Which of these unusual events was the most improbable?

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Here are several events that have been documented. Statistics would tell us that each one was highly improbable. Yet if people keep playing sports games and keep buying lottery tickets (to use two examples), then sooner or later, there will be some unusual alignments and patterns that occur, however unlikely. Which of these events do you think is the most unlikely? Have you heard about (or experienced) other events that were similarly improbable? Feel free to share others in the comment section below.

Richard Petty Winning 10 Consecutive NASCAR Races

Sports fans will give you all kinds of records. The undefeated football season. Pele’s three World Cups. Cal Ripken’s consecutive games record. Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point scoring night. And there are others. Perhaps these are improbable and some records will never be broken, but most are the product of amazing athletic performances that overcame the odds that they would not have occurred. I’ve included very few sports events on this list because I think it’s almost always possible that someone better could come along (though the games have changed so much that something like Cy Young’s wins record in baseball can never be touched). People said Jack Nicklaus’ golf majors record would never be equaled and yet Tiger Woods almost did it; that’s proof that if someone does it, another person as good may come along some day in the future.



Richard Petty. Source: Creative Commons via Flickr.com by Ted Van Pelt.

That said, think about everything that goes into a NASCAR race: the cars, the drivers, the courses in different locations and with different conditions, the mechanics, the preparation, the other drivers, and even the good luck. I think Richard Petty’s 10 consecutive NASCAR victories in 1967 may well be the most amazing sports record in history. It’s not only the product of an individual achievement at one time and place (such as Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point scoring performance), but that repeat performance spread out over a period of months. Statistically, the odds must be stacked so heavily against someone winning a single auto race that I cannot even imagine what they would be for winning 10 such races in a row.


The Laura Buxton Balloon

The Snopes site (link below) tried to debunk this and couldn’t. It really happened and has been documented. There are a number of stories about twins separated at birth who ended up leading frighteningly similar lives, but this story did not involve twins. These were two strangers who were not related.

A 10-year old girl in the United Kingdom named Laura Buxton was hoping to meet a new pen pal when she flew a balloon into the sky that had her name and address attached to it. The balloon came down 140 miles away and was given to a local girl there named Laura Buxton, who was about the same age (some accounts say her family actually lived at the house where the balloon landed). She contacted the first Laura Buxton and they found out that they were in the same year at school, were both only children (no siblings), had similar hair color and height, and had the same pets. Each had a 3-year old female black Labrador retriever and a grey rabbit. In addition, both had purchased a guinea pig which was the same color and had the same orange markings on its hindquarters. Apparently, the two Laura Buxtons have remained good friends.

Here is a short video about the Laura Buxton story:


Winning the Lottery Twice in One Day

The first time this happened, someone said the odds were trillions to one. But then it happened again. And again. In late 2017, it happened several times in different parts of the United States. Apparently, lightning does strike twice (hmmm…I saw a Steemit post about that once also; there was a guy who was struck seven times in his life).


Winning the lottery multiple times, more than once from the same ticket seller, or twice in one day…all of these have happened. As long as people are buying lottery tickets, then as impossible as they seem, these highly improbable events will continue to occur. They would only be impossible if no one bought tickets.


Fernando Tatis Hit Two Grand Slams in the Same Inning

One inning of baseball is over after three outs. There are nine hitters in a team’s lineup, who must all hit in order. For the same player to come up to hit twice in the same inning, his team must not have made three outs yet, but instead most of the other hitters must have reached base on a hit, walk, or error. One of the rarest plays in baseball is the grand slam, which is where the bases are loaded (full with three runners) when the batter hits a home run, thus scoring four runs with just one hit.

Tatis baseball card. Look out for his son, who also is projected as a baseball star in the near future.

Several years ago, baseball writer Tim Kurkjian determined that someone hits a grand slam about once in every 14 games. Up until 1999, in the nearly one century of baseball records in the United States, only ONCE had a single player ever hit two grand slams in the same game. But on April 23, 1999, Fernando Tatis hit two slams not just in the same game, but in the same inning. Pretty amazing.


The City of Fort Worth, Texas Demolished the Wrong Buildings, Two Days in a Row

Incompetence, squared. The city of Fort Worth, Texas had hired a contractor to demolish some old buildings. It knocked down one that it shouldn’t have. And then it did the same thing again. Of course, this was the same contractor, same crew, and same code enforcement officer. So, it may have been the same mistake that was repeated the next day.

Ft. Worth Stockyards. Blame it on the longhorns. Source: Montanasports.com.


