ADSactly on ADSACTLY #72 - On Advertising - Part 5

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ADSactly on ADSACTLY #72

On Advertising - Part 5


In the light of previous four parts, we'll continue with some practical ideas of not allowing yourself to be brainwashed, despite their efforts. Before we start, let's make sure you understand that it will never go away entirely because we are all, one way or another, conditioned to accept society's standards and norms. It would take much more than a few thoughts to remove that conditioning. The first step, believe it or not, you've already done. That was reading all of the previous articles in this series and becoming aware of what is going on. Consider yourself really lucky because more than 90% of the entire world will never become consciously aware.

Becoming aware makes you less suspectable to the effects of conditioning. The reason is simple, whenever your mind notices that some information is being pushed in, it will recognize it more and more as you become more and more aware of the moments when you are being influenced. This will diminish the effect. However, mind you, this is not easy to fully achieve and takes time and training.


The second thing is to limit the use of vehicles that are used to plant thoughts, ideas and opinions in your mind. Turn off the TV. These boxes easily put us to sleep. Then they pour in your mind everything needed to become ignorant and obedient. Stuff you need to have or feel frustration, fears and anxieties, recipes for happiness, exercising non-action, you name it. When watching TV, you don't really live, you watch other people live and suck in their problems and fears.

Did you know that there was a smart guy who produced a TV that would regularly and automatically skip commercials? Can you figure out why it was banned? :D Do I need to tell you that your TV set is the champion of mind control that privileged exercise over the rest? Of course, I don't.


Another smart guy once said (I don't remember who or where I've heard it but I remembered it very well) and I'll paraphrase it: 'When enough people start turning off their TV and start living again, that will be the biggest noise the world has ever seen.' Can you imagine what happens after that when people realize what's being done to them in the name of a false sense of feeling alright?

The Internet has way more freedom of choice. However, ads are everywhere. Getting a free ad-blocker for your browser will ease the strain on your mind. It is the greatest invention of 21 century. :D


What are your thoughts?

Thank you for following "On Advertising" series of articles. We hope you enjoyed them and learned a thing or two. If not, then we hope they at least remind you of something you already knew deep down and can use it as food for thought.

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Your analysis is perfect. We are being treated as guinea pigs. Advertisements are everywhere. In newspapers, on television and internet we see a lot of ads. instead of becoming a medium of delivering knowledge, Media has become a tool of propagating false information. We are consistently being bombarded with so much information that our mind becomes numb and conditioned as per the desire of the manipulators.
Advertisement is not a bad thing. In fact it is the tool of conveying message from a company, about a product, to us. Without advertisements we won't be able to learn about a product but the way these advertisement are created is a mater of concern. The hidden message behind these ads can manipulate our thought process and we won't realize it either. This is the mastery of this whole business.
Only awareness can save us from this menace.

I fully agree with the analysis you have done, I am lucky to be an artist and an art teacher and for 30 years I try to make my students understand that television is only a means of canceling our perceptive and sensorial faculties. The difficulties are enormous, but I assure you that the new generations are moving differently from the type of system that the system has implemented. Fortunately, young people have other different ways of finding information such as the Internet or Deep Net and they are more sensitive than my generation towards the old havoc we created over the last 50 years. Great and timely analysis @adsactaly!

Even though in my past I had a suspicion of people being brainwashed and manipulated by media and advertising companies, I’ve learned so many new things I had no idea about just a few weeks ago. By completing “step one” of your series, my eyes are much more widely opened. And yes, you are right, I definitely consider myself lucky. But there is still sooo much to learn.

...Can you imagine what happens after that when people realize what's being done to them in the name of a false sense of feeling alright?

Belive it or not, since I’m part of steemit comunity, I’ve stoped watching TV completely, with only few exceptions when I record few of my favorite shows on DVR. This way I can easly avoid commercials by rewinding. However, with upcoming World Cup 2018 I have to make an exception. There is not much I can do about it since I’m a huge fan of football and I live to watch it live. But at the same time I’m aware of manipulative advertising ways. I’m pretty sure it won’t harm me at all, I won’t get brainwashed. You made a great point about information being pushed to people’s brains. That’s true, I’m witnessing it every single day. Whether they keep calling on my cellphone, knocking on the door, or playing it on TV. So far I’ve done very well by rejecting them.
Note: I hope crypto is real and not just another manipulative way of getting emptied our pockets. If that was the case, I would call it the biggest brainwashing in history. But I don’t belive it. I think it’s complete opposite. I thing it’s the message saying “we won’t get fooled anymore!”.

Becoming aware is big part of the equation. It leaves you less vulnerable to the mass conditioning syndrome. People are trained to behave in certain manner and to be able to recognize that behavior in oneself is the path to true freedom. For this self awareness is essential.

Once we understand the weakness within and outside then the situation can be dealt with in a number of manner but to reach there a lot contemplation is required. A little mental effort is a small cost for freedom.

Tomar conciencia, como tomar conciencia @adsactly ?

En mi opinión la toma de conciencia, o el despertar de la conciencia empieza cuando reconocemos nuestra no igualdad y somos más actores de nuestra individualidad humana, nos volvemos Rebeldes y empezamos a hacernos preguntas sobre todo y a cuestionar todo, ahí el sistema empieza a tambalear, ya que dejamos de ser inconscientemente autómatas del mismo, para convertirnos en seres rebeldes en la búsqueda de la libertad ... Este estado de despertar de la conciencia se logra o se llega a el, a través de un proceso de meditación, de ensimismamiento personal, de conocernos a nosotros mismo, en silencio y con atento oído interior.

Ad-blocker was definitively one of the best things added into my life since ever.

Whenever I use a computer that is not mine and go to youtube, I start screaming internally, sometimes literally, because all these adds hurt me physically.

In fact, I hate that our world has gotten so heavy on that topic. But I have to accept that fact. Or change it.

Great series of articles, I would to thank you for all the effort doing..
About this part I am going the Objectivist way:

You should always remember that there are no shortcuts in forming an opinion.

When someone, even someone whom you like & trust says that the things are just so, means only that the things are just so for them. For you, you have to make your own way from the facts to opinions.

Contradictions are unnatural — if you face a contradiction, it means that you made a mistake — back to the premises for you.

If you feel one thing, but think another — it’s the state of contradiction — back to previous sentence.

Thank you for using the nice words. I like your every content. Sir, thank you so much for sharing these valuable words for you.@adsactly

wow this is so interesting to the chance to learn many things.thanks a lot for sharing these with [email protected]

This is really wonderful part you share @adsactly ! The reading isn't the end of it, you will become part of a community which will create a mutually beneficial relationship with you 😁

Oh my @adsactly 😃
I truly believe as you do , though I didn't watch TV for a long time but I waste too much time with my laptop.
Hope people will wake up after reading this beautiful awareness article.

Thank you, at least your article will help me to have newer thoughts on this @adsactly

I agree with you absolutely, we have been hypnotized by all these people trying to influence us!

Nice to see you and I Upvoted you :) !
“The fact that you have just buried your parent or parents and/or sibling or siblings does not make you less likely to die today.” ====> Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Good advertising.