The Most Important Area In Songgwangsa Temple And The Beauty of The Roofs

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Every place has it’s unique and important spot.
In Songgwangsa, the architectures relating to the buildings were well known.
But in my opinion, the most important place in Songgwangsa is the stone pagoda of the greatest monk “Ji nul” not only in Goryeo dynasty but also through the history of Korean Buddhism

He had lived from 1158 to 1210. It means that he had lived more than 1000 thousand years ago.
Before him, Korean Buddhism was just an imitated one from Chinese Buddhism.

He had integrated Zen Buddhism and Doctrinal Buddhism and created unique Korean Buddhism.

He was a prominent scholar of Buddhism and also the profound truth seeker.
The fame of Songgwansa was inherited from him.

So if you visit Songgwangsa, it is essential to look at his tomb.
As you know, the body of Jinul was cremated, so they had collected Sarira(sacred relics) among the ashes and made a pagoda for him.

But it was not easy to find where the pagoda located in.
There was no guiding board to introduce where the pagoda located.
I could found the pagoda at the backyard alley of the buildings at the corner of the temple.
They seemed to hide his pagoda from outsiders.

It was a steep step to climb to the hill where the pagoda is.

The pagoda I found there was so humble.



The owner of this humble small pagoda had guided Korean Buddhism to an Unique and Profound way.

On the hill, I looked down the temple. There I could see the roofs of this temple.
It looked so nice and awesome with the fog after the rain.






The most symbolic and impressive part in Korean architecture looked like the roofs well balanced with their surroundings of mountains.

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When Nature and architecture are in tune .... very beautiful

unreal photographpy


Definitely. I love the fog rolling over the trees and the vibrant greens. I could spend days exploring this place for sure.

Just wonderful shots and sceneries :-)

BEAUTIFUL spot to view all temple from the hill, all place also have important and unique spot, korea rich with cultural building from the past century, thank you very much for your sharing to us, I have resteem your post to more than 2500 my followers, greeting friendship and brotherhood from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia, success always for you @slowwalker


Thank you so much


great comment

For the first time I know this information, I love the way you listed it, I wish to visit this place someday, history is something very important


Thank you

Very impressive architecture showing culture
Really very distinctive design
Fantastic photo shooting


Thank you so much


Such a tranquil looking place. The pictures are calming and just beautiful

@slowwalker I honestly appreciate your efforts in putting this article together. Your writing style is just straight to the point and it's a good one.

Before now, I never knew their was a difference between the Korean and the Chinese pattern of Buddhism. But from this work I can confidently say to an extent that there is a different but I will still have to do some research about it. Thanks for sharing your experience at the Songgwangsa Temple with us.

Thank you for your comment

Very beautiful temple. How beautiful and calm nature is.Excellent one word.

wauu is very pretty slowwalker I really like your post on this day, how are you healthy friend of my friend

Such a tranquil looking place. The pictures are calming and just beautiful, I have no serious knowledge of buddhism, it's not big in Africa but I can say that your pictures have invoked an interest in knowing more about it. I find it interesting also that there was no guide or sign to help you find the pagoda, maybe the search has symbolic meaning. Just a thought.

Thank you for sharing.

Wow is a beautiful temple. Silent and quiet all around. Wonderful view Fair clean environment.Many mountains are seen far away.The flowers and the beautiful trees make the temple more beautiful.

it's such a magnificent travel,a beautiful and fascinating temple is amazing,a very useful work,i have to learn a lot from you friends,a very great post,@slowwalker


Thank you for comment


Thank your welcome my brother,i support you,@slowwalker

a really nice informatin, beautifull pictures

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Nice place 🖒

The photos are beautiful and the post is excellent I loved it, I send you a hug!

What a lovely place.

Beautiful place i loved the roofs and vegetation

your posts always make me want to travel to korea. so far I´ve only seen south east asia. but the history of countries like korea or japan is so much more interesting. thanks for sharing

The road with beautiful flower

Just beautiful!

Your story and photos really seem to bring through the atmosphere of the place.

Amazing shot, I love it because is like a starway to garden <3

Wow.... Beautiful locations... Superb..

I only watched a video about this temple.

Thank you, @slowwalker for telling us so much about his sights. It's beautiful.

With respect, @singa

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Your photos are always amazing @slowwalker. The architecture of this buildings and roofs are beautiful. And the natural surroundings are incredible. Thanks for sharing. Always wonderful posts.

