A Stream As A Boundary Between Buddhist World And Secular World In Songgwangsa Temple.

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During going to the temple, the sound of water after raining made me forget everything of my world.

마지막 문과 죽음.JPG


Until passing through the last gate, I didn’t think of the meaning of this stream in Songgwangsa temple.

Even though I have visited this temple several times, I couldn’t imaging the meaning of the stream in the point of the Architecture.

Suddenly the stream came into my eyes with the sound of water, I could enter into the temple through the bridge building.


This bridge building was well made and seemed to have some kind of the meaning.
The stream looked like a metaphor of the boundary between sacred and secular world in my view.

When my thought got to arrive at this point, every thing near the stream looked like having some specific meaning in Buddhism in my mind.

The bridge building was the only place to cross over the stream from here to the temple area.

The pavilion over the stream seemed to have some kind of meaning like looking over the secular world from the Buddhist paradise.


In my point of view, the most impressive part in this architecture was the buildings along the stream.


Here I crossed over the boundary from this world to Buddhist world.


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so calm and pretty

Looks so serene

Nice photos. Some cent's for you. Have a great day.

Nice travel photos! Have a great day.


I agree with you!
click here.png

@slowwalker, your visit to the temple seems to be a great adventure. Good to know you're enjoying it

Wow! Beautiful photography. 💙
Thanks @slowwalker for sharing this post.

If there is something I really admire about Buddhism, in spite of not being a religious person, it is the beautiful meaning that they give to their architecture and their ideals, letting nature be the protagonist, when you narrate the entrance to the temple and I see that beautiful river, I can even imagine being there and feeling that peace that we all, deep down, yearn for. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place friend.

wow sir u lucky to visit these beautiful places

Very artistic temple with water scenery, its very good place to meditation and refresh our brain, success always for you @slowwalker, thank you very much for your sharing to us, I have resteem your post to more than 2400 my followers, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia

Travel history Korea very happy my friend @slowwalker.very beautiful nature, sucses and healthy always for you my friend.

These are very beautiful pictures my friend .

A Stream As A Boundary Between Buddhist World And Secular World In Songgwangsa Temple.

This is quite interesting and fascinating.

I wish I could visit there to :( very nice place... You are very lucky

That's a oldest building looking very beautiful.
I appreciate your traveling, best of luck.

The narrative style in this article is not only engaging, it is lucid and sharp. You told a fine story and coloured it with beautiful photographs.

Particularly, I like the line below:

Here I crossed over the boundary from this world to Buddhist world.

I hope to read more of your travel stories soon. Regards.

why are you not following me ? haha
i will be happy for that

I love the rocks. Rocks every where and the painting on the bridge is beautiful.It looks like a very peaceful place.

que templo tan bello,que naturaleza tan bella

What a great inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

All this and more are reasons of my hunger of the Korean culture, visiting it and exploring the Korean peninsula is one of my dreams

thanks for the pictures.
your theory about the bridge and it's significance is just too close to the truth, everything in life is about transition, the process = bridge, which will lead to something either better or worse

정말 멋진 사진 잘봤습니다 ^^
팔로우 하고 갑니다 ^^

Wou, it is a beautiful temple, the source of water purifies.
Beautiful photos, beautiful colors.

Amazing photographs @slowwalker
The Songgwangsa temple is really a sight to behold, with its colour pattern fitting perfectly.


Nice place for visit... Very beautiful, i like it...
Keep On Photographing :)

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Beautiful photography. The third and fifth photos are particularly nice.

The sound of water is an amazing thing. When I lived in Spain, I visited several places constructed by the Moors and Berbers, including La Alhambra, where the sound of splashing water is ever-present and creates a sense of peacefulness.

very beautiful place. would be very fun to visit there

송광사가 이렇게 멋진절이 였네요
말씀처럼 불국토로 향하는 문이 있을것만 같은 분위기를 풍깁니다.
비가 내리는 아침을 맞이 하였습니다

Love your work! Really great photos, seriously wow!! If you have the time please take a look on my page! :)


Really? You have cut and paste this same comment on two of my posts and quite a few other peoples. Nothing but spam.


And where are the people? Are,nt monks there?

Great photography..have A Great Day Dear

Very nice i like :)

What beautiful Photos and such a peaceful place I bet, Hey @slowwalker? I love all the natural surroundings and the stream is beautiful. Water is always a way to calm the spirit and mind.

Water of any kind is peaceful. I have lived within viewing distance of water, if possible! thnx.

Thank you for this amazing excursion to this wonderful temple. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо Вам за эту удивительную экскурсию в этот замечательный храм. Удачи Вам и Любви.

have a great journey... such a lovely place...

very nice photos, how I wish I can travel to other countries to see more beautiful places like these

Happy weekend

@slowwalker, the picture is very natural, happy to be there.😍😍😍

Its like you found peace and shared peace with us.

The photography is wonderful and seems to support your interpretation of the surroundings, including the stream; funny, though, how you state that you have made the same journey to this temple many times before, but the meaning of the whole scene didn't hit you until now. Thanks for sharing.

Good Job man very nice photos.. :)

Very nice photo, i wanted to go to this place soon....

Awesome I enjoyed it reading a lot 🙂🙂

Please have a look at my recent travel and photography blog too

Here is the link


That's a wonderful traveling photography.i appreciate this history.
Amazing Korea country.i love Korea city.

Thanks for sharing wonderful photography of travel.

I follow your Every post.


lovely place dude

So nice job, thanks for the beautiful post.

Nice photos of the refreshing stream with good meaning, "A boundary between Buddhist World and Secular World". The bridge building and those buildings along the stream have amazing and wonderful architecture. This temple is very peaceful for relaxing and meditation indeed.

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)