Customs in Mexico We LOVE 😍🇲🇽

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There are quite a few things that are done in unique ways in Mexico, many of which we've come to love! The list of things we like about this Mexico could go on and on, so for the sake of keeping this video reasonably short, we might have to do a part 2 later on.

If you've done some traveling, what are some customs you've learned to love?

Watch the full video below:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

We use this action cam to shoot our videos.


Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)

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This is what I love about Mexico - healthy, fresh and cheap food on every corner ;) I just love that nice smell of Mexican fruits and vegetables :)


For a fruit lover like me, I know I would love it; freshly done fruits.

I found this really funny and flattering, way to flattering. But everything is true, that are many reasons why I consider my social and political ideals anarchists. Tons of love to you, Maddie and Jordan.

Guys! Its great that you are finding so many things you like here in Mexico. I really feel nice that you people enjoyed it so much. We sure love our food street and our hot sauce! No podemos vivir sin chile. Gracias


OMG!! Sounds like @rogueofoz is from Mexico?


I am from Mexico! Tijuana,Baja California Mexico sir. You have a place if you ever visit us.


Definitely, if the opportunity arises. Thanks for the feedback friend

Good stuff guys, I just found you on here and I'm digging your content. I live most of the time in Thailand and love the relaxed pace of life and the not sweating the small stuff. I've found Mexico to be similar actually. It's mostly a great thing, but it can be a little stressful sometimes :p

Very nice observations guys. There is one thing I dislike though, the lime everywhere. I have freaking hated it all my life specially in tacos, hahaha. Call me a bad Mexican.

Also, kudos on the knowledge of oxytocin.

I couldn’t agree more with every point you made... but what I love most about Mexico is the way people follow their conscience instead of blindly obeying the law. People act like people, none of that "respect my authority" hooey.

It's awesome to know that you like so many things about Mexico. Though I haven't had any opportunity to travel down there, but I will surely like to learn there language and eat there foods.

There are so many countries I wish to visit and great Mexico is one of them. Hope you enjoy your stay at Mexico?

Going through your videos, everything you mentioned are spot on. I am particularly intrigued by the fact that you don't see people on the street begging. This is impressive. They make sure they engage themselves with something no matter how little. This is good. This is in complete opposite to our area here. They litter everywhere even when they are still very much active to do minor things.

This is really good stuff. I noticed they are also ever willing to help and reach out. I still remember that woman that helped Maddie with her backpack. First impression always stick with me. Very kind.

Thank you for this. I really can't wait to visit Mexico one day. You have given me all the motivation I need. Well done guys. Always proud of you two.

[I couldn’t make just one comment.]
At stop lights in the UK it’s not unusual to be harrassed by people wanting to wash your windows.
At the stop lights in Acapulco you’ll find people breakdancing or juggling flaming torches. And some of them are young kids!
Which would you rather give money to?
”Sonrie – estas en Acapulco” as they say.

Hola @tangerinetravels
Me encanta como ustedes viven la vida.
Muy relajados y como debe ser.
Me encanto el vídeo. El pote con el preparado (creo que era melón) se ve de un exquisito muy muy pero muy rico y saludable.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh...... Le encanta la salsa picante. jijijijijij... A mi también pero ya me la prohibieron. Bueno ustedes saben cuando vas para viejo te empiezan a quitar lo que te encanta.
Como siempre en la casa siempre espera alguién....
Saludos y Gracias
Vivan la Vida.

I really like to hear your impressions about Mexico. Although it would also be good to hear what customs in Mexico you hate. But it might not be very popular. I have traveled to Chiapas to indigenous communities and I find that they are much more friendly and loving. I think we inherited that way of being from the indigenous people of all of Mexico. I hope you continue to enjoy your experience here! :D

Guys please have to visit more Latin American countries, not just Mexico 🙏😭I dare say that most of his followers are Latinos

I think a lot of places outside the USA is the same way as in being more laid back. The US is a police state now so following authority and law is imposed.

You know....u guys might be hated when you come back to USA for speaking the truth about the US.......=P

How much is 2000 pesos to US dollars?

Great video One of my dreams is to see Mexico and other countries in the region Greetings to you

Nice video One of my dreams is to see Mexico , i love you,

When are you going to visit other Latin American countries? this Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru are places that do not want to leave after being there. Do not stay alone in Mexico