Man’s Lost Daughter was Behind Him in His Selfie

A man had not seen one of his daughters in 10 years, so he went to the town where he thought she lived. Unable to find her, he took a picture of himself (and two other daughters) to put in the local newspaper, hoping to find his daughter’s whereabouts. When his daughter saw the picture, she realized she was in it (in the background, walking behind him), even though she no longer lived in this town and just happened to have been visiting that day by chance.



Divine intervention or amazing coincidence?

Though they were usually on time, fifteen members of the church choir in Beatrice, Nebraska were all late for choir practice on March 1, 1950 (for ten separate reasons). They usually began practicing promptly at 7:20 pm, but not that evening. At 7:25 pm, the church exploded from a natural gas leak. Since everyone was late, no one was there. And thankfully, no one was hurt or killed when the building blew up. (Accounts of the actual starting & explosion times vary slightly with different reports, but there is no doubt that the explosion was within five minutes of the intended starting time.)



When Viewed From Earth, the Sun and Moon Appear to be the Same Size

The sun’s diameter is about 400 times larger than that of the moon. The sun is about 400 times further from earth than the moon. As a result, the two appear to be about the same size when viewed from earth. This makes it possible for us to witness a total eclipse of the sun. Since their relative positions move slowly over time, we can consider this an ‘event’: a unique time in history (though a long one) when the two appear to be the same size. Given all of the celestial bodies in the universe, and the fact that we have just one moon and one sun, what are the chances of them appearing the same size from earth? You don’t want to know.

Solar eclipse. Creative Commons via Wikipedia.com by Kuebi.


Two Different “Dennis the Menace” Comic Strips Were Published on the Same Day

You may have seen Dennis the Menace, a long running comic strip (that was one of them). Two separate comics with the same name were created by different artists (who had never heard of each other) and published by newspapers in different countries (one in Britain and another in the United States). Both were published for the first time on the same day: March 12, 1951.

Dennis the Menace comic strip by Hank Ketchum from DailyINK.


Which of the above events was the most improbable?

It’s a rhetorical question, but I’m interested to know what you think. Have you heard of other unlikely events like these? Have you experienced anything similar yourself? Many of us have "small world" stories. If so, feel free to share in the comment sections below. Statistics would tell us that all of these occurrences are unlikely and yet, in our amazing world, they happen.

Top image: Host Rod Serling from the "Twilight Zone" TV show (CBS).

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@donkeypong, Firstly thanks for given most interesting post sharing. For me most importable characters Fernando Tatis. But I have no idea how he was hit hit two grand slams in same innings. It's unbelievable scene to me. Next time need to see witness support from pavilion. Another some scenes also I haven't confidence,

These would all be great to discuss with my class next week as we start our probability unit. As long as there is a single opportunity, no matter how enormous the odds, there is a chance of something happening. Especially if there are a large number of runs. The more you run an experiment and chance the odds then the more likely it becomes that unlikely events will take place.


Glad I could help you a small bit with your lesson plan. :) Sounds like a good class.

I think both the Lauras meeting is the most improbable because while the other events are also improbable, the things that happen in them are the same mostly, like winning the lottery twice on the same day, winning ten races in a row and even the 2 guys publishing a comic with the same name...

But for this two girls to not only have the same name but also the same last name, hair colors, school grade, pets, etc... it's way more stuff that had to happen so their meeting is like 10 improbable events on 1.


Exactly! For most of these, you can conduct similar statistical analyses that will lead you to have a confirmation bias or survivorship bias. Many events happen over and over again, and when they happen in just that way that seems too lucky, they are written down and judged forever in isolation.

But for the Laura Buxton x2 case, each coincidence would add a whole new exponential statistical difficulty. Survivorship bias suffers tremendously under the load of this coincidence. People who share the same name, general location, age, etc., plus localised events such as the pets and personality choices, would make it so that this is an almost super-natural case of coincidence.


Good point re: the survivorship bias. That particular story is so unusual and unlikely to occur, any way you analyze it.


The Lauras story is amazing, I agree. So many variables there that came together in alignment.


I agree with this. but the father finding his daughter because she was in a pic he took and the church thing are both amazing to
15 people late on the same day for a variety of reasons and on THAT day the church blows up?

My long shot story.

Back in my hippy days, I would spend from spring to autumn travelling Britain on an old grocery delivery bicycle - small front wheel, metal basket containing a big tin box for everything that needed to be kept dry, bed-roll behind the saddle, tent along the crossbar, leather panniers for my posts & pans. I did it for 12 consecutive years, 30 miles per day, always a hot dinner cooked on a campfire, sometimes following the free festival scene, sometimes just taking a direction because I'd never been there before, then holing up for the winter on farms where I could get casual work picking brussels sprouts and tidying orchards. I shared many adventures with that bike and I loved it.

