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Was this just to see how many people auto-upvote you, assuming no human would upvote this post?


It was a mistake. Did not mean to use this account

Do I win? :) lol

I guess that's the preferred form of you calling the name Theresa.
Or did you mean tesy softwares?.

Damn dude!
Congrats on a successful test!
I'm gonna go try that...
PS: Your test results as of 2:15 am, CST

Well DONE Sir!

Tesy instant water heater ! I guess that’s what you’re talking about.

I don't get the logic here, am I the only one? 😁😁😁😁


It's just a tesy;)

To think I actually upvoted this

what is this test.must be good.

what is this test sir @knircky?

What about this test sir?

shit normally i dont do this with this account

testing for what ?

Could it be an API test?


yes we are testing the posting of the new website

this is so cool