Source Of Life, At The Foreshore of Suncheon Bay

in travel •  8 months ago

Suncheon wet land is famous for it’s foreshore.
When looking foreshore, you may think nothing lives there at first.

But if you are looking carefully, you find out the foreshore is the source of life.
Suncheon foreshore is a place that sea and river meets.

There I could find its small and humorous creatures.
I took the photos of the fishes and the small crabs.

This small and cute fishes are not only swimming but also crawling on the foreshore.
When they feel danger, they dig a hole and hide into there.

I walked over the small hill where I could look down whole scenery of the Suncheon bay.

This desolate looking foreshore is the source of all lives on the land.



And Everything begins from the boundaries.



This small fish soup is very delicious. You can taste near Suncheon bay.


This crab was eating something constantly. Sustaining their life is not easy in this circumstances.


I took the photos of the foreshore in Suncheon bay from the hill near by.




When reeds are growing with green colors, the scenery will be so beautiful.
I'd like to drop by here once more in Summer.

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The last picture remind me the cell study which we used to studied under microscope in Microbiology. The structure is some what similar to that. The other thing which I like most in the post is the shape of fish which slightly resembles with the Lizard.


Yes, it looks similar to the Lizard, but a fish.
it walks, digs and swims.

The Foreshore of Suncheon Bay is really teeming with life and it is almost above the mud where some crabs and fishes abound @slowwalker good for collecting food when there is a low-tide or perhaps to set some traps that one can use to get food.


Thank you

so many pics, awesome. Loved that you did not stop with just a couple, gave a better view of it all!

The land...The Soil...Water and Life...thats the real amalgamation...The truly wide side of Nature...Amazing Mother Earth!
What I have loved more is, the wonderful captures of Mudskipper...those are amazing clicks, Mudskipper...the small fish...with the protruding eyes...interestingly is the one who spends more time on land than in water and you have really captured it pretty well !!!
Thank you @slowwalker for sharing these astonishing captures.

This place is very attractive and beautiful.

Alternative Bay of the place

This is a cool research and the accompanying pictures truly tell the story. Lovely view and the texture of the mud all look different.
Amazing post


Thank you so much

wow,amazing pictures.some nice photography was taken by you.And also a very nice place.

I also like to travel such places. Its very enjoyable. The pictures are so beautyful.


Thank you


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The poor can't enjoy this kind of life 😢 pls let's try to help people who can't afford that we take for granted.

Nice post though 💪


You are very correct @kaydee1. But also remember that you can't give what you don't have. Work on yourself first, then extend your help to others.


That's it @slowwalker :-)

This place is very attractive and beautiful. And i support your post friend. Thanks for share.

I'm humbled by the little things in life that don't complain. Thank you for this amazing post @slowwalker..

Master @slowwalker
I was amazed to see the Suncheon area because by the beach and also there is a river estuary there. It is an interesting place that there may be many species of fish there.

Oh yes I want to see how the conditions there when tumbuhi grass is green. Maybe later in the summer you can make a post back about the green scenery around the beach.

May you succeed always.

Thank you very much for sharing sir.

By @rijalaronaceh


thank you
I'd like to see the green reeds there

It is amazing and a lot of contrast compared to what we are used to seeing.

Wow when i saw the first photo i didn't see clearly the fishes and crabs, but then in the photos below i could saw them, they are so small. You are so lucky for seeing them

glad to know these place...

This photograph remember me my childhood days. In my village, beside our home i saw crab and fish and I love to eat this fish.

Good post!

vow , shocked by the beach !

I am the most squeamish person on earth and as I look at all your beautiful pictures I can't help but wonder how on earth I would walk on the mud, knowing there are all those squishy critters living there. Lol silly I know. Gorgeous nonetheless.

Amazing fish living almost on land. It seems that before our eyes there is their evolution. It will take the right number of years and they will probably find their feet.

비가 하루종일 내릴 모양입니다

순천만에서 찍힌 작은 저녀석 이름이 뭘까요?보자마자 왜 망둥이 생각이 나는지 모르겠어요 ㅎㅎ


짱뚱어라고 하더군요

wow thats incredible. reminds me a bit at a mangrove forest at low tide.


mangrove and reeds are similar in its function


thanks, didn´t know that.

wow, it's looking very beautiful. thanks for sharing @slowwalker


very attractiv and amazing posts

These shots are beautiful. If I were there then I know I’d for sure get excited and maybe a little surprised once I spot a moving fish!

really, suncheon beach is amazing. beautiful scenery especially when combined with views of crabs passing by

순천만, 정말 볼 것 많은 곳이지요. 아주 아늑한 느낌이 올라오는 자연경관 최고의 휴식처지요.


