Introducing @toiletscrubbers!steemCreated with Sketch.

It is time for a new cleaning team, and with @walden as team leader, shitposters must be aware!

1% downvote = you cannot use upvote bots for 24 hours
2% downvote = you cannot use upvote bots for 48 hours
3% downvote = you cannot use upvote bots for 72 hours

1% upvote = you did a good job, but you should do much better
2% upvote = you did a great job, no shame in using upvote bots
3% upvote = your post is so awesome, upvote bots should whitelist you as quality

Support us by upvoting the comments we give on the posts we check out, upvote our posts, delegate SP so that we have some impact when we see something nasty floating in the bowl.
Bot-Owners can add @toiletscrubbers where @cheetah and @steemcleaners are added, it is voluntary, so either do it or get it done.

To check who is the team leader and in charge, always see our blog location and link to where we can be found.

Thank you.

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Yeah where is @walden ?

Wow! I missed my chance to resteem this! This is pretty cool.

These guys are bristling with anticipation!!

This should be interesting!!! I can't wait to see the impact.

Reward good behavior and ignore or punish bad behavior it is the way to influence behavior.

Nice idea.

Let the scrubbing commence!
I for one, welcome our toilet scrubbers!

There's a new sheriff in town! Toilet scrubbers ready!

I am impressed, good luck cleaning up the Steemit space.

I got a dirty asshole, better scrub it clean

I think am interested. This would sure help in encouraging steemians to read and upvote post not leaving it all to the bots

In this post a great post post, people look very good to me in the pictures, and I think it is a bodyguard. This is an important task of the army. For this country, an interesting post in this post was very good to me. Posts We can learn and learn a lot from many such posts for us There is no end to such a post to thank you for sharing....


omg u comment is great...and yes am been ironic. bodyguards do a important job. just out of curiosity can u explain your comment how its relevant to the post.

u are planing to go in the trending page and read post etc or how do u find the shit posts. btw a like it.

I have not learnt using upvotes yet it will be kind if someone guides me

Will do, @tipu upvote this post with 0.5 sbd please

haha, its so funny! @toiletscrubbers, good Job guys!

Go @walden, see you on steemspeak.

whispers there is a new Sheriff in town.

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I love the concept.
This will go a long way in reducing the amount of trashy content being boosted by bots.

I also think @walden should give a medal to whoever came up with the name. It's hilarious and brilliant.

Cleaning the shit out of Steemit!

I've followed you and your voute, add me as well as your friend, because I'm new in steemit please help me in improving steemit.

Great stuff guys!! Buy how do you stop people from using upvote bots? Or am I missing something .....


Its not a community to stop users from using bots, but rather it check users who do and also does on trending page to see if truly they deserved the reward and this is measured from 1% to 3% downvote or 1% to 3% upvote each percentage stands for a purpose, which can be found from the post above


got it! there's too many shit post out here now, a lot of people can't even bother to write a few words or even take a better quality photo ....


Yea, quality is depreciating each day, anyone can make any post and boost the pay with bidbots

Watch out for all of those projectile-poo posters!

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