The Beauty Of Songgwangsa Temple ; The Walls

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Songgwangsa seemed very attractive place in many aspects. One of the reason was that the spaces of this temple was divided by the characteristics of the building.

There were the buildings and the spaces not opened to ordinary people and tourists in the temple.
Many buildings were banned to enter into, those buildings seemed studying and living places for monks.

So there were many gates and the walls, and the areas were divided into several places. Even the geological circumstances looked to make those space to be divided.

As they had built the temple over the stream, the space was not so enough to embrace all needs.
The only way to classify the area according to their function and the role was making walls and gates.

But those tries made this temple very unique and seemed to make the unexpected beauty.

I focused on the walls at first.






Thank you for reading.

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Songgwangsa temple walls looks very ancient indeed plus it is full of life with all those green vines growing on it. The walls gives the dwellers of the place some security because of its imposing nature. @slowwalker


Thank you Cryotopie



its so pretty

I'm so flaccid right now, it's unbelievably disappointing.

I really see, History so deeply embedded in and with nature. With the passage of time, how nature takes over the charge to adopt/possess/acquire/take hold of/ the historical structures, is truly remarkable/incredible. The significance of time and its relevance gets clearly visible through these amazing shots. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

Beautiful, as usual.

Wow, what amazing beauty to find there!


Definitely! I'd love to take a walk through and enjoy the scenery.

The pictures are @slowwalker constant inspiration for me. I absolutely love that you share this Korean beauty regularly. I have to see some of these philosophies among the people.

The moss on the stones is wonderful!

Songguang Temple is located in the lush forests of Caoxi Mountain and is the quietest monasteries in Korea.

photography is very beautiful and very awesome friends

@slowwalker your posts always make me miss living in Korea.

I like koria..that's natural beauty.
Love it


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Wow great!!! It is so beautiful,my dream is to know South Korea and I see that picture and it gives so much happiness very nice, ty good day

Welcome all freinds
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I think songgwangsa temple is very beautiful, surely this place is much visited, because in addition to its beauty also because of its history, can you help me.

This travel history very nice


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I always wanted to visit monks temple .

Beautiful photos!

the rock wall seems like a great job, it is as if they were selected to cover spaces in the best way, plus the contrast of two types give it an attractive style, that place must be majestic and full of mysticism, history and customs, interesting visit

Very beautiful. That first photo is really nice, with the details under the roof showing. It's amazing how much attention was paid to the details of the buildings. The walls are pretty interesting, too.

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Moss and ivy covering the stone walls is very beautiful. This combination of nature and human work emphasizes the antiquity of this place. Thank you for the detailed account of the temple. I look forward to continuing your walk.


Thank you so much.
The wall is one of the subject in my photo

These photos are endless inspiration for me @slowwalker. I absolutely love that you share this beauty of Korea regularly. I’ve only had the opportunity to visit Europe but in the next year or two, my family and I will most likely have a chance to travel again. I have to see some of these sights in person.


There are so many hidden places in Korea not known to outside.
If you select those places, your tour will be successful.

so beautiful, it's good place for relaxation.

송광사 기억하겠습니다.


한번 보시면 좋아 하실 겁니다

The scenery of the rainy temple is so wonderful.

Is it real????
wow,, amazing.....

These are sweet clean pictures. If the outside is such a beauty, I wonder what the inside looks like. I’d love to visit here. It’s a wish

I always fall in love with your country with every one of your posts, definitily I have to visit South Korea, I want to see this beatiful architecture with my own eyes!!. Thank you for this post!

Songwangsa is 3 great in Korea, a beautiful place for Recreation and add insight.

Nice picture!!
Are you a photographer? I have a different feeling in your picture.

Nice photos! The walls don't look too huge and the step infront makes it easy to climb? What was the purpose of the wall back then?

It seems they protected the temple with the high boundary walls.I think these temple are protected for Bhodhists monks.In fact it looks very beautiful as much as you can show us .

