ADSactly Tech News - An Exploration of Transhumanism

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ADSactly Tech News: An Exploration of Transhumanism

Image Source: The Guardian

  • The concept of 'transhumanism' is becoming increasingly discussed and explored.

  • Scientists and technologists are exploring concepts around extending human lifespans and delaying death or potentially eliminating it through the use of technology.

For centuries philosophers and academics have tried to pinpoint what exactly it is that makes us human. Is it our compassion? Or the notion that human beings have souls? Is it our ability to work together and overcome obstacles or the never ending pursuit of improving ourselves?

In this article I'd like to discuss a topic that is unknown to many, a topic referred to as 'transhumanism' and what it means for the future of society.

In Mark O’Connell's book which was appropriately named 'To Be a Machine,' the transhumanist movement is summed in a very clear and concise way. “It is the belief that we can and should eradicate ageing as a cause of death; that we can and should use technology to augment our bodies and our minds; that we can and should merge with machines, remaking ourselves, finally, in the image of our own higher ideals.”

Lets take a moment to explore this idea in more detail before delving deeper into the issue shall we? There are people on this planet working everyday in an effort to stop the ageing process in the pursuit of essentially eliminating it as a cause of death. Who wouldn't want to live forever? Well now we have entered a real philisophical dilemma that has been discussed and debated by many.

But if scientists and technologists are able to accomplish this feat wouldn't this technology only be reserved for the uber-rich? I mean, if everyone in the world lived forever, wouldn't that cause untold havoc on the environment further increasing the problem of overpopulation? It certainly would.

Image Source: Pexels

So what is transhumanism exactly? From the literal translation it is the application of change to the human species. But what type of change are we talking about here? Well basically it amounts to the idea of technologically enhancing our bodies. If this sounds completely foreign to you, in actuality this is not a new concept and scientists are getting closer to this goal as technology advances exponentially as it has the past century. You could even apply this concept to inventions already existing and being used on our planet, things like wooden legs, hearing aids, spectacles and false teeth. We generally think about technology in terms of electronic devices. In actuality the word technology refers to tools that we use to accomplish goals.

In future, we might use implants to augment our senses so we can detect infrared or ultraviolet radiation directly or boost our cognitive processes by connecting ourselves to memory chips. Ultimately, by merging man and machine, science will produce humans who have vastly increased intelligence, strength, and lifespans; a near embodiment of gods.

I'm not sure how readers feel about these ideas presented above. Detecting radiation may be useful but I hope we don't live in a world where it is necessary. Increasing cognitive processes sounds appealing but I'm not sure I'd enjoy having a 'memory chip' implanted in my brain.

The problem I see with all this revolves around competition. If people start merging with machine to increase their intelligence, strength and lifespans, how can we compete with them without doing the same... Maybe it would be better to just live in the jungle and go against the herd if that truly does become our future reality?

We must ask the question, is this what we want? Apparently the advocates of transhumanism argue the fact that there are incredible benefits to be reaped from integrating man and machine. However, if we make this move and completely blur the line between man and machine, entering a true age of transhumanism, it leaves a whirlwind of ethical problems and dilemmas that these same advocates are reluctant to discuss.

Image Source: Pexels

The interesting thing about this topic is that whether you like the notion of transhumanism or not, it is happening all around us, slowly and methodically. For example at an exhibition entitled 'The Future Starts Here' which opens at the V&A museum in London this month, a new line of technology designed to assist human beings will be unveiled.

Items on display will include “powered clothing” made by the US company Seismic. Worn under regular clothes, these suits mimic the biomechanics of the human body and give users – typically older people – discrete strength when getting out of a chair or climbing stairs, or standing for long periods.

I guess nobody needs to worry until the first consumer line of implant devices hits the market and you start to see them advertised between your prime time television shows. I'm just pointing out how a movement like transhumanism can creep up upon society with it actually realize what is taking place. Need another example?

In many cases these technological or medical advances are made to help the injured, sick or elderly but are then adopted by the healthy or young to boost their lifestyle or performance. The drug erythropoietin (EPO) increases red blood cell production in patients with severe anaemia but has also been taken up as an illicit performance booster by some athletes to improve their bloodstream’s ability to carry oxygen to their muscles.

Again its not a perfect example I suppose if you are trying to connect transhumanism with the idea of implanting electronic devices in our bodies but medicine can definitely be described as technology if we follow the idea of a tool designed to expand the ability range of the person who uses it. Transhumanism is apparently being applied to athletics according to the statement above.

