were great hosts.

We had exactly one thing in common. It was an epic, fun road trip that I'm sure we all still remember. A good time was had by all.

Thanks Jean. I always really appreciate your travel posts!

The great poet Rubén Darío said: "Youth, divine treasure, you are going not to return! Excellent advice you have brought us today, @ @jeanwandimi. I also enjoy traveling, especially with friends. Just like you I'm not married or have children, so for now I'm enjoying those makeshift trips that life gives me! In those trips, not only are friendships reaffirmed, but they are memories that you treasure for the days when years don't allow you to travel much. I have traveled almost all my country alone and accompanied, and I can say that I love to eat the food of the markets, the stalls by the roadside, talk to people, get to know the squares, the typical places. If you have to sleep in the car, sleep in the car, if you have to eat only bread and butter, eat only that. Always with the good spirit, that the idea is to enjoy! That's what travelling is all about: getting to know each other and having fun. Thank you for this blog.

The best part of your trip is phones away, no one even checked their phones. Cause mobiles are the only thing which always ruins any trip or vacation.
You just mentioned getting old, but I think only our body gets old but our heart it always behaves like a kid. Great post, awesome article. It’s nice to read it.


Well said
Phones ruin everything


I agree guys. We had so much fun and no one felt the need to check their phones.


Yaa mobile ruins

i dont agree with the popular opinion about ageing, that you seem to have mentioned as well at the start. I infact cant wait to be 55+ myself. It seems to only keep getting better where i'm from, where the older generation exploits the youth. As children, one is unaware, judgemental and basically a fool. Its only gotten better every passing year. If one doesn't keep up with their health due to the mentality that life is over when one becomes 60+, then its their loss and their foolish thinking imho. It also feels like most people( sweeping generalisation coming up) under age 40 are pretty delusional! If you think one becomes uglier as they age, then you must understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People mostly seem to find young puppies to be cuter than older dogs ... but at the same time people also find thin scrawny young saplings to not be as beautiful at all as their older lush green fruitful counterparts; trees ! Think before you pigeonhole anything including yourself... So if people exist who think of age in the way of how we do for Dogs, then do remember that people who think of age like we do for trees, ALSO exist.. All shades of the spectrum exist ! What i'm saying is that i have had a different experience, and the roadtrips that i have been taking lately have been wayyyyyyyyy more fun than the ones i took when i was younger.... to me the above seems like a bit of a sob story ( which kind of doesnt exist ) .. dont live in the past ... you have a while left still to live in the future.. i mean no offence to those who turn 55 and then say " i'm still young at heart" and other youth lovers lol ... when you say that " we cant still be doing things we used to ... i disagree... who is to say that a 60 year old cant trek in the Himalayas ? or who is to say that a 60 year old cant have a fresh start to life all over again ? Maybe the reason you welled up while looking at the folder is because in your own mind you have these non-flexible notions about ageing. Because when i look at my past travel photos it only brings me joy and not tears. I think of things like " oh man it used to be so bad when i was a kid, and yet this was such a brilliant road trip with my friends ... i cant wait to see how the next one will pan out".... maybe , just maybe... if you open your mind enough you might just see that the reason why YOU are getting less chances to travel with friends on more road trips is YOU and not everyone's ageing... lol

@jeanwandimi, Yes, we will not going to stay as same for ever so we have to enjoy the current phases and current opportunities in that way we can hold the great memories too.

Friends are really vital part of our life and they bring the colours in our life, and we have to enjoy the small moments of life for sure because in that way we will going to add the liveliness.

And in this post the great aspect is, leaving phone off and we can see that many times people go for the trips but they stay busy in their phone so there we don't see that much enthusiasm.

And music is the best part of the journey because music adds the flavour to our life and journey, and sometimes we should explore the other music choices because that's an new Exploration.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

While i was going through this article, something got my attention. On the area of "The little extra things". I learnt that what makes a trip fun is with the addition of the extra things.
Moreso, i noticed an area that suggested we say yes " if you have chance to take one say yes". My answer is 'YES'.
THANKS @adsactly. I almost shed tears as i read through the area that said we are no longer getting younger. But it does not mean we won't be seeing friends from time to time. Life is sweet with Money.

Wao wonderful road trip,Sky looks so beautiful,Your car looks so amazing,Life is nothing with friends and family,You and your friends are so enjoying,Rememorable movements,All of you looks so beautiful,Wonderful decision no one uses the cell phones,And lady your shoes looks so beautiful,Very impressive places,Very wonderful packing list,I m so enjoying your trip,Thanks for sharing,

I wish you a pleasant trip friends, beautiful pictures thanks

You can’t imagine how it feels on a road trip with friends it is an unforgettable experience. Hope you have been created a lot of memories @adsactly I love road trips


We had so much fun. They are the best. thanks for reading.


It’s been my pleasure to read this blog

The essentials of going out on camping trip. It has to really stay away from stress in the city.

"Hurrah" great post dear @adsactly ,,me is really glad to read your article, , i was also very eager to Journey with friends,mobile always irritate me as you mention above i agree with you ,,your post is so remarkable great job ,, keep it up have a great day,, i follow and up vote you ,please upvote me thanks

I've never been on a road trip before tho, we going through this article I tried to put my self in your shoes and I really wished I had experience a road trip. You're also a great planner, I've taken notes of everything and when I'm to embark on mine I'll make sure to miss any so as to have a wonderful road trip as you did!

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The best time to feel free outside all life chaos is when we have some own time. For sure the growing age and busy responsible life wont allow much get together with friends ..but i believe the time spend during our bachelors hood dsys with friends are truly majestic.
I remember one such instance, when our group ..of 5 decides to go out on weekend trip it was not planned just come out in normal chit chat on whzts app in afternoon and by eveinging we were hitting the road...and by next morning we were in a a hil station 500 km from our city. Simply awesome feeling with such freedom. But such event are ocassional now considering everyone have their personal life.
Whereever we went and whenver we go...the booty chillar box must remain with just took me to some flashback memory lane with some nostalgic moment. Such road trip just becomes a cheerful and unforgettable moment in life....thanks for sharin 👍👍

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That is true. Makes us cherish the time we have when we are young.


Exactly @jeanwandimi this simpy implies live life freely whztever oppurtunity we get....

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Hi @adsactly
Felt very happy to read your story. the way you enjoy life.
Age never a problem. Its willingness to enjoy is important.
And I think you are always ready for tours and enjoy bit by bit of your life.
Thanks for sharing these beautiful and mesmerizing pictures and letting us know your life experiences.
thanks for this post and do post such many more of these.


Thanks for reading. We must enjoy life.


Honestly i petsonally enjoy going through the blog of @adsactly. If gives me joy and makes me feel homely away from home.

Nice one.Love soft rock too ✌️

I totally agree that a trip is a unique experience. Every time there is an opportunity, it must be said that yes. A trip is an opportunity to know, to share and to enjoy every second. You always have to be careful and take into account everything important so that you get the best possible. Life is short and you have to enjoy it to the fullest ... :)


Congratulations, great story, great photos, and good company.