These walls have seen a lot. A real historical monument. Thank you, @slowwalker for telling us about of Songgwangsa Temple and showing us amazing photos. With respect, @singa

very interesting building architecture.I am very amused by your blog post @ slowwalker I like it.

Through your posts, I feel like I've travelled korea which is first in my bucket list to visit.. maybe I won't get lost when I get to finally set on my journey? :D

Great Read, Amazing images.

Very interesting looking Walls. They look to be many many ages old. And the vines on them give it that much more character.

Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

really gorgeous walls!

wow beautiful place. superb photography. nice history. enjoy your travel. thanks for @slowwalker

I looove your post! Very beatiful, thanks for sharing. Followed!

I invite you to visit my profile, I have a similar post.

Nice Temple. Awesome!!

Amazing place. Are guests allowed to stay overnight there? It seems a really good place to meditate and just clear your mind. Also, pretty sure that photos would even look 2x as good on the right season when all the leaves have sprouted up.


I don’t think temple stay in this temple is possible, but there are many places for temple stay

Excelentes fotografías..y muy buen trabajo..

wow... really amazing
wonderful place

Such a beautiful, heavenly place. It really feels like a time travel

hermoso lugar...

Sorry please, which country is it located in?

very beautiful

wow!! great temple

a scene is too beautiful, hope there is here

The best Steemit photography!
the post is awesome

You focus on the wall first. But why? I far I'm thinking that the wall looks so beautiful for the grass. Grass makes the wall more charming.

Planning on a Korea trip next year and this was great help

Hi, @slowwalker I'm curious. where is this from? What part of Asia ?. I love how these sites seem to be forgotten by time and maintain their structure of yesteryear.

The beauty that gives coolness charm at the Songgwangsa Temple;
An honor can follow and enjoy the happiness you feel @slowwalker
Something has been built with full consideration and is full of stories about temples and secret spaces. It's interesting how this is so good and something very meaningful. It must be something very meaningful on the journey that can get something very useful and an important note about what happened before in Songgwangsa Temple to be a well guarded place and a secret thing is stored in that place. Hopefully the current journey becomes something very outside ordinary.

See you on the top


Thank you for your comment

korea!!!my dream distination!


Great photography bro.😮😮😮😮
Your photos look beautiful.
Keep it up

wow great ,plz follow me

비가 내렸을까요?
긴세월을 간직했을 송광사의 울타리가
더욱 고즈넉한 분위기를 자아냅니다


비오는 날의 산사는 분위기를 세뇌하게 만들더군요

Another excellent post my friend I really enjoy your content

Really unique looking indeed. Beautiful.

Your post restemeed by @steemch

This temple is very great and very,I really like this beautiful building.

Suatu saat nanti saya akan menyempatkan diri untuk berkunjung seperti anda.

I love it totally.... The photos are amazing

I love it totally.... The photos are amazing

The small pink tree in the first pictures catches my eyes. Like that it is very beautiful for me. The buildings of the Roofs I always remember from the movies. :-) We are right now in Malaysia, thinking about to go to china next months. Lets see if it works. China and Korea are similar in some points? I think so, but I can as well be wrong... Great picture @slowwalker, from the roof of the houses, with the light blue timber build, maybe some more pictures you have from it?


Many cultures of Korea had been strongly influenced from China.
So I’m also anxious to visit China once more.

It's just amazing. Achievement and creation!

i just love that photography..thans for share your creative work..

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wow beautiful temple i never seen before thanks for sharing

Beautiful. I can feel the peace just looking at the picture.

Nice story and great composition sir.
I wonder why you never reply to comments.
I hope you start doing you.I am one of your admirers.

What an amazing architecture, very monolitic and ordered, but at the same time so full of life with the green areas. It's really nice to watch, it be so cool to sketch there. Thanks for sharing!

Even the walls of this wonderful temple look very beautiful, or it's your talent to do ordinary things - beautiful. Good luck to you and Love.

Даже стены этого замечательного храма выглядят очень красиво, или это у Вас талант делать обычные вещи – красивыми. Удачи Вам и Любви.


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