My Vacation in Datca (English/Turkish)

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I spent the summer vacation in Datca district of Muğla. Datca is located on the southwestern tip of Turkey. The lower part of the peninsula overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the upper part overlooks the Aegean Sea. It's a sea holiday paradise. We stayed in Billurkent holiday village in Datca. While I was on vacation, I usually wrote my asseys on the deck chair with a laptop on my lap.

There was a mother cat and three kitties in the garden of the house we were staying in. Thanks to the kitties we've had a lot of fun during the holiday. The only bad thing about cats was that the mother cat scratched all the children around, including my daughter.


In the early days, the air was quite hot and humid, fortunately it cooled a little bit towards the end.


On the coast of Billurkent, there were small ponds on both sides of the beach like below. It was a perfect environment for taking pictures.


The islands across the beach add color to the landscape.


Because there were not many settlements around, we were able to watch the stars clearly on the beach at night. It was meteor shower time, and I watched the floating stars a lot. Unfortunately I didn't have the equipment to photograph the stars.

Taking foot pictures on the beach once was fashionable. Even if I was delayed in this fashion, I've made it up. But I wanted to approach it from a different angle.


I usually took long walks on the beach in the evenings. By the way, I didn't neglect to record the view on my cell phone camera.


We watched Turkish singer Sila's concert at the amphitheatre, which is seen in the cover picture. The ambience was beautiful.

So we left behind another holiday with bitter and sweet memories.

Thanks for reading.

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Other Photos: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +


Yaz tatilini Muğla'nın Datça ilçesinde geçirdim. Datça Türkiye'nin güneybatı ucunda bulunan bir yarımada. Yarım adanın alt kısmı Akdeniz'e, üst kısmı Ege denizine bakıyor. Tam bir deniz tatili cenneti. Datça'da Billurkent tatil köyünde kaldık. Tatilde olduğum süre boyuca yazılarımı genellikle şezlongta kucağımda laptopla yazdım.

Kaldığımız evin bahçesinde bir anne kedi ve üç yavrusu vardı. Tatil boyunca bizi epey eğlendirdiler. Kedilerle ilgili tek kötü olay anne kedinin kızım da dahil olmak üzere çevredeki tüm çocukları tırmalaması oldu.

İlk günlerde hava epeyce sıcak ve nemliydi, neyse ki sonlara doğru biraz serinledi.

Billurkent sahilinde plajın her iki yanında aşağıdaki gibi küçük göletler oluşmuştu. Ortam fotoğraf çekmeye gayet uygundu.

Kumsalın karşısındaki adalar manzaraya renk katıyordu.

Çevrede pek fazla yerleşim olmadığı için geceleyin kumsalda yıldızları çok net biçimde izleyebildik. Meteor yağmuru zamanıydı üstelik, kayan yıldızları bolca seyrettim. Ne yazık ki yıldızların fotoğrafını çekecek ekipmanım yoktu.

Bir aralar kumsalda ayak fotoğrafı çekmek modaydı. Bu modaya gecikmeli de olsa ben de ayak uydurdum. Ancak olaya farklı bir açıdan yaklaşmak istedim.

Akşamları genellikle kumsalda uzun yürüyüşler yaptım. Bu arada cep telefonumun kamerasına takılanları kaydetmeyi ihmal etmedim.

Kapak resminde görülen amfi-tiyatroda Sıla'nın konserini izledik. Ortamın ambiansı çok güzeldi.

Böylece acı tatlı anılarıyla bir tatil daha geride kalmış oldu.

Okuduğunuz için teşekkür ederim.

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wonderful photos.


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Those indeed are truly marvelous captures. Turkey is really very scenic and beautiful. Great share.

Beautiful, really want to visit Turkey one day. Hopefully the currency crisis blows over soon

This is a amazing photo shot...

Good photography.

i really want to go there one day. your article will be my preferences.
i love travelling, i love beach soo much. i love sunset.
so far i just travelling around my country. Indonesia


Your country also looks great


thank you :)


Girl I'm with you even to the end of the world ready to leave)


yes yes.. to the beautiful place

turkey is popular place for tourist to visit it has hundereds of kilometers of beautiful beaches on it aegean and mediterranean coats and many importent histoprial places.turkey is republic. the money of turkey is called turkish lia. turkey's warm and varied climate it is beautiful photography. i realy spend with my family in summer holidays trip had a great work on it .

Beautiful island and the kitties with the adorable little faces. I imagine that your daughter loved the adorable and amusing kittens.

Going on Vacation is like the pause, we get inspired, we charge our minds and souls. I think is the perfect healthy medicine.



Really like your post. Give you upvote and also following you. I want more post from you.
The turkey tourist place is awesome. Can you give me some suggestion how can i visit this wonderful location from Bangladesh. Thanks

Amezing article
You are a good writer and photographer as well..
I love these places
They are really beautiful

amazing place !
We want more buddy. Carry on.