Image Source: Pexels

“We are now approaching the time when, for some kinds of track sports such as the 100-metre sprint, athletes who run on carbon-fibre blades will be able outperform those who run on natural legs,” says Blay Whitby, an artificial intelligence expert at Sussex University.

Running on carbon-fibre blades... We are certainly entering a new and strange age full of possibilities.

Not everyone in the field agrees with this view, however. Cybernetics expert Kevin Warwick, of Coventry University, sees no problem in approving the removal of natural limbs and their replacement with artificial blades. “What is wrong with replacing imperfect bits of your body with artificial parts that will allow you to perform better – or which might allow you to live longer?” he says.

I'm not so sold on replacing our body parts with artificial substitutes. I mean when does it end? I really loved Michael Jackson's music but he clearly underwent one plastic surgery after another. It came to the point where I hardly could recognize the pop star he was in the song 'Thriller' I used to love jamming out to back in the day... Could transhumanism take us down that same slippery slope?

I don't know what my fellow @ADSactly society members think about all this but there is certainly a cause for debate around this subject!

What are your opinions about transhumanism and do you think this is where we are headed? How comfortable would you be replacing limbs or body parts with high performance cyber-implants?

Here's a chance for the @ADSactly community to leave their thoughts and opinions on this topic!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

"No death and an enhanced life: Is the future transhuman?" - The Guardian

Image Sources:

The Guardian, Pexels

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Oh man, what a great post! I loved the topic and the way you're writing about it. I simply enjoyed it!

A lot of good questions are asked here, and a lot of good thoughts went through my mind. I was reading this and stopping and thinking about it for a while before I would continue to read :D

One thing I want to address is about living forever. Well, even though I haven't thoroughly still thought about it, I think that I wouldn't want to live forever. I think, knowing that our days will come to an end makes me want to seize this life and make it worthwhile. I know that my time is limited and I want to take it for granted, I want to make the world a better place for our new generations.

I know it is tempting to live forever but if I could choose, I would pick between 250 and 400 years to live. Just so I can try a lot of things haha ;)

Thanks for this great post, really loved it. I will be thinking more about this one and some things you mentioned. Have a great day @techblogger!


Always a pleasure to get feedback from you I'm really pleased to hear that the Socratic approach to inquiry worked to get your head spinning around this topic! I also think that living forever is appealing until you really think deeply about what it would truly mean to live forever. I remember seeing an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in which an immortal entity named 'Q' showed the captain of a starship what his immortal world looked like. All he could do was provide a simple metaphor for what it was like when he took the captain to a dusty farm and explained how dull and boring it was and how he'd like to have the chance to die. He showed the captain the scarecrow and mentioned he had even been the scarecrow just to see what it was like. The boredom immortality would have the potential to bring would be its own curse. I agree, 400 to 4500 years will be plenty. That may be the route humanity ends up taking. Thanks a lot for your thoughtful comment. Take care!


Time is valuable but it also gives value to other things. As the Queen sings Who wants to live forever, who dares to love forever? So it is not about living only ;)


All of the body modifying technology, including that used for healing is an attempt to make up for the lost parts of self that have become unconscious. Through making the unconscious conscious, we will truly rise again, in both spirit and form. This means that form change becomes possible, without any need for technological substitutes. Becoming hooked into using machines to replace our lost, innate abilities is extremely dangerous and will lead those involved to the point where they cannot recover themselves fully. Not everything that glimmers is gold.

Very very interesting this topic that you just touched on in this article @adsactly. The reality is that technology is advancing too fast.... So much so that if we compare the technology of a century ago with that of the current century, we realize that it is not even the shadow of what it was before.

I'll tell you what I think about transhumanism. It is known that all these researches and projects are being carried out and thought for the good of the world society. The vision is to improve the performance of the human body, extend the life of the human being or even eliminate it and eradicate death by aging. That is the original ideal of this project, but we must think about the consequences it could have.

Clearly, if a technology can be created to extend life or even eradicate death, it will be too costly, as the demand will be incredibly high (obviously we all want to live forever). Therefore only the rich will be able to afford such technology. The other thing is that a new era would begin, a new social class.... It will be the immortal rich vs. the mortal workers. I think this will look very unfair. Let the money decide whether you live forever or not. This could create a war between the rich and the poor, like a civil war. And this is at best.

In the worst case scenario, this technology is also used to create super soldiers or more powerful weapons.

Now I'll give you my opinion. I sincerely agree that technology can be used to replace parts of the body, such as legs, arms, eyes... But I'm not too supportive of using technology to eradicate death by aging. I believe that every human being has his time here in the world, everyone has a purpose, comes to fulfill it and gives way to others.... I prefer to live a full life, fulfill my dreams and goals, do the things that make me happy.... As we talked about in the last article, you have to know how to use your time. And well, when my time comes, I'll leave in peace.