One winter I left my bike outside a house where there was a party going on. There may have been some confusion over the bachelor status of the girl I was with that night, but whatever the reason I came out in the morning and my bike had disappeared. I searched everywhere, reported its loss to the police, but when it still hadn't turned up after a couple of weeks I bought an old car and my life changed. For one thing, I needed to decide where I was going before I left!

Fast forward 6 years and the company I was working for had a temporary shortage of work. We were paid our basic wages without bonus to be on standby awaiting a new contract and I decided to use the opportunity to visit some of my old haunts. I returned to the town where I'd last seen my bike, met up with a friend and set off in my VW camper for a game of snooker. Coming up the narrow alley towards us was a man pushing a bike - my bike! I wound down the window and grabbed the handlebars, and wouldn't let go till he explained himself.

It turned out that the man worked for a gardening shop on the High Street not far from that fateful party. When the staff arrived for work on the Monday morning, they'd found my bike leaning against the back door of their shop and assumed someone would soon reclaim it. After a few days it was moved into a storeroom. After a few years, the shop was sold and the new owner decided my bike would make a great display outside his shop with a container of flowers in the basket. That very day he told his employee to take the bike to a local repair shop to be spruced up. In 6 years, that short walk to the bicycle repair shop was the only time that the bike had been out of the storeroom, and I met it in that alley on my only return to that town before or since ....

.... a one minute in six years window of opportunity.

I would love to say that I dumped my VW camper, jumped on my bike and rode off into the sunset, but my lifestyle had irreversibly changed. After proving to the shop owner that it was indeed my bike (by getting a photocopy of the lost and found description from the police station), I sold him the bike for a tenner and consoled myself that in the event of the fall of civilisation, I would be perfectly entitled (under the Universe's Laws of Justifiable Behaviour) to return, steal my my bike back off him, and resume my travels. Haven't needed to .... so far.


That's a great one! Thanks for sharing.

Somehow I think that demolished the wrong buildings two days in a row is the most probable :)

Wow that one on the daughter realizing that she was in the picture.

Kind of creepy.

Entry by T. S. Obiech

Winning the lottery twice in a day is like impossible and the probability on that is greatly improbable. But we can't win if we don't bet though. @donkeypong

It's really not a coincidence, it's rate to find people who share so muct, name, school grade hair colour and all, chances is that they may not even meet each other at all, yet, they they did, under the circumstances of a flown ballon, listening and watching the video got me emotional.

Hi @donkeypong,
the lost daughter in the selfie pic....
I can imagine how a father feel in the moment he realized the girl behind was his daughter...heartbreaking...
Best regards


That's a good one, too. Many of us probably have (or have heard) small world stories like that, though. You're thinking or talking about someone you haven't seen for a long time and suddenly they walk in. It's kind of creepy, but it happens to people with some frequency.


why heartbreaking? they found each other in the end

I think the story of the two Lauras and all of their similarities, and how the balloon flew 140 miles and landed at another girl with the same name, pets, etc, is absolutely incredible. This whole article blew my mind, but that story in particular takes the cake for me.

I really enjoyed the two athletic occurrences that you shared, and I'd like to add one more in there: Johnny Vander Meer throwing back-to-back no hitters for the Reds in 1938. He threw the first on June 11th and then four days later he matched the feat in his next start - at legendary Ebbets field in Brooklyn - in get this - the first night game ever played at the venue - what are the odds right? lol. Statistically speaking, throwing a no-hitter is one of the toughest feats to accomplish in baseball, but I can't imagine what the odds are of throwing two consecutive no-hit games! Only 5 times has a pitcher ever thrown 2 no-hitters in the same season, let alone for it to occur in back-to-back games!


For sure. No hitters are very hard to do and that also makes me think of Nolan Ryan's achievement there. The closest I've ever seen in person was one of Madison Bumgarner's one-hitters (I think he has four of those in his career) and it came in a string of games where the Giants pitchers threw four consecutive shutouts against opposing teams. Seemed like quite a feat, but I just looked that up and teams have done that 17 times in history (so it's unusual, but not impossibly rare).


Right - Nolan Ryan with his 7 career no-hitters and 2 in one season. Good point. Wow - that's quite a feat that you mention there as well - 4 consecutive shutouts, I'm a little surprised that it has happened 17 times, I'm with you, figured that would have been a bit more rare.

These are really interesting and strange

The Laura Buxton Balloon

Honestly this one seems a little off to me.
140 miles is a lot for a balloon to cover, and then to reach the perfect town. Kinda looks like a fairlytale


It would have been a great hoax if they'd planned it, but at the time, I think it was thoroughly investigated. Mylar balloon, probably.

