Steepshot: Mini steemit-meetup in Saarbrücken, Germany

in travel •  10 months ago


This weekend, myself, @reggaemuffin, @howo and @suesa met up at the border of our two countries for the weekend.

It may not look like it, but this building is where we had the best burger and cocktails I've had so far in 2018! Good times:)

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Did you all know each other before Steem or after? Although I’m not in Germany I am definitely interested in pen pals who one day I could meet!

So I guess the mini meet-up was great? Any good plans that came up regarding Steemit that you want to share with us back in the old country @Fredrikaa? :)


It sure was! Well, this was more for fun and games ^^ we're already working on quite a few ideas ;)

Oh really? burgers and cocktails inside this building? I would never guess... Doesn't look like the kind of building!


Right?!?! The burger was awesome and the cocktails even better :D


Daaamn! I would consume all of that in the speed of light...


Haha, you ate it alone abi sir? Lol


Sir, hopefully you and @reggaemuffin, @howo and @suesa really enjoy yourself at the meet-up, and the building is an amazing building. Thanks for sharing sir.

Lol I just realized that you can see me and half of @suesa in the background


Napoleon is everywhere!!!
Haha, I didn't notice either when I uploaded the picture ;p

Burger and beer in a church? I did it in Pittsburgh too :D


As @suesa pointed out it is the town hall and not the church ;p the food was of divine quality though!


Then it is a divine town all ;)


It's not a church tho, but a town hall. The church looks similar and is on the opposite side of the road :D


Le's be honest, It is almost the same. (Okay I shut up from now on ;) )

Nice picture!!!


das ist doch das rathaus. Dort kann man Burger essen?
Das nächste mal solltet ihr im Oro vorbeuischauen am St. Johanner Platz. da gibts einen extrem leckeren Salat mit Ziegenkäse. Oder in der Burgerei :)
Finde es Klasse, dass es noch mehr saarländische Steemer gibt!

Nice picture. Upvoted.

wonderful photo 👍 bakmaya değer

beautiful photo! followed you

Wow! Wonderful photograph @fredrikaa

awesome times!! love you guys!

Very cool pic. Im guessing you had a very good time discussing Steem over lunch. :)

Cool, Saarbrücken is not that far away from me. :)

It seems those haunted castles, that you think anything can come out of hay food.

schönes bild

because in a beautiful place to memories the most beautiful friend nice post your friends

Like it my senior friend..
Thanks for you

Good job my friend @fredrikaa.
Like your travel

Amazing beautiful
my friend bless you weldon