The Gate At The End Of The Road And It's Meaning

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Finally I arrived at the last gate to the temple.
The name of that gate was “il joo moon”



Il joo moon means one column of pillars.

It seems that there is "Il joo moon" in almost of Buddhist temples.
I don’t know why they have built one column of gate in Buddhist temple.

Inside of the gate was so impressive.
Those structures were made for supporting the weigh of the roof.




There were the carvings of the dragons inside of the gate



There were two stone sculptures of animal
It looks like a monkey.
Why did they carve the monkey statues in front of the gate ?



Interesting thing is there was another road to enter into the temple without passing through the gate.



If they made an another road detouring the gate, why did they make the gate ?

I suppose there must be some meaning of Buddhist theory in making the road and the gate together.

Buddhism looks like a religion of the metaphor.

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The design of this temple is mysterious and provokes wonder about its meaning. Perhaps this in itself is sufficient.

We all seek out sacred spaces, even inside ourselves. We deal in metaphors because we can't quite grasp life's enigmas.

The great American writer, Thoreau, once wrote:

“Every man is the builder of a temple, called his body, to the god he worships, after a style purely his own, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead. We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and blood and bones."

Buddhism is a religion of metaphors, as is every belief - as is our daily experience of living.

Have a good day, my friend.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment


Yeah, it's quite spooky and mysterious. But nice pic!

Every religion has its secrets ..... and its ways of revealing them

That was something intricate by workmanship @slowwalker because the roof was quite a bit heavy, they need to make a good support for it. The place was really beautiful and can be a subject for a painting because of the colors in and around the temple with it varying hues. The place gives the visitor something to think about too on how things are built with its statues and design.


Thank you cryptopie

Inspiring and beaautiful. Thanks.

We have the tradition that not all the people Are allowed to pass the front door to enter a temple. maybe that is why it has side door.


Thank you for your thoughtful explanation


wow.. buen punto. Gracias @hannahwu

it's really like a monkey ,so curious about it . thanks you for sharing .


Thank you

Technical created the matter are strange

Temple is wonderful and very distinctive
Photography is so wonderful you really are a wonderful photographer
I wish to visit the temple someday


You will like it


somos dos @roselover esmas lo declaro ahora y estoy segura que alla estaremos.

Great inquiry why they assembled another street. I trust that somebody will have the appropriate response. I cherish the buddhism culture. Your posts are better than average joined with your photography. Continually sitting tight for your day by day post ..I tail you. a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing Valuable post.


Thank you so much

Thanks for sharing this photography is very nice post
That is great your history


Thank you so much

In the temple in addition to the door there is an alternative way to enter, because in Buddhism it is believed that in life, in addition to the doors that are opened to us, there are also alternative paths to them, and these can lead us to do good or evil, and defines each person in the decisions he makes.

I hope that someone will have the answer. I love the buddhism culture. Your posts are really good combined with your photography.


thank you 😍

just awesome what they achieved in these early years.

amazing architecture

Beautiful photographs thank you for sharing, you have a lot of talent, I invite you to see mine so you can give me your opinion

Amazing. Looks very ancient. Korea is really a country of beauty.


@slowwalker, I have read about Buidhism but haven't had the opportunity to visit a temple before. This is great adventure!

These look like the nails of the Dragon inside/within the arch/the body. as if to say:- "be worthy or you shall not pass".

~ Thank you for sharing, @slowwalker .

Korea is really a country of beauty. Your posts are really good combined with your photography.

Place is very beautiful which is understood by pictures. I wish i can go to China

The structure of il joo moon is beautiful. Maybe that second gate was built for people to escape in time of war. Thanks for the history

Maybe it was too hard to get carts up the steps.
Great post and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

The road and the gate together....great thought...see the latest if you would..I think you'll find of interest...thnx..

Awesome post!
I'd love to visit here one day, the carvings are so interesting.

Good question why they built another road. I hope that someone will have the answer. I love the buddhism culture. Your posts are really good combined with your photography. Always waiting for your daily post 😊

Those carved and colored wooden support structures look really beautiful. I love when something functional like that is also turned into a piece of eye-catching art.