This scientist speculates those things could conceivably travel for 1000 miles. https://www.quora.com/When-a-child-lets-go-an-average-sized-helium-balloon-and-it-flies-off-how-far-will-it-travel-before-descending

For me the most improbable are both the Laura Buxton's and Dennis the menace. I know that people bear same names but how is it possible that they have every other thing alike. And how is it possible that 2 different artists produced same comic with same and same day.. WOW!

I have not rally heard of improbable things of this sort. I only hear of miracles, like the church inncident could be referred as a miracle for christians.


Good point. Some people might consider certain of these events to be miracles. Certainly, that church explosion not harming anyone seems miraculous, but perhaps we only think that because it involved a church? There was another story where a church was robbed and a church parishioner ran after the thief, trying to catch him. One of them had a heart attack and died...and it wasn't the thief. So if there are miracles at work, the Lord does not always pick the right side. :)


I guess you are right, we call them miracles because they involve churches. But they are just as improbable as other events that do not involve religion. Bad things happen to religious people to. These events are beyond our imagination and i guess they are just part of life occurences.

Registering three outs on the same play with the help of all of your teammates is hard enough. Registering three outs all by yourself is a near impossibility.

An unassisted triple play happens when one defensive player makes three outs in one play, all by himself. It usually happens when a liner is hit to an infielder, who then doubles up one baserunner and tags out another for the third out to end the inning.

Since Cleveland Naps shortstop Neal Ball turned the first unassisted triple play in 1909 by snagging a line drive, touching second and then tagging out the baserunner, 14 players have pulled this off.

The last guy to do it was Phillies second baseman Eric Bruntlett, who etched his name in the history books in August 2009.


That's a good one also, but if you understand that a line drive could be hit right to an infielder, who catches it and tags out a runner nearby, then it's really only the last out that would be the difficult one. If one or both of the runners was taking off with the pitch (to steal or hit and run), then it could be a long distance back to the base. And a fielder near second base just might have that triple play possibility. Also, if the last runner is caught in a run down and the fielders are throwing the ball back and forth to close that net tighter, then one of them will tag out the runner. Sometimes, three infielders are involved in those and each has the ball in hand at some point. So the ball could be in the hands of the same fielder who caught the ball and tagged out the first runner with an opportunity to register that final out. Likely? Not at all. Possible? Yes.

so I'm not sure how to check on this BUT I recall when I was watching Unsolved Mysteries as a kid that the same little girl was rescued from both the Titanic and the Britanic by the SAME lady who was not there in relation to the kid either time.
What I mean by that is the lady was not the kids nanny or anything, because that would just make sense that she saved the kid both times if she had been there to accompany the child. But she was I believe working as a Nurse in the ships infirmary for Titanic and was just a passenger on the Britanic but she saved the same little girl (once a baby and once a toddler I think)
To me that was pretty crazy

The Olympics are also great for this! There is some small land locked country that the first medal they ever got from the Olympics was from a Rowing event....and they didn't even have a body of water large enough for him to practice in he had to go to another country just to train!

Kayla Harris is one of a very few people (maybe the only one?) to Win a Gold medal at two Olympics in a row! Not only win frankly she buzzsawed the other girls.

Kurt Angle won a Gold medal with a broken neck, and it was the first time the usa had ever won in that weight class

A lady who's name I forget was in her early 40's for a swim event and she had performed and medaled in it when she was younger and the announcers basically wrote her off saying it was nice of the American team to 'let her' compete or some nonsense like that and meanwhile she got a Bronze in the event and actually bettered her time from when she was in her prime!


You wrote a whole post there. :) Great stuff.


totally by accident just kept thinking of more stuff I actually pulled back cus there was other things but I wanted to try to limit it to things that are really unlikely and not just against the odds in general

A considerable measure of things in life are doubtful: Being hit by two separate foul balls in a similar ball game, surviving two nuclear impacts around the same time, having an indistinguishable correct life from an anecdotal character, effectively exploring a space rock field without being crushed to pieces. Goodness pause, no - none of those things are unrealistic by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, subsequent to perusing the accompanying stories, we believe there's truly a remark those super-energized self improvement masters that are continually guaranteeing nothing's outlandish.


Those are all good ones also. The guy who was hit by both WW2 nukes (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) definitely had unfortunate luck.

Hi @donkeypong,
the lost daughter in the selfie pic. Brother really an interesting post, and very complete, I will continue reading you success.
Some of good content.


Thanks for you sir

NBA players get pats on the back if they register double-doubles. They make headlines if they register triple-doubles.

Rarely does anyone accomplish a quadruple-double.

Only four players since the 1973-74 season have finished a game with a quadruple-double, which requires a player to finish in double figures in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and/or steals (any four).