A stunning spot I love the architecture is so simple yet powerful. Very relaxing energy here would love to visit on day 💯🐒

Yesterday we watched TV on a travel program. The country talked about was South Korea. And at the beginning of the broadcast, the TV presenter asked with whom we associate South Korea, and my husband and I were joking that we are associated with @slowwalker) THank for your intresting post.

Beautiful view from a height on the roofs and mountains. The fog makes the pictures special. Peaceful views. The place for the temple was chosen perfectly. Here your thoughts must flow calmly and harmoniously, sitting on top you can meditate or just think about life. Thanks for the story.

@slowwalker If you really love temple and scenic beauty then i suggest you to visit india once, we have lots and lots of temple so beautiful that they can mesmerise you.
Here is a picture of the temple visible from my house during sunset.

Really beautiful pictures! Magic place...

Wow these pictures are extremely pretty thank you very much for having traveled us in this dream place

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ astonishing ♥

wow...looks very nicely

great job

Korea is rich in natural beauty especially with the building of centuries ago. Very beautiful if we look from this beautiful hill. Greetings from me and permission to share this amazing post @slowwalker

Very beautiful city deat friend

@slowwalker... you really have a wide range of fans. So nice of you. You really are a good historian. Last Saturday, we went to one of the historic place in the Philippines. You might get interested to know, feel free to read at Thank you.

nice place :)

송광사가 지눌 스님이 머물던 곳이었군요.
영어를 그닥 잘 하지 못해서 정확히 해석은 잘 못하지만, 그래도 우리의 역사라 그런지 꽤 많이 해석이 되니 신기하네요.
송광사의 지붕의 모습과 비가 와서 깨끗한 산세가 아주 보기 좋습니다.

역사 공부 영어 공부가 함께 되는 포스팅이네요^^
물론 멋진 사진과 함께요~

thanks for good energy ^^

안개낀 절의 모습이 너무나 아름답네요 ^^ 감사합니다

korea is a very nice place... there people are very friendly.... and the arcitecture is very beautiful to see... one thing I see the korean are very heard working...

Amazing ! This is the first time I have noticed this place , Thank you for intoducing us a new place to explore .

the places you visit always amaze me,
thank you for sharing, I always follow your blog

wow amazing, i want to feel this cool air, and enjoy the beauty of nature

Wonderful images! I hope some day to be there. Thanks for this trip!

In this place i can imagine you can loose yourself in finding yourself ...

아름다운 아침의 시작입니다 안개낀 모습이 너무 예술입니다

awesome place and great temple, wish i could go in that place soon.. thanks for sharing @slowwalker

I would love to visit this place

I'm from Korea but I have never been here, it looks beautiful and peaceful. I would love to take my family when I visit next time in autumn. Thanks for sharing :)

Wow, what amazing beauty can be found there!
Certainly I have one day I want to take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

Hermosas fotografias me encantan, tambien soy fotografo si quieres ve mi blog creo que te gustara :)

Beautiful architecture. Love the atmosphere too, green, tranquille and zen. You captured it right. I can indeed associate it with Chinese buddhism but I think Korean ones still different in the atmosphere. :)


Thank you so much

Look cool👍👍

Is that fog real?

First I must commend this pictures again, these pictures are overwhelming my friend, thanks for taking us around the temple and showing us the beautiful layout and structures.
Every place does have its unique features , this is a unique place. Thanks for the short history lesson in the post


Thank you for your comment

송광사...이렇게 아름다울수가 있을까요
수식어를 붙이는것이 의미가 없을것 같습니다

늘 감사하고 고맙고 그렇습니다

지붕이 보이는 멋스런 사진 잘 보고 갑니다!
I love to all photo :)

This place is nice.

Beautiful place.i love the way you mentioned it.really amazing.i would love to go there

Encantado con tus fotografías, son hermosas. Un gran trabajo. Me gustaría compartir contigo una de mis fotografías que le tomé a mi violín. Espero que les guste :DIMG_20180513_110746.jpg

I need to know this place, if it transmits me a calm a beautiful aura in photo I do not want to imagine how it will make me feel in person, its climate in the picture looks wonderful it is all a work of art in its most insignificant detail

The view of the valley from the hill, during the fog, is very, very, very beautiful. Good luck to you and Love.

Вид на долину с холма, во время тумана, очень, очень, очень красивый. Удачи Вам и Любви.