Unexpected Building In Songgwangsa Temple Of Suncheon, Korea

in travel •  8 months ago

When I passed through a last gate to the temple, there were strange looking small traditional building. Those small buildings made me curious.


Even though I have looked over more than 100 temples in Korea, it was the first time for me to look at those buildings.

As I got to there closer, the introductory standing board made me surprise.
The purpose of those buildings was cleaning bodies when people die.

As you know, Buddhists have been cremating when people die.
Before cremating, they had been cleaning bodies in this building.

The left building was for cleaning woman’s body. It’s name was “Sae Wol Dang” meaning the house of cleaning moon. They used the moon as a metaphor for woman’s body.


This buildings had been made in 19 century according to the board.

Near the last gate and at the end of the road, there was a large rock on which the names were carved.


Maybe they tried their names to be remembered forever.
Why did they carve their names near the building of cleaning bodies ?

People whose names were carved in the rock were dead with the hope of not forgotten.
But nobody remember their name now.

I was standing near those architectures in a while thinking the meaning of human life.

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A great sense of pleasure and calmness enters our mind after watching these beautiful images. I am really impressed by these photography skills of yours. In India we have many caves where the Beautiful carvings of civilization is there on the walls.


I really want to visit India


I hope you will some day @slowwalker, nim.

Wow .. beautiful magical place
Amazing photos
Thank you for sharing with us your adventure‏..

First time I hear about something like this. I would love to discover that kind of places myself aswell. But your last thought made me think about meaning of human life too. Thats deep.


Thank you for your comment


r8 bro..hmm

I hope you had an optimistic answer to your question about the meaning of life. I had the same question, but I am very happy with my own answer. But everybody has to find his answer. cheers love your blogs.


It is always nice to have an optimistic way of life. I totally agree with you.


I am glad that you have decided to choose the optimistic way. it took me 24 years 😊

Looks like a monastery. Peaceful.


Muy buen post 😎


Thank you

It's a natural platform for Korean building

Wow! Beautiful photography. 😍
Thanks @slowwalker for sharing this post.

It is very interesting I just published about the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico. There was "La calzada de los muertos" (the road of the dead).

Oh!. Very beautiful I'm fall in love with these Image.I can't describe beauty by words because it's one type of feeling which every single people have. This picture is better than better. Perfect Click without any doubt.
Capturing nature in all its glory of own creativity. Travel photography is a genre of photography that may involve the documentation of an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. You have a great theoretical knowledge and experience about to make good photography as well as creative perspectives. Your creative perspectives really impressed me. Because without creative perspectives it is not possible to capture this types of glamorous photography.


Thank you for your comment.

I love travel.thanks for travel history your post @slowwalker.sucses for you.always healthyx


Thank you as always

Our history has proven that they are advanced traditionally before the invention of machines. Those people never knew then that their names will be forgotten.

Great travel and blog bro.I’ll go to korea a day🖖

in my hometown Most of people die will be brought into the temple

photography is very good my friend. and thank you for sharing. and hopefully you are always in good health always. and I really need support from you my friend @slowwalker

That's traditional building looking very beautiful. I appreciate your traveling....

Awesome. What will truly make us memorable in this lifetime? This is a lifelong question

wow,great photography,,,keep it,,,, all the best...

very beautiful building,

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Good, I like post.

Woooowww oooo...nice .....
Thank you very much. ..... to provide such entertainment ..
love you ....
love you ....@slowwalker

very beautiful place

Korea has been on my bucketlist since 2005 and how come I am not there yet? Haaaist! This post makes me envy you! <3 #Someday!

Excilent Temple , all photography nice . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @slowwalker


Thank you for stopping by

which made me curious at the last gate of Buddhists.on the stone of your photograph with writing like a great Buddhist ancestral heritage.maybe the stone will be remembered forever. I love your blog and post your thanks for sharing your experience. if master (slowwalker) there is time to visit my blog.

thanks for travel history, I really like it

It's a very beautiful picture.You take a picture that is quite perfect.

religious travel and the atmosphere is very beautiful.
success is always for you.@slowwalker

By getting through the post was really affectionate while at the end if one thinks deeply it will even happen to us.One day we will be forgotten as well.

A deep breath.

Carving the names on the rocks will make them memorable forever, Thank you for providing information about this temple @slowwalker


Thank you


Nice to meet you sir :)

Wooow amazing historicle post its look like

Wow stones design house its beautiful ...

This is amazing, mate. Didn't know there was some sort of cleaning involved, before crémation. Thanks for sharing

In life travelling is one of the best part which borden our outlook. Travelling meet us many beautiful things in the world.

a memorable trip, especially
about names of names engraved on stone.
and I am very interested in your sentence
"I was standing near those architectures in a while thinking the meaning of human life."

I am sorry @slowwalker, have you found the essence of this life, in fact we are made god in this earth to worship him.

life in this world is very very short,
average between 70 and 100 years.
according to the teachings in the Islamic religion,
our life is now the second stage,
the first is life in the womb.
the third after we die or the grave, our lives remain.
and the fourth after the apocalypse,
will be in the resurrection of all mankind who ever lived on earth.
and the fifth is eternal life in heaven or hell.

it is enough death to be a very good advice for us.
I hope no one is offended by this comment, thanks.