There likely would have been more before 1973-74, but that's when records were first kept for steals and blocks. The last guy to do it was David Robinson in 1994; Nate Thurmond recorded the first in 1974.

All of them seem improbable. However, I think just both Dennis's and Laura's stories are improbable.

Richard Petty's story is about achievement and talent.
Lottory is not impossible. mathematically possible.
Fernando's story is about achievement and talent like Richard.
For Texas story people, it did not shocked me :) People always open to make mistake again and again.
Michael's story scared me. I always scared stories like that.
Church members were their luck day :)
There should be an explanation in physical science for sun and moon :)


Good analysis. Thanks!

Speaking about Baseball @donkeypong I was at the Game When Father and Son, Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. went back to back on Kirk Mccaskill in Anaheim. When will we see Father and Son hit Homeruns back to back again ???


Nice. I had forgotten about that game.


It was one of those Rare Jewels........

I'm skeptical about some of these. For example, regarding the Laura Buxton story, I think it's more likely that it's an elaborate practical joke that they went to great lengths to make people think it was real.

Or the lottery winner - it seems more probable that someone had insider information and knew exactly which tickets to purchase.

If all of these were truly random events, I'd say the Laura Buxton story is the most improbable.


The media was all over that one in the UK and investigated it pretty well, as I recall. But a hoax is always a possibility.


The problem is, with most of these, that is the way the universe works. It is not random chance, it is the forces of the universe making it happen. The people who study this, call it synchronicity.

Laura Buxton, Dennis the Menace, Beatrice Choir, Michael's daughter are all examples of synchronicity. And they happen very regularly. In fact, you can get in synch with your life forces and have synchronicities happen all the time. Need a piece of information? Put it out to the universe, and you are likely to meet someone who will give it to you.

The lottery winners is just an example of millions of people playing millions of times, and... viola, someone wins.

The sports records are bit harder to explain. As, if it is possible, it is just a matter of time. But each of the records you stated probably need a little push from universe.


That reminds me of a song (or maybe two):

I am blown away by Laura Buxton's story so i think this is the most improbable. Although winning lottery twice a day would be what most people wish.

If someone's post got curie-d, got selected by @sndbox and @ocd then got upvoted by you 100% at the same moment - THAT - is improbable too. 😎

I have been 'stalking' you for dayssss God knows and hope to catch you when you just post your post.

because I want to say thank you for your donation for my son Jansen when he was at hospital. we are back at home now. Also thank you for your big upvote for my posts regarding Jansen.

oh God please let @donkeypong see this message.

I tried looking for you at discord but could not. This is the only way to say thank you to you.


Thank you sir.


Thank you for the update. Wishing you and your son the best!


Yay. Finally I got to thank you personally. I wish you and loved one the best too. ;)

Yeah I agree with the Laura Buxton being the most improbable and eerie one. The other ones especially the sports one where skills is involved I think it can still happen. The guys with the lost daughter in the photo was a good one too, although the fact that she had lived in the town means that there is a slightly higher chance to appear in the town. Still pretty amazing coincidence though

most are the product of amazing athletic performances that overcame the odds that they would not have occurred.

I agree! However Richard Petty’s 10 consecutive NASCAR victories in 1967 is improbable, but it obviously happened. The only question is was it luck or was it something that helped him to get to these victories?
When it comes to “The Laura Buxton Balloon and Winning the Lottery Twice in One Day”, remember there is billions and billions people in this world and I would be surprised if that wouldn’t happen, I even think there are many more cases like this, we just don’t get to know them.
For “Fernando Tatis Hit Two Grand Slams in the Same Inning”. I totally believe it’s possible and I totally believe it will happen again. I just wish I could witness it one day at the stadium.
To demolish two building and both the wrong once. This sounds impossible to me. Wasn’t there someone inside the buildings at the time of demolition? This sounds sneaky to me. There must had been some kind of supervisor to confirm it. This one is No No.
“Man’s Lost Daughter was Behind Him in His Selfie” I always say this world is too small. It actually happened to me. Last year I met my childhood friend from my country of origin in Europe. I live in New York and he lives now in Florida, but he had three day trip in NY, he didn’t know I live in NY, and we met at the same grocery store when I actually took a day off from work. I saw him after 20 years. I just couldn’t believe it. Everything else I could see happen. With that said I don’t believe the demolition of two buildings had actually happened.
Great 👍 post!


Perfect! There's a good "small world" story. Something similar has happened to many of us. However unlikely, these things seem to happen more often that we would believe.

Fernando Tatis was jacked up on steroids, so that takes away from the luster of his accomplishment.

