Looks like I had a visitor in my garden while I was away! Any advice to keep deer away!

in actifit •  7 months ago

I just got back from spending a few days down with my buddy @ejr. In fact if your interested you can check out our adventures over the last couple days, We went to a Blue Jays Game, we went metal detecting and we poured some silver. We did a few other things but they we're documented.

Anyways back to the story at hand.


My poor lettuce! It seams to have been all munched down to almost nothing.


Looks like they had a taste for both different kinds as well and didn't discern. We have been harvesting some leaves regularly from the lettuce ourselves, but hopefully some will grow back as the main roots and centers are still present.


The culprit did leave his tracks in the garden, so I looks like we have a deer checking out our garden regularly. So far he seams to only like the lettuce and has spared everything else, so lets hope he'll just move along.

Does any have any advice to keep them out of our garden?


I have seen him in my yard on occasion as well and he's quite well feed on our clover in the yard as well, so I suspect we will have many more deer around our yard in the future, so I can only imagine it will be harder and harder to keep them away from the garden and my fruit trees.

Also now that I'm back home I can get back on track with tracking my steps on my little old phone, and adding them to my posts. Still not a perfect solution with the tag being actifit and I may end up just moving my steps to a different account.

@phelimint tracked today a total of 16205 steps via Actifit Fitness Tracker

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@phelimint Use human hair as a deterrent. Human hair can repel deer, so get some from your local barber or hairdresser

Spread hair on your flower garden. The scent of multiple humans from the hair will deter the deer.

Put some of the remaining hair in a sock or stocking. Hang the sock or stocking in your vegetable garden with the same effect. Make it thickest at row ends and around outside rows of the vegetable patch or garden bed.

@phelimint Mostly that technique which i said would work for you freely ... ;)


hope you tried my advice with human hair ...

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I'm going to have to deal with the same problem on my land out in the county when I move. I was recommended to get an electric fence from these guys and put bait cups attached to the fence to train the deer to stay away from the area you are trying to protect https://www.premier1supplies.com/p/deer-quikfence-5-60-12-electric-netting?cat_id=53&species_id%5B0%5D=7

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I tried those sprays that have peppermint, cayenne, and other stuff that deer supposedly don’t like. Didn’t seem to have any effect.

I collected some hair from our dog who’s part German Shepherd and spread it around; that seemed to help some, still some nibbling going on though.

High velocity lead?

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The only things that work for us are a damage permit or an electric fence. We can get a permit to shoot five deer a month just for the asking. The permit is good day or night, so it is pretty easy work. It doesn't take long to thin out the herd and the smart ones will move on to another grazing spot.

The electric fence is probably more efficient in the long run. You can either make it really high so that the deer can't jump over it, or you can train them to be afraid of it. If they get a good shock the first night they will avoid it for a long time, even if it is easy to jump over.

The best way to train the deer is baiting the hot wires with little tags of aluminum foil smeared with peanut butter. When they come up to sniff the peanut butter the aluminum foil shocks them in the nose. It is an unforgettable experience.

Get a big dog! I don't have that problem (deer that is)
I have snails, lots and lots of snails. Little trays of beer seems only to have attracted more.....unless my dog has been drinking it?? They don't seem to be phased by copper? Sorry my mind wanders.
I assume this is taking place in the daytime because if at night I would suggest solar motion lights, but with that idea, they do have motion alarms and even motion sprinklers (for those pooping cats) something along that line may work.

I heard that playing the radio can be a deer deterant. I haven't tried it myself, but I hear that it works. Deer get spooked pretty easily with various sounds - talk radio is probably best. Use a solar powered radio with decent speakers. @ironshield