정말 좋은 곳입니다

Amazing photos. I would this crab and not found) Thanks for showing.

It is a very interesting place. I would like to visit it.

Just shows that if one does not close yourself up you can find beauty on all life and find it everywhere. I do enjoy your work and words

Looks like a very tranquil place in the middle of nowhere to be left alone for hours on end to just enjoy nature. That one photo almost looks like a giant paw of some kind. Coastal erosion is always sad to see over the long period of time. Always nice to stop and enjoy it while it lasts. Never know when the next tide takes out the last of it uncovering something new to see as it shapes the land.

Pictures look amazing. I can spot fish and a crab in that goop. The pictures of the scenery you have taken is breathtaking. Honestly I have never been or seen such a place. You are lucky that you could make this trip. Keep on steeming mate. Best wishes from @debba-disphe.


Thank you for comment
I have a plan to take the photos of the sea.
And then I wish my photo help you imagine Korean beach and sea

Despite being cold weather is spectacular and your photos do justice

The shots are really beautiful. It's amazing how many places are in the world with a lot to discover, waiting for people to come and see.

정말로 국가적 차원에서 보존해야될 순천만 습지입니다.
대대손손 후대에 남겨줄 가치가 있는 생태유산입니다.
이곳을 거닐다보면 자연의 신비로움과 고요함에 정신이 맑아지면서
온갖 스트레스가 사라지는 기분을 만끽할수 있어서 좋습니다^^

Suncheon Bay is a wetland that should be preserved at the national level.
It is an ecological heritage that is worth leaving in the late generations.
If you walk around here, you can feel the mystery and calm of nature.
You can also enjoy the feeling that all kinds of stress disappear ^^


조용히 앉아 있자니 시간 가는 줄 몰랐습니다

Thank you~

Linda toma tienes mi voto revisa mis fotos y ayúdame con tu voto te lo agradeceria.
mi fotografia espero que les guste

oh wow!
This place is very attractive and beautiful.amazing creation of god would love to visit there

Yeah so much life and so many species we never seen or heard about. Sometimes you dont know if they are from this planet or aliens. :) we will be waiting for the summer update eheheh

Interesting to see life in such Barren conditions, yet still sustaining. I'm Amazed that the fish and crabs have evolved enough to live life. They have adapted well to their conditions, especially as the mud looks dried and hard.

Well done on the camera work such a far distance. Thank you. I always enjoy learning more about our wonderful world. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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You did got the images very perfectly buddy. While the view would definitely change if it changes with the natural beauty of green.

That is a beach that seems desolate but it is not. There are many creatures moving there. Surely in summer the photograph will be different!

nice photo and very good !!!

what exquisite photos! even in the monotone of different shades of brown you have managed to capture the patterns and formations, the essence of life amongst the muck and haze.


Thank you so much

What a beautiful ecosystem for such strange little creatures. Low lying wetlands are a paradise for mollusks, shell fish and bottom feeders. Pretty awesome you got to see mudskippers tho!

WOW! Thanks for the pictures the last time i saw mod with hibernating fish and crabs was 7 years ago. You have refresh my memory. Nice shot!

lovely scene

wherever places on earth must be inhabited by creatures, they live according to their habitat and must be useful for something, I like your story and picture

thankyou for sharing

A very beautiful place. The photos and the story, as always, are magnificent. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивое место. Фото и рассказ, как всегда, великолепны. Удачи Вам и Любви.

La vida y sus infinitas formas de existir y manifestarse siempre consigue la forma de expresarse, de continuar de armonizar con el paisaje, la gente y su entorno.

Those fishes hidden in the dirt are so cool, at first i did not see the crab, great pics and explanation, thank you for sharing.

Where is it?
Nice Photo :D

yah... amazing. you wont notice the fishes unless you loook closer to the picture.

very nice photo. taking from a very accurate angle. hopefully more successful in the future. please support me for more advanced. thank you

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wow..this is the same fish i think some people risk their lives and catch because they claim its very tasty..watched in youtube..!

logging in steemit after a year..feels great..would like to have a follow back :)

its wonderful pict, Amazing!

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the post is very interesting, there may be thought that on the edge of the beach there is no occupant, but in fact there are also residents.@slowwlker

Sumamente impresionante.