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Here is my logo contribution to the Steemia project. They needed a brand new logo which is not related to current steem logo so I come up with this idea. I used double "S" which represents Steemia and Social Media. Plus I rotated 45 degrees each "S" to achieve a nice symmetrical circular shape. My goal was to create a modern and simple logo that will help to achieve an identity. After I've done creating the shape, I used 2 types of gradient to demonstrate "Steem" and "Social Media" concept of the project.

Steemia Logo-04.png
Steemia Logo-03.png


As I said double "S" represents the concept and colors as well. Also two "S" letter following each other and it creates a symmetrical circular shape plus letters following each other sort of a chain.

Logo Sizes-04.png

Icon Sizes-04.png


The program I used for this project was Adobe Illustrator CC. All vectors are editable. Gif made from Photoshop.




Original files

Steemia AI - PDF - PNG - SVG - EPS

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Looks sweat my friend. Pure and colorful. I like it!

@riverstyx, I always try to support who contribute to open source project, upvote you.


Thank you :)

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow Task Request.
Steemia is project Sosial Media. not about remote control (fan remot).
I recommend that you make some bright improvement on your next contribution.

You can contact us on Discord.


"Social" Media I know what it is, that is why I applied double "S" for that. How do you come up with remote control ? It is interesting enlight me. I really didn't understand anything you've said here.


First, I don't agree with your design. then I asked with project owner for this issue, and project owner also agree. that's why the your entry are not accepted. Btw, your entry was rejected 3 day ago.


Okay then, thank you.