I'm going to improvise here and say that this is the most improbable: man struck by lightning twice in the same minute on tape.

Seems to be an authentic security cam.


Thanks for adding that. The lightning strikes can be pretty amazing also. Yes, it can strike twice in the same place. :)

There are definitely strange things that only happen once in a lifetime. And very lucky those who are there to live them. I was in the only game in which the baseball team to which I am a fanatic (lions of Caracas) was champion in the series of the Caribbean in my city, I do not think I'll see something like that again


You can always hope for a repeat performance! I'm sure it was a great memory, though.


If you have a lot of reason, although there are no situations that are repeated twice in the same way.
Thanks for the post

But can you tell the probability of that thing:
When I was working on one of my projects a while ago, I suddenly stopped and one thing drew my attention.
It was the 22 line of a 22/22 page, I casually looked at the clock and it was 22:22:22 time of 22.02.2017.

The faq you might ask!?? Yep, I'll answer the same. WTF!!!
Such coincidences just can't happen out of nowhere.

Up until 1999, in the nearly one century of baseball records in the United States, only ONCE had a single player ever hit two grand slams in the same game. But on April 23, 1999, Fernando Tatis hit two slams not just in the same game, but in the same inning. Pretty amazing

I have learnt something new today. I never knew this all my life

Interesting post. But everything seems probable when accompanied with a good reasoning. To find that it is improbable, one must do a lot of research in all the topic presented. For me, each time, I clicked on the link, I got further away, so I limit myself to what is written here in the post, hence, it is difficult to spot the "fake".

Sun and moon being the same size from earth

Re: "Which of the above events was the most improbable?" I'd like to add one more. That is the 1969 NY Mets winning the World Series in baseball. It was truly a miracle, especially if you followed them from their inept beginning in 1962. This miracle was verified by "God" in the movie "Oh God".

I started off thinking the Balloon one was the most likely (Laura Buxton is not a rare name here in the UK, relatively speaking of course).

But then all the other similarities completely blew my mind. Thanks for sharing this, it’s quite different to the usual content I read on Steemit!

I love the fact that you started off the post with a picture of Rod Serling, the host of the TV show, "The Twilight Zone. This show's story line always featured the occurrence of strange events.

The most improbable, IMO, is the sun and the moon appearing to be the same size as viewed from the earth. This is on the cosmic scale while all of the others are human or earthly events.

oh my. i just got a shiver

@donkeypong wow winning the lottery twice!! that's crazy lucky... I can't believe that's even possible... very lucky! i think this one is the most improbable

The both Laura Bauxton and the man who found her lost daughter are intensively improbable.
The Laura Bauxton looks sort of impossible that the balloon found the other Laura Bauxton with the same hair color and pets, man this one looks more improbable.
The other one seems somewhat flexible too, but acceptable.
Amazing stories though. Coincidence in a coincidence

Nietzsche & Oscar Wilde The soul twin
It is remarkable, given how alike they are in style and philosophy, that the two contrarians (who were contemporaries, born a day apart and passed the same year, 1900) never met or even read one another! You can see for yourself their striking similarity in some of their quotes I gathered, below, where it is difficult to determine which of them is speaking:


There are some theories that we live in some sort of simulation with alot of coinsidences that are hard to explain...
Maybe we live in some giant universal quantum computer.
Pic related...1525397553298.jpg

I like your post very much. Enjoy your posting as well as you can learn new things and learn a lot.
Hopefully we'll get a better post in the future

As much as I think Fernando Tatis won 10 consecutive Nasaka races by defeating 10 Grand Slam in the same innings and Richard Pete, it was actually the most remarkable event.

Hermano realmente un post interesante, y muy completo, seguiré leyendote exitos . gracias por publicar

Hello @donkeypong, thanks for the very nice post with information regarding different kinds of events. Hope to see more and more attractive post from you further.
Happy Steeming :)

Many people comment "Wow great post really like it, interesting post, Awesome post really interesting bla bla bla, now i question to everyone Those who are making such comments they are really reading this post ?

It's truly not a happenstance, it's rate to discover individuals who share so muct, name, school review hair shading and all, odds is that they may not by any means meet each other by any stretch of the imagination, yet, they did, in light of the current situation of a flown ballon, tuning in and viewing the video got me enthusiastic.

My first choice is "The Laura Buxton Balloon". Because same name, about same age, same year at school, they both were only children, similar hair color and height and also had the same pets. Both purchased a guinea pig which was the same color and had the same orange markings on its hindquarters.
Its too much.

If the tatis you want to make it more impressive was before the same pitcher Chan Ho Park (You have to be a very stubborn manager to let your pitcher suffer a grand slam allow at least three more riders, return to make the complete lineupand still leave it in the mound).

