The Beauty Of Songgwangsa Temple ; The Buildings

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The first thing waiting for me was the spring of the temple.
Every temple has the spring.
I think the reason of the springs in the temple is a kind of the simple that the teaching of Buddha can satisfy the thirst for the truth and the realization of the great way.


The appearance of the spring was so romantic due to the rain.

The main building, Daewungjeon, was located in the center of the temple. At the left side, the building of praying for the dead was stood.


And there were two buildings at the other side of the main building. One of these building have been written the smallest temple.
Photo was banned, so l looked inside, only one person can barely sit in this building.
It was dark inside, so when sitting alone you could concentrate in yourself.


Photo was prohibited in all most of the buildings in this temple. So it was sorry I could not show you inside.

But the outside appearance of this temple was so beautiful.
In my view, the beauty of buildings can be said as a best among all Korean temples.

I took the photos.
Let’me show you pics with my feelings and emotions what I could get in Songgwangsa.









I was so sorry that entering into many buildings was not permitted. As I told you, the main function of Songgwangsa temple was cultivating monks, so it seemed that any disturbing behaviors must be banned.

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I am always amazed by the construction technique used for these buildings. Really special. Thank you for showing us these monuments


Thank you so much

The Buddhist temples @slowwalker are indeed beautifully made and they have a calming effect because of the natural surroundings as it was near a spring that can be used to quench one's thirst. I just hoped too see the inside of those building but this is just good enough to glance the beutiful outside. The wishing well even has paper money in it too.


Hahaha, Thank you

Beautiful photography.

so beautiful, has so much History in the culture. thank you for sharing... where else have you been?

This is Amazing... I need to start traveling... great post...

Beautiful photos, @slowwalker.

You are right, buildings are lovely and mysterious in the rain.

Water has always been a metaphor for life and truth. Besides being a symbol of the great way, even the sound of water flowing from a temple spring can be very peaceful and soothing.

I noticed clouds of mist clinging to the mountains - temples are always built on high places and the mist seems to accentuate the remoteness and tranquility.

A breathtaking photo tour of a truly beautiful temple, my friend.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment

I do not really know who you are, but I know for sure, you are the king of travel on the Steemit platform, if you wish, I want to learn a lot from you, thank you, your post has been one of inspiration for me to exist in Steemit

Pictures show the culture of the people and civilization of the people
Really something very cool
A very distinctive temple


Thank you so much

Wow this are lovely buildings. This is really ancient architecture and thus is breath taking , I wish taking pictures of the inside aren’t prohibited. I’d love to see the inside . Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures


Thank you so much


Thank you @slowwalker, sir.


You’re welcome my friend, thanks for the follow

Songgwangsa Temple was one of four Temple Stays that I visited when I was in Korea. All of the Temple Stays were fantastic, but this one had a more intimate feeling of great age and history as one walks through the lanes. . The people at the Temple Stay visit area were friendly ,awakening to see the gong player and the fish clakker, music that resonates into the mountains to bring adherents to Buddhism from the spirit world.

Many times they prohibit entry to conserve more structures and since they have many years of wear and tear it is noticeable and not all people are aware of these types of routes.
muchas veces prohiben la entrada para conservar mas las estructuras y ya que tienen muchos años el desgaste se deja notar y no todas las personas son conscientes en estos tipos de recorridos.


thank you so much

The beautiful of does building cannot be overemphasized @slowwalker the creativity behind to picture are amazing . Great job buddy

It looks like a lovely place to visit. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Lovely temples surrounded by mountains and greenery.
You gave gist of these Temples that pushed the curiosity to know about them. Nice feed 🤟

Nice place.
I want to visit this place.........

Very pretty pictures and culture. Thank you for sharing these treasures with us. @slowwalker


Thank you so much

Such a beautiful and spiritual location. Made all the more stunning with the misty rain hanging around the hills

아름다운 절이네요 사진에서는 왠지 새벽의 차분함이 느껴집니다. 감사합니다

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Where is this bro?

Awsome place.
Great photography........

What an amazingly beautiful serene place @slowwalker. All of the photos really bring to mind the whole concept of peace and nature in an absolutely beautiful surrounding. But I would expect nothing less at a place of great worship. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for reading

Awesome photography keep it up...

your country is very beautiful and a culture is beautiful have great day my friend

Hello I have seen some of you older pictures, and I realy liked them a lot. I wonder if it woudl a be problem for you, if I draw some of you work, and them post them on steem. I will make of course sure, from where do I have the inpiration for my picture.


They have banned entry to save more structures many times and since they are touched after many years, they do not become aware of such a route. There is no lack of seasonal structural medicines from all over the world, and they can not afford much more medicines.

resteem you post

If not for you l wouldn't see this as a temple. Maybe a nice apartment somewhere.thanks for this today @slowwalker

Beautiful photos! It looks like a very peaceful place. Proper for praying and reconnect with nature and inner self

a quiet and peaceful place , thanks for your sharing .

Love how is foggy and misterious. Really need to visit Asia. :)

It is very pleasant to visit new places and enjoy its beauty, although you could not take pictures of its interior to show us, you have the satisfaction of having witnessed it and so we live through you .... Very good post.

I invite you to read my latest publication and if you think I would love your support in it. Thank you.

송광사는 처음들어 보네요
풍광이 아름다운건지
님의 사진기술이 뛰어나선지 아름답습니다.


법정스님이 출가하신 절입니다

I guess that the weather was not so nice! Nice photos however! Best wishes from Germany

Super bonito ese lugar.. :)

Great songgwangsa temple nice exploration @slowwalker

what a beautiful place... nice photography...


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the building of prayers for the dead was very interesting.each buddha building has its own function and role.your blog about the trip is perfect and adds to the history experience.I am happy to have friends like you. Thanks

As always, very good photos and very nice post.

nice temple pictures it shows that the Songgwangsa respect their culture.
nice post @slowwalker


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If beauty has a definition, then this is beauty.
I so much cherish the Korean culture.
Kamsamnida hyung (hope, I am correct, lol)

Thank you for sharing the pics of the Songgwangsa temple. It looks truly beautiful. It truly looks like a place where monks belong to.

woww.. I wish I can go to a place like this

I just came back from seoul a week ago. Honestly, I regret that I haven't extended my holiday outside of seoul because I am absolutely in love with this country. From the people, the food and the culture are amazing. However, I am confident that I will explore the rest of SK in the future! Peace ;)

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Very beautiful architecture. All the photos are gorgeous. Most of all I liked the rich turtle in the last photo. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивая архитектура. Все фото великолепны. Больше всего понравилась богатая черепаха на последнем фото. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Hai slowwalker
You always share beautiful photography on your blog. These are great photographic photographs.
i will go back to see other interesting pictures.

Have good time my dear friend


thank you