Weekly Top of Utopian.io: May 25 - 30

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Our weekly showcase of Staff Picks includes outstanding contributions from the past week, hand-selected by our Community Managers from across all Utopian.io categories.

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Staff Picks

This week we have more staff picks than the last, a testament to the increase in quality of contributions on Utopian.io. Highly useful bug reports are featured, some of which helped improve the overall interaction with our blockchain, Steem. We also received interesting and informative tutorials and documentation.

Particle physics @ Utopian - Detecting particles at colliders and implementing this on a computer by @lemouth [Blogs]


image credits CERN

This contribution is the start of a collaboration between open source developers and computational physicists within cutting-edge particle physics experiments from CERN. MadAnalysis is the analysis framework of the project that allows open source developers to take part in the analysis of data from collisions in the Large Hadron Collider.

The contribution is an introductive post to what needs to be known, what the concept is, what is being done, and how to start collaborating. It is perfectly structured to provide all the required background knowledge for the exercise at the end, with useful links to external sources for further reading about the process. It also has high readability with its excellent presentation and formatting.

Total payout: 231.92 STU
Number of votes: 591

- picked by @espoem

Using Firestore Storage and Caching Files inside of Dart's Flutter Framework by @tensor [Video Tutorials]


Tensor consistently creates excellent video tutorials and in this one, he systematically works through the code creation process, highlighting important concepts for learners. In it, thorough text, images and links to support the video lesson are provided. This tutorial in Flutter shows how to create a simple application which uploads images to Firebase Storage and them makes them accessible for download.

Total payout: 98.67 STU
Number of votes: 45

- picked by @buckydurddle

Introducing "App Stream": Curate and serve Steem posts/comments/replies by app/author/category by @dzivenu [Documentation]


This is a documentation contribution for a Steem utility called App Stream, which is a useful a standalone Node.js program that curates all posts as well as its comments, replies and even edits from whatever target you set in a MYSQL DB. It contains an exhaustive amount of information for different features and configurations.

What makes this contribution exceptional is the amount of detail included, which covers most areas of doubt when using the program. The content was well-presented and additional information to support the contribution was also provided.

Total payout: 219.71 STU
Number of votes: 80

- picked by @ms10398

Steem-Python 1.0.1 Does Not Properly Handle Steemd Websocket Server Errors by @learnelectronics [Bug Hunting]


@learnelectronics identified a bug when instantiating an instance of Steem using an address to a websocket server that is currently generating server errors. In that case, Steem produces unpredictable behavior and exceptions that cannot be handled in a meaningful manner.

The bug report is detailed, with useful logs and accurate steps to reproduce, and also includes temporary workarounds. Overall, this represents a thorough work with the high quality standards we support on Utopian.io.

Total payout: 45.69 STU
Number of votes: 24

- picked by @jestemkioskiem

Build Custom FABs and Bottom App Bars inside of Dart's Flutter Framework by @tensor [Documentation]

post image

In another exceptional contribution, in this Flutter Video Tutorial, @tensor explains how you can create a custom bottom application bar widget, as well as make custom Floating Action Buttons. Creating a floating action button that is not round, as well as building a notch in the bottom application bar to better suite the new shape.

The tutorial also touches on drawer widgets, inkwell widgets, and the VoidCallback function type. The formatting is complete and an extensive list of links to related tutorials is provided at the end.

Total payout: 144.18 STU
Number of votes: 77

- picked by @elear

Missing SSL library prerequisite on the Ωhmcoin Project by @helo [Bug Hunting]

post image

Though a relatively simple bug, it points out a missing piece in the project's prerequisites, which goes a long way in helping the project owner find a proper library for the fix. A link to an old issue with a similar problem was also provided and a possible solution given as well.

Total payout: 48.63 STU
Number of votes: 74

- picked by @sachincool

Simple-Contacts [4.0.3] - Fatal exception when deleting only contact on list multiple times by @tobias-g [Bug Hunting]

post image

Receiving acknowledgement and a good response from the project owner, this bug report stands out. It also includes a number of testing environments which @tobias-g tested on and lists results as well. All necessary details to reproduce the bug were provided, including a log-cat and a video.

Total payout: 45.69 STU
Number of votes: 12

-picked by @sachincool

Beem: account.history_reverse() may fail with TypeError and Beem: Race condition in blockchain.blocks() when using threads by @stmdev [Bug Hunting]

post image
post image

Both these bug reports by @stmdev detail two different bugs found in Beem, a python library to interact with the Steem blockchain. These are a true example of the true potential of bug-hunting, where a problem identified by one developer leads to shared information, that benefits other related projects. A fine show of the power of Open Source: strength in shared knowledge.

By composition, these reports contain great insights into the nature of the problems, how they can be reproduced and ways to mitigate. These contributions shine in regards to bug-hunting as a whole.

Beem: account.history_reverse() may fail with TypeError

Total payout: 56.46 STU
Number of votes: 41

Beem: Race condition in blockchain.blocks() when using threads

Total payout: 64.63 STU
Number of votes: 24

-picked by @sachincool

Note from the Bug Hunting Community Manager (@sachincool):

I also want to name some contributors who have shown excellence in quality and growth in the past 2 weeks for their contributions in bug-hunting: @organik @kr-nahid @kodeblacc. All submitting potential staff picks in the near future.

Installing and testing the MadAnalysis 5 particle physics platform on Win10 using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) by @effofex [Tutorials]

post image

A well written tutorial, this contribution provided steps for setting up and running the environment for the MadAnalysis project on a windows machine. Simple, straightforward, and innovative approach for making coding the project easily accessible on Windows machines, a project that is helping the scientific community advance; particularly dealing with particle colliders investigation analyses.

Total payout: 50.03 STU
Number of votes: 292

- picked by @mcfarhat

Utopian.io Weekly Post Statistics

The staff picked contributions are only a small (but exceptional) example of the mass of contributions reviewed and rewarded by Utopian.io.

Category Statistics

CategoryReviewedRewardedTotal rewardsTop contributor
bug-hunting3641142473.32 STU@kr-nahid
graphics76453168.99 STU@tobaloidee
development64485327.15 STU@roxane
ideas21479.50 STU@orlandumike
documentation1182.38 STU@dzivenu
blog33181.75 STU@moisesmcardona
video-tutorials16121135.84 STU@omersurer
analysis44457.20 STU@firedream
tutorials44201289.14 STU@edetebenezer
social5134.07 STU@frankremmy
copywriting1153.95 STU@wizzybright

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Thanks for featuring my project (even twice :) )!


You're welcome, and thank you for supporting Utopian.io!

Felicitaciones para todos los Utopianos seleccionados en este Top semanal de Utopian.io, seran recompensados por su aporte a la comunidad, gracias y mucho exito al equipo de Utopian.io, que Dios los bendiga.


Gracias por tu comentario :)


De nada. Estan haciendo un gran trabajo para la comunidad, gracias por responder, un abrazo.

I love your community I love your post thanks for sharing with us, how can I post using utopian-io


Thank you for your support!

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Glad you appreciate the work we do. Thank you for your support!

Hello @utopian-io

Thank you for this initiative to support wider community. It is a timely decision and very much in order.

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