The Nomads Bus - Uloya, A must see island in the North of Norway

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Hi everyone,

Last week we stumbled upon a small island not too far from the Lyngen Alps, up North above the Artic Circle. Well, not really stumbled upon, I talked to a local guy in the beginning of March and he really recommend going there for the experience, the only thing he said that it was beautiful and there was a local shop worth visiting... He didn't say much more and didn't show any pictures. So, my expectations weren't too high to start off with and to me, that is always a good thing.


We are still driving around this part of Norway to find the best snow possible and hike up mountains, which is our main goal to have come this far up North. However, the snow is starting to melt and this is slowly revealing the beauty that lays underneath it. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the white canvas when everything is covered with snow, but I can also appreciate the change of seasons and that is definitely happening at the moment.

Anyway, this little adventure started with taking a 'private' ferry to the island, it was the first time ever our bus was the only vehicle on a ferry and that was quite a good indicator of how relax the vibe on the island would be. I have been to some islands in Central America and I must say that I instantly got the exact same worry free feeling as I had felt previously on the island of Caye Caulker as soon as I drove of the ferry. My best explanation for this is, is that on most islands there aren't many people living and they can't really go anywhere fast which in turn can make the mind feel more at ease.



After a couple of minutes of driving on the island we discovered the shop that my friend had told us about and he was right, this was a not your regular shop. The outside was very authentic and the inside was full of local products. We bought the most local thing we could, which was dried fish, a Norwegian speciality. The sun was out and we enjoyed a relax day of hanging out and taking pictures.




After everyone was done walking around we decided to drive to the very end of the only road on the island. The road wouldn't make it in the top 10 of all time best roads ever made (Actually, I have never seen so many seen so many potholes in one road) and it made the bus shake like crazy, but it was more than worth the drive. At the end of the road there was just enough space to turn the bus around and park for a night.

The sunset that night was the prettiest one I have ever seen in my life. The pictures don't really do it justice, but you definitely get a feel for the experience.




The day after it was business as usual, meaning, getting our gear ready to hike up another mountain and start skinning up. Although in this case we needed to walk a bit, before we could put on our skins under our skis or snowboards...


In my next blog I'll talk more about the stats of this winter, but to give you an idea, this trip up took us around 3 hours and was about 1200 vertical meters up. The snow quality did change quite a lot these last few days, mainly because of the warm temperatures (around 6 degrees Celsius) and the rain that has been falling. So, the last couple of meters we also had to walk down. However, it was still more a fun ride down and enjoying the views over the ocean and fjords while snowboarding down never gets old.

I keep saying this over and over, but 'o Norway, Norway, Norway!




All the best!

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So cool! Adventures like this are the ones that make time seem slow, because all you can savor is the beauty of nature while doing some skiing on the side. 😊


Yep, that is a perfect way of describing this! Thanks!

I'm tarokichi in Japan.Nice to meet you!
it's so cool pics!so good!

wow its amazing journey and I really love it!So great post!

I always say listen to the locals when you travel, you rarely go wrong!!! What a great place


True that

Norway has such beautiful landscapes The best idea following the locals suggestions !! That dry fish is also for making later for example smoking salmon isn't it ? Did you taste some of that?


Yeah, we tasted it, it kind of has a structure like a tree, but the taste is a bit better ;). I haven't heard the salmon story, you think they use this technique to smoke salmon?


I thought so maybe I am wrong !!! Actually I tried smoked salmon when I was in Northern Sweden and the taste was good!!!

Nice. I have nominated you for the Minnowbooster whitelist.


every time amazing! Thank you for sharing your trip! I count the weeks till enter Norway the next time. In between I love to see your pics! 😍

without words the sight speaks for itself excellent photography

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The Idea i gain every time from reading your post is Awesome.. I looking forward to reading more.. Thanks a lot

@toocurious your upvote will definitely help me to grow I have like and I am following you I am from Nigeria, you can please visit my blog sometimes.
Love you.