I love the architecture of Buddhist temples. Im also in love with Zen-like decorated rooms and places. It is an art to fill the landscape or the room, with a seemingly effortlessly dissolving line between human created and natural surroundings.

Sir @slowwalker. What a great temple .. have a secret entrance and also have a Gate At the End of the Road And has a unique meaning.

The scenery in the temple is also very fascinating.

Thank you very much sir.

Very interesting post

Good luck always

That's an amazing place..

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the building is very nice.
certainly a lot of history is kept behind the building.!!

Awesome history with deep meaning. This little statue looks like monkey. Spirituality is the main thing in the universe.

Amazing photography my friends

If they made an another road detouring the gate, why did they make the gate ?

If you read Shakyamuni Buddha’s teaching he once said “There are 84,000 paths to Nirvana.”

So every can follow their own paths to enlightenment :)

Wonderful pictures, I haven't been visiting your blog regularly, which is a mistake on my end. I always find these pictures refreshing. Some of the wood carving you shot are exquisite to say the least.

Really impressive. And those Roofs are really magnificent. Never have seen anything close to that here in the States.

Thamks for sharing @slowwalker

It looks really funky and definitely has a lot of meaning! i guess we can have many theories :) but was there something explained ?

stories that attract friends, and a lot of question marks, if the Korean culture will not be endless, korea is famous for its history and culture, and very different from other countries, success for you my friend @slowwalker

The beauty that I see in those images is very curious, I must admit that I have never seen anything like this

Its pretty amazing what some people are capable of. I think its rather faster to build the whole structure then the roof it self.
How old would you say this is? The stones seem worn out but the wood is quite well kept.

Nice share!!!! You make me travel. I'm happy I could see that from your perspective. Keep on!

Nice to meet you, @slowwalker! I liked your photos & very like your blog!

As far as I know the monkey is there to show the temple protects the monkeys. The temples are known to protect monkeys in the after life as well.

It looks so cool. I saw this post and I wanted to go to a temple near the mountain. ^^

it's good

Amazing design. For the first time I see such a unique structure. Good luck to you and Love.

Изумительная конструкция. Впервые вижу такое уникальное строение. Удачи Вам и Любви.

I love how you explain how the gate works, for me entering the temple through the gate is the best choice.

very remarkable masterpiece of art. the sculptor with the perfect carving.padahal at the time of its manufacture does not have a sophisticated tool. this is extraordinary

Mantap sekali post 👍👍👍👍
Nice post

schöne Fotos

espacios sagrados, es curioso cuando estos lugares nos permiten reconectarnos con lo que tambien esta dentro de nosotros mismo

Amazing details. It all makes sense. And sometimes it's the details that decide everything. The truth is revealed to those who look closely and carefully, who are ready to notice the details.

Thanks for this great post I really enjoy your work keep it up my good friend 👍

I like the inside of the gate really, if I would have a huge garden, I would like to have a replica oft that ! Greetings Lena

I want to go when I travel to China

I am glad to have you as my friend. a very enjoyable trip for you. in every corner there must be a gate.just in case.I love your blog, thank you. if lord (slowwalker) have time visit my blog.

뭐랄까,, 그런거 아닐까요? 부처가 다니는 길..과 불자가 다니는 글이 구분된건 아닐가 생각해보네요 ㅎ

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This is a tradition. Many temples have more than one door. The "middle gates" are only allowed to be used by distinguished guests (senior officials) and masters (gods). If you are ordinary people, you need to go in and out of "side doors."

There are many Chinese temples with three doors. The entrance on the left. The exit on the right. The central entrance.

cada vez aprendo mas y mas que divertida es la plataforma y su gente jeje. Thank for share whit uss

This temple is chinese temple, right?
I saw the letter look like chinese letter.

포스트 글들을 보니 전부 한국을 알리시는 아름다운 글들이군요. 앞으로의 활동도 응원드립니다!! 전 고3스티미언 순수라구 합니다 ㅎㅎ