I read that a guy, Jake Brodt did the same, different pitchers in college baseball.

Other records of the major ones that I found extraordinary:

Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourn, 59 wins in a season.
Red Barrett, 58-pitch complete game.

For me, the improbable would be the story of Laura Buxton. I believe there are really things in this world that would happen coincidentally. Actually, I get amazed by this but it is nice to experience this one especially winning games or lottery and not a tragedy.

Good read, I love mind bending stories.
It's all about pushing the boundaries of science and probabilistic.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Laura Buxton is the most coincidence

Improbable events indeed! All are improbable but to some extent "man lost daughter appear in a selffie and Laura Buxton Balloon" are really amazing

There are many myth in our world with solar eclipse.......
Anyway,Great post.
Some of good content..........
Thanks for sharing this post.....

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Whoa! Amazing events! I was particularly impressed by the story of two girls Laura. It must be a very strange feeling to meet someone so similar to you, with the same events in life. Very strange and even frightening.
I recently watched the documentary "Disappearances". I was very impressed by the story of the missing squadron 19. Do you know that story? 5 aircraft went on a training flight in 1945. They flew out of the port in Fort Lauderdale and disappeared. They are not able to find until now. No debris, no trace of fuel on the water. It's like they disappeared into thin air. It was this disappearance that gave us the term Bermuda triangle. But many years later, near this place were found the remains of 5 aircraft. The military and scientists decided that this is the remains of squadron 19. Conducted a study and found that it's a completely different aircraft. It was not the remains of the link 19. Surprisingly, their, too, 5, and they almost in the same place, where could be missing in 1945 planes.

winning the lottery twice in one day. The odds of a billion to one LOL Love Twilight Zone visual. Thanks @donkeypong.

Fascinating! Upvoted and resteemed!
@bitsy :)

I had the same manner of experience on winning a 3-digit lottery but on period of 3 days. That's three consecutive winnings! :)

Firstly, thanks for sharing such amazing post. I picked these lines below.

that’s proof that if someone does it, another person as good may come along some day in the future.

Yes, this line seems challenging. It teaches that when one does something reallY good, he shouldn't fan himself and feel all good because someone better could come up sooner or later. Usain Bolt was unbeatable until proven otherwise by Justin Gatlin.

Now about the Improbable events, the most improbable is that of the Lauras and the man's missing daughter. The incidents are just inexplainable. I think i should try that of Laura, cos I'm in dead need of a pen pal too. grins

I know a few but I'd have to do a little research so i don't mix or miss the sequence in which it's arranged. One is on the John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln . I'd be back.


(The Improbable event of Kennedy and Lincoln)[https://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/10-weird-coincidences-between-abraham-lincoln-and-john-f-ken?utm_term=.vsLQmmxRo#.jnZYRRZQG]

Read to learn about the John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln's Improbable event, it's alot so I'd rather just drop this link.

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I'm going to go with the 2 Grand Slams in one inning. That's just crazy. There are so many things that have to happen just to get one Grand Slam that the odds of going through the lineup and having it happen again are staggering. Then again, the odds are fairly staggering for most of those things. :)

I think they are all real, to win 10 times nascar, it has happened only that time I would say but they have approached 5 consecutive victories like in 2006.

  • 2 children destined to meet is possible although it can be uncertain by the modality of the wind but God does his perfect things and if they suffered they were found and helped.
  • Falling a lightning twice in the same place can not be unless there is a lightning bolt.
  • Passing the lottery twice can be very difficult, although you know it can happen as long as we live.
  • That grand slam as a fan did not happen, it is also simple to know although many have come close has not been true this approximate.
  • If two episodes of this series came out on the same day only because they were thrown thought they were made the same day and it was to make think, that.

To me you do not surprise me and less in sport, remember that I like the mlb, greetings from your big fan @mairasofia.

The Laura Buxton case definitely takes the cake. The improbable were just too much. It should be a Guinness world record or something, truly.

Those Fort Worth folks were either inept or they really wanted to knock down those buildings. That level of ineptitude is disgraceful.

Well some of these things you cant really chalk up to statistical likeliness to occur easily so i would definitely go with the lottery winning. I know that the chances of winning the Euro lottery are around 1:95mil....

Now consider a few things that are more likely to occur then winning it once (and you wrote here about multiple times.)

1.Dying from being left handed and using a right handed product. 1:4.4mil

  1. Being killed by a meteor 1:700k
  2. 4 times more likely to be killed by lightning.

So, checking google a bit, seems the chance of winning the lottery twice is 1 in 200,000,000,000,000 (200 trillion)
Ill definitely go with that. :D

excellent .Thank you very much for your interesting post.
"The lost daughter in the selfie pic" - It is a very heartouching moment for the father when he looks at the picture.
"winning the lottery twice in one day" - it is unbelieveable when this happens.