@slowwalker Travel is one of my hobbies and I hope to start my journey soon. It really was an intriguing journey to you and it explains to me a lot.
I'd like to go there and take a selfie there
images (15).jpeg

unique building, and very curious, Korean culture is amazing, success for you @slowwalker

Traveling is one of my hobbies and I hope to start my journey soon. It was really an intriguing journey you had and it explains a lot to me.
By the way there are beautiful artistic buildings up the South Korea and I’d love to visit there and take a selfie in there too


Thank you for comment

Songgwangsa is very beautiful place and obviously as all historical area well looked after, I was impressed with the entrance gate, if not a car it is difficult to imagine how huge it is.

The gate "il joo moon” has very detailed fine hand worked wood figures, it is master piece and luckily survive until nowadays.

Looking at you photo with these buildings for the last wash of body it is a sad but necessary step, to give the last respect, the stone with names really gave the people eternity but human life is short so the names will be forgotten with time. I can imagine that this stone makes people to stop and think about the life and us human how fragile our life is and we are this moment there but the next gone :)

It seems there might be a bit of an oddity or something so there is an unexpected building in Songgwangsa Temple Of Suncheon.

From the whole temple is seen if there is a very high historical cultural value.

I really like your post master @slowwalker.

Thanks you very much.

Successful Always for you

I was standing near those architectures in a while thinking the meaning of human life.
Life is the value of nature we see around us.
Nice post @slowwalker.
Steem your way to greatness !


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Wow, I am new to steemit and just skimming your profile and can see you been some amazing places! Just followed you :) Looking forward to your future travels!

very interesting. Buildings for cleansing the deceased so unique looking. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

I would love to visit korea someday.

Beautiful pic

man died leaving his memories, depending on what he left behind. whether the memories are good or bad.

This is realy interesting. I'm glad that I read this post

i often saw these Korean houses on Korean dramas esp Joseon era.. i'm a Korean Drama Fanatic myself..

gracias por compartir esta aventura. Algún día prodré viajar como me gustaría.

I never visit korea But hopefully to travel their

incredible times your post

I did not get your message not until I read it till the last word and I was "wow"
Life at times is not just carving your names on someone brain but your impact on others that, to you, are useless!
Thanks for this, I am really appreciative

Fascinating history. Those structures are quite ornate, for what they were used for. What was the male one called?

There is a place here, where many have carved their names into the soft sandstone.

It is an article that makes life look back a moment. I have been meditated for a while. Thank you.

Love to be here!!! Trying to go to korea

It's a great place and mostly those buildings made for cleaning bodies after death that also in the 19th century just wow.... Thanks @slowwalker for such an great information to this world. Will definitely be going to this place someday and will explore about it more.

Good post freind

a very good post slowwalker i am not wrong to say you are amazing why because you slowwalker always share about history of yore, hope you slowwalker always success [email protected]

Wow great post @slowwalker! I always love your stuff and like seeing your travels and experiences. Thanks again for sharing with us :D

At the end of the month, I will be visiting Japan... do you have some posts from where I can do my homework @slowwalker?

Wow It's a amazing House....and good place Also

Congratulations @slowwalker!
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Pretty interesting ty!

As I read your post and see those pictures, the feeling is so different. I feel sorrow and pain of family who have lost their loved ones. And feeling of somebody who has been left and forgotten.

Hello Slowwalker, thanks for your short story you made it, cause I got goose bumps on my arms. The meaning of human life will be a secret forever, who knows ...

Another meaningful post...we do similar here!! The meaning of life...and I hope you find some of my market reports accurate!! thanks always..

It is very meaningful that they call woman body as moon. I think it is related with Astrology. Because in Astrology moon represents woman and sun represents man..

송광사라는 절이 그런 무시무시한 비밀을 간직한 곳이었군요.
덕분에 새로운 사실을 알게 되어 고맙습니다.

Hey there Mr. Walker! How have you been? I'm sure well. Looking at such monuments paying respect to the diseased puts me in that place of pondering human life also. I was actually wandering through the cemetery in Buenos Aires last week. I saw graves hundreds of years old including those of famous people, war heroes, and x-presidents. The cemetery was immaculate and filled with incredible statues and moments. This is often something that crosses cultures from the "End of the World" Patagonia, to S. Korea, and beyond. Another great post of a country dear to me, South Korea.

Wishing you the very best and always appreciative of your support towards my blog.
Have a great day! -Dan

Super doper

very beautiful building,

Always find the historic place and thank you for sharing it @slowwalker.

People live in order to gain experience and enjoy life. Good luck to you and Love.

Люди живут для того, чтобы получать опыт и удовольствие от жизни. Удачи Вам и Любви.

I'm a big fan of Korean drama and I am always astonished as to how colorful and eventful Korean history is. I hope I can travel Korea like you did !! Really interesting piece btw.. and great pictures too!

Beautiful architecture of the ancient buildings with amazing purpose! It’s great that they preserved these buildings in good condition till present. It looks really peaceful place among nice nature.

It’s also amazing that they carved their names on the large rock with the hope of not forgotten after they dead!

Seeing this place, I’m thinking of the meaning of human life, too. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

The entire story is enriching to the fire sir .
Loved it in every possible manner.☺