My Actifit Report Card: August 4 2018

in actifit •  9 months ago

Hello again! I am enjoying this app!

Today I delivered more community newsletters by walking up and down the streets. I had my headphones in, and was listening to a wide variety of music including from The Morning Dew, Dandy Warhols, Black Sabbath and Baby Metal. While walking I was also engaged in some lively air guitar and air drumming! :D

To borrow from a comment I left on my previous fitness report...

Move It Or Lose It - is my motto! To start with, the lymphatic system is very important in human health and unlike some other animals, we don't have a lymph heart to circulate our lymph; a big way it moves is from muscle movement, so we need to move our muscles!

Also, I like to look fit and trim when I see myself naked, or possibly when others see me! And for those who don't know why I wrote that, I just responded to this theme on @honeydue's mental prompt of a post, here: so the topic is still on my mind! :D

If @honedue could find a way to strap her phone on her wrist as she types, she would have us all beat, because she is a wonderful enthusiastic prolific writer and her wrists must move miles! She has amassed so much material over the last year of being here on Steemit that she put a lot of it together in her Own BOOK!!! I recommend it! I bought the Kindle edition ( ) and it's only $4.99 so why not get your own copy and support our own Steemit friend @honeydue!

Another person that I feel will be joining the actifit community soon is my friend @pixiehunter. She is extremely active at where she works. She is already a great member of the Steemit community with her frequent funny and creative freewrites and other tales of personal experiences often with animals which she loves, and they all love her back! So I could see her putting the app on her phone and showing us all how much she moves around every day.

I'll be back soon with another actifit report.

I wonder if you will support me in my fitness tracking?

I don't mind asking for an up vote because I think I am a good steward of whatever Steem Power I get. Many of you know that I am here daily, reading and often up voting and commenting your posts. The more SP I have, the more I can help you. I don't post often so I don't feel I am taking away from others' share of the daily reward pool. I'm just trying to build my own little community of friends that I've found here on Steemit. :)

Thanks in advance for any votes and comments! :)

@kenny-crane tracked today a total of 1492 moves/activity via Actifit Fitness Tracker.
This involved performing activity related to Daily Activity, Dancing, Walking
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Hmmm, I may have to do that. Not sure if my phone can withstand yet another app though. May be time for an upgrade. What a great way to get the community involved. :)

This is a very interesting app. I'm lucky that even shaking my phone count as a step. But mine is just 545 for now after I just install it.

I tried it today but it only registered something like 2,000 steps. I probably moved something like 20,000. I then found that if you circle your hand really really fast for about 5 minutes it will register like 500 steps.


I think I took more steps than registered as well. Next I'll try holding the phone instead of having it in my pocket. I'm just having fun seeing what everyone else is doing to keep moving!

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

wow excellent intiative for fitness will track mone with this lovely app thanks dear 😍

Mine is below 1000 only...spent whole day at home and my phone placed on the table only...😅

Wow great apps @kenny-crane I just download it!


I'm looking forward to your fitness tracking reports on here!

NICE POST @kenny-crane ,today itself i will download that app .

Nice!!!! :-)


I think you would enjoy adding fitness tracking reports to your blog which has great articles on Steem Monsters! While watching/listening to your DLive feed, I noticed you are into tons of cool hip hop from the last 30+ years. I've heard Run DMC, Snoop Dog, Eminem and others in the background. I would think you might get up and dance to some of these songs; I know I would! Grab your phone if you do, and register that movement on the actifit app, then use it to make your report on here! :)


hello steem monster queen 😍😍 beautiful woman 😍