Reading this stuff makes me realize the Believe it or not! Series I was watching when I was younger was all too accurate.

Wow. The hitting the lottery twice seems funny to me,kind off imagine how much accolades she did receive after. I also love the selfie coincidence. Wish it could happen to me and my lost brother.

Nice work doing well job!

Really interesting post keep it up

Wow great post really like it.


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That is amazing!!............

the improbabilities of the facts, much to be analyzed.

Mind blown @donkeypong and this is another piece of evidence that life might not be what we think it is, truly unbelievable that events like that can take place. I really believe in the power of probability and one can influence this mystical force, by increasing it and decreasing it too. I had a life changing event booked three months in advance to it happening, so for three months prior I was on borrowed time and had no idea. So many things could have prevented me from being there, but I was there. Whilst thinking I'm lucky to be alive, I can't help but wonder what happened that day lines up with a higher force being around us tinkering with the following miracles, coincidences and probabilities. This article has really taken me back in time. Good post DP Resteemed.

My question is, do you think the story of the children is true? Can the lottery be won twice a day? Only the second answer and I say no because it is impossible and many people only earn once in their life, nor do I study engineering and make predictions I can predict where and when a winning ticket can be, in addition to a lightning fall in one place and then again, if it has happened but very little this happens as it is unlikely and the sliding of the clouds with electrical friction send them to other directions, greetings brother that good publication made me doubt my theories but I resign myself to what is hahaha.


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Some amazing stories @donkeypong.

I am not sure this tops some of the ones you mentioned ( that Grand Slam in same Inning by same guy is incredible) but I think the 1980 US hockey win over Russia in the Olympics was highly improbable and could be argued it should be included on the List.

I was only 12 then but I can distinctly remember people before the game saying it would be equivalent of a really good High school basketball team beating an NBA team.

That was the disparity in talent between the two teams.

So pretty amazing.

Anyway, thanks for this very interesting and entertaining post. Good stuff

Wow this is interesting. The Laura Buxton x2 story really Got me. Still cant figure the possibility.

AWsome collection of history.........

Wow, some of these are pretty crazy to read about. That gas explosion in the church is especially weird/interesting.

I wrote an article a few months ago about a man who lived what I would consider an improbable life pretty much. I don't mean to sound all spammy, but if you're interested in reading about something really bizarre check it out.


If you decide to check it out, let me know what you think! I always love discussing weird/messed up stories or situations. Again, I apologize if this comes off spammy, I just don't get much of a chance to bring up this kind of stuff, lol.

I think laura's story is the most..interesting. i never heard of this until this post (thanks by the way)...and i had goose bumps just by reading it....sure winning lottery twice is highly improbable too....but there were just soo many coincidentally similar things between the two Lauras

Thanks @donkeypong for sharing this valuable post. I believe the probability of these events were planned and they are truly speaking improbable. Except the case for Solar eclipse can be predictable and can be a miracle as it is seen from the earth with one view. On the other hand all those weired events you mentined looks a bit planned. Do you agree with me ?

Richard Petty is a true man who has a strong resilience, can be a motivation for all of us, thanks @donkeypong already sharing

Brother really an interesting post, and very complete, I will continue reading you success. thanks for posting

Winning the lottery twice in day for me is the most improbable. Winning just once even the smallest is highly improbable what more winning the jackpot twice! It's like getting 100% upvote from a whale. That will be amazing @donkeypong! 😄❤

You say you are rebuilding history in history and many of you will be very much better to share with you. It is so much better to post your posts so much better to see your post,

Great post, very captivating and striking with its initial text, something like that if it causes to read it and I can say that I do not believe the fact of the balloons of the girl, bones are lost twins or twin souls, also is uncertain the lottery since it is very unlikely to have the same characteristics to be considered in a single day two gains, I do not think so and to do it would have to be a super math, which seems to me more true is the great sland because it is easier to access because There were and there are players of great world stature current and previously, in the end handsome greetings and continues like this with this type of great publications.

My head is just spinning. How these could be possible ?

That's an awesome post regarding peculiar events, that seems unpredictable. Thanks @donkeypong for sharing this great post. I really think these events are somehow improbable especially the Solar Eclipse

Absolutely divine intervention and nature knew the man genuinely missed his daughter so it happened. This is quite a lovely ending it almost got me emotional.

Absolutely divine intervention and nature knew the man genuinely missed his daughter so it happened. This is quite a lovely ending it almost got me emotional.