Beautiful real landscape

That's amazing that you were a good observant in your trip and had shared such a informative description on those fascinating images. keep flourishing buddy!

Really very beautiful place. Just one suggestion ! Don't travel with plans . Unplanned trips are memorable !

That is such a beautiful place. I need to put it on my bucket list. And how can you go wrong with kitties? haha well except for the scratching part. I feel like there are too many items on my bucket list and so little time! haha

wow.. great scenery you capture there sir....

Tatil için seçeneklerimi gözden geçirdiğim şu günlerde bana güzel bir seçenek daha gösteren başarılı bir içerik. Yazı için teşekkürler.

I liked the first photo very much, it's awesome my friend, awesome.... 💪✌️😍

On my bucket list!

My Brother went to Turkey last year. I wish he was a photographer because he didn't have scenery like this! Beautiful!

This place is so wonderful and mesmerizing. Sometimes after I see these kind of places, I just feel like packing everything up and shifting to these places..

It looks great!

Omg, its like private beach, i don't see any visitor there

I wish to visit Turkey soon #LoveTurkey


The country has so much history. Highly recommend reading up the eastern roman empire and the crusades.


It is the best time to visit Turkey.

Prices are very cheap for tourists because of Turkish Lira exchange rates.

Turkey is no doubt a great country to visit. upvoted, followed and resteemed.



A beautiful place with confidence was excellent weather for relaxation.

Datca has always been my favorite holiday destination. My friend from high school has a holiday house in Datca Aktur and I went there twice. It's a quiet, peaceful area and the beaches are crystal clear. I miss it so much!

Greetings from Cape Town


Aktur is on the way to Billurkent. Very nice place.

Greetings from İstanbul

This is a very good place. But The service of the hotels is not that much good . So the interest in this place decreases.


In terms of service quality İstanbul is the best.

Have fun, nice place...

Stunning area! the best and maximum beautiful things inside the global cannot be seen or maybe touched - they have to be felt with the coronary heart. the vicinity is incredible, and the photos are the first rate.


Thank you :)

Very nice view

Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like a very beautiful country to visit. It looks very peaceful there.

I love so much Alacati and so so so so so BEAUTIFUL PLACES


Next time you should also see Cappadocia :)


oh yes man, i know Cappadocia and i just put in my travel list. I'm Italian and my girlfriend is Turkish. Probably in november i will go to Istanbul. Little by little i will visit all Turkey ahahaha

Beautiful pictures and very well written. Turkey is definately on my bucket list now

Terrific pictures and engaging travelogue.

i never see this beautiful pic i went to go there i like it


I never see this
Beautiful pic i went to
Go there i like it

                 - sardaradeelkhan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hey @muratkbesiroglu congratulations for photography, awesome Pictures really amazing click.
Beaches looks beautiful, great place to visit.

thanks for a nice post. Mughla Dutaka is a beautiful place to do you a lot of fun.

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Lovely pics of Turkey. liked all pics, especially kitten pic, cute little kittens 😊


Yes they were😃

good work my friend
i can follow u

In love, im fan.
Increíble vacations & photos. Congrats

Hello murat veziroglu beautiful photos, transmit tranquility, thank you for making known such a wonderful place.👍😙😊

Beautiful city with a very good view

Geçen yaz gitmiştim, umarım bayramdan sonra tekrar gitme fırsatı bulurum.


Eylül'e doğru daha da iyi olur.

wow awesome photo and awesome blog..thanks for share..


Thank you☺

outstanding capture man!
i love your photographs

Good Post i like it. I also love the pictures.
up vote you. have a nice day

Beautiful destination
and thanks for sharing your tourism experience

Hi all the photos are very nice but was never travel by plan in any country

wow😊 what a beautiful images🏕🏞🛣🏜

i just love that place.. what is the see name..?




Mediterranean sea

@muratkbesiroglu great picture . Wel done .
I really wish to be there to see that beauty in real. ..

@muratkbesiroglu i think you have spent a great summer vacation in Datca district. the photo shot which you have take over there is really awesome and amazing.. it really feels peace to looking that photos.. great, really appreciate it...

I will say indeed some wonderful photographs you have posted of your trip to turkey.The beach photos are splendid and so are sunrise and sunset.wonderful indeed ,it motivates me to go on a trip to turkey.
Thanx for the share

Simply a beautiful place. I really want to travel to Turkey and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and culture. I loved the photos, thank you very much

I love the little town with the mountains in the backdrop. Excellent photo.

Wonderful article. thanks for posting.

Beautiful now I want to visit turkey..

After seeing all this I'm just planning to a trip

your photos are very nice..!! keep up your work