Crazy Weather in Guadalajara!

in vlog •  8 months ago

Guadalajara, Mexico is known for its crazy thunderstorms. In today's video, we were caught completely by surprise! It was nice all day until the heavens suddenly opened up, and out of nowhere, we were getting pelted by hailstones!

Watch the full video below:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

We use this action cam to shoot our videos.


Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)

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Hi there! Yeah weather is crazy in Mexico.. You are lying on sunny beach and it can change in one moment! Mexico is never boring;)
Enjoy upcoming weekend, guys:)

Never seen anything like this weather before, except in movies hahaha. Glad you are both safe.

That salad is totally worth that price. Really massive. As usual, never seen anything like this too hahaha.

The excitement from Laska towards Maddie's sister says it all. Really cool and nice. I knew the welcome would be adorable and funny.

Nice to see Maddie's sister and she slotted in seamlessly as evident by taking over the gonging of the bell. Hahahaha. She is a lively soul. I like her already.

It has not rained like in 20 days in Mexico City and when I watch the video I want it to rain down here. You should make a video preparing Mexican food, it would be very fun! You look very happy with your visit! I hope she really enjoys authentic Mexican food!! Saludos!! :D

Unexpected weather storm the weather is at times unpredictable and also base on the fact that the weather in Mexico is more of rainy season and we are into that season now. But all nice I know you guys are enjoying your stay in Mexico and having some good time together @tangerinetravels

Always enjoying your videos. I loved the restaurant place you guys went to. So cool. Would love to dine in place like that.
Take care you guys and looking toward your next videos.

Que loco el clima ¿no?
Bueno Laska no tiene problemas con el granizo. Jordan es el que tiene que cargar con el. jijijiji
Me encanto el vídeo Tangerine travels.
Saludos y gracias por todo

Take care guys! There is crazy weather in all of Mexico, here where I live happens all the time that rains and an hour later is all nice and hot outside, or it can just rain all week.

wow, 100 pesos for a salad! That is expensive. It is mighty great that you guys got Maddie's sister to visit you, Laska was so happy.

I hope Maddie's sister passes a great time in Mexico!

Nos vemos luego amigos!

Hello,what an unexpected storm,, what a good visit you received today, I hope you have a good time in Mexico I know she will have fun with you that are so special. I admire them a lot. greetings your venezuela fan.

I like Mexico

Beautiful day and suddenly that rain that rich, I love the mexican food and that faithful is laska so long without seeing your sister and is excited. Amazing video. Greetings

I went to that restaurant once, the food was expensive and the service was crap.

I forgot to warn you, there's a storm in the pacific so expect heavy rains these days, and heat, a lot of heat.

Aww little Maddie looks the exact same as grown up Maddie, so cute. ❤️


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