That's my opinion, Mr. @adsactly.

Thank you for sharing this quality information. I will wait for your next post :). Greetings!!


I'm happy you enjoyed reading my article @emmanuel250998.

In regard to your opinion...

I sincerely agree that technology can be used to replace parts of the body, such as legs, arms, eyes... But I'm not too supportive of using technology to eradicate death by aging. I believe that every human being has his time here in the world, everyone has a purpose, comes to fulfill it and gives way to others....

I just wanted to say that I agree with this and have a similar opinion regarding this. I don't believe we can cheat death but I don't mind if scientists try to accomplish this goal. Perhaps we will learn more about our own humanity through the process?


Perhaps we will learn more about our own humanity through the process?

This is true, buddy. At least with this, we can see with our own eyes how far we can go.... It could even be shown if the writings of the Bible are really true.

It's a pleasure to read your articles. I really like your content :)


If you can always be close to those answers

I will begin by saying that I do not agree with transhumanism, I personally believe that each person who comes into the world deserves to fulfill his life cycle, we are not born to be eternal, not even to be eternal, each one who fulfills his or her time on earth.

I agree with the implementation of biotechnology, that is to say, the use of technology to improve the quality of life of every human being, with what I do not agree is to use technology to make us eternal, since this could generate world chaos. Let's not imagine this technology being implemented in an overpopulated country like China, what do you think would happen? Obviously there would be a TOTAL CHAOS, of which perhaps the only solution would be called "Holocaust", i.e. the murder of millions of people (which would violate the Charter of Human Rights, which stipulates that "Every human being has the right to life"), in this case without any reason, or well the reason would be overpopulation, but overpopulation generated by the implementation of transhumanism.

You mentioned a very important phrase:

The interesting thing about this topic is that, whether you like it or not, the notion of transhumanism is happening around us, slowly and methodically.

That means that it is already a reality, not materialized but if thought and something advanced in terms of scientific and technological experimentation, on the other hand it would be a technology literally RESERVED FOR RICHES, I consider that an aberration, since if a technology is being developed to improve and extend or rather make human life eternal (since according to these scientists old age is not the cause of aging, I argue little credibility for me because although it is known that with the passing of time our senses are diminishing) is for the reach of all people, since just as everyone has the right to life also have the right to eternal life if it develops, do not you think?

Thank you always for your post buddy @adsactly ,they are very nutritious intellectually, I admire your ability to show your public interesting content written by you, your writing is incredible, I wonder to what level of marginality you want to take the technology, if they continue to approve things like this we are not far from the end of the world, what do you say friend?

Greetings from venezuela, I admire you too much, I hope you can read my comment!!


Through my research I uncovered a disturbing truth. Transhumanism is taking place and we need to be prepared. If you've seen a show called 'Altered Carbon' it does a great job at showing what a world employing true transhumanism may look like. I wrote this piece to help prepare people and perhaps make them more aware so as a community we can direct the progress being made towards a better future. If we remain ignorant we won't be provided with an opportunity to influence how this all plays out.

Thanks for reading my article.


It is also a good thing that we agree on this way of thinking, if we continue in this level of ignorance, technology will probably end up consuming us.....

I reiterate my greetings from Venezuela my friend @techblogger

The point about say medicine first being used to help elderly patients' red blood cell production, which is then adopted albeit illicitly by younger people illustrates another interesting principle; by solving problems for those not healthy on one way or another, those solutions can be seen as enhancements for those without those initial conditions. But I wonder what the side effects are...

When people start discussing the possibility of replacing limbs with robotic ones, that leads to questions about the futuristic military soldier. It's quite scary that there is the possibility of future conflict promoting competition in technology as it always has; first are the ones that feel acceptable like robotic exo suits that help with carrying heavy loads, which isn't too different from say having a vehicle. But when technology fuses with biology, that's where things feel murky like robotic arms or mental implants that control human soldiers like robots... This feels a lot ickier.

(That said, if you've played the xcom series, the MEC troopers are super cool and invaluable for fighting the aliens... Haha... Even if they are basically human heads on robot bodies)

But in the more foreseeable future, it primarily seems like a way to further exacerbate inequality as this clearly won't apply to everyone anytime soon and then those with enhanced longevity, who are probably those with a lot of influence, theyll continue to fashion the world with the ideas they are used to even if the world needs fresh perspectives and leadership. This also, I think, bothers me. I really don't like the idea of many of today's leaders being leaders forever...


I think you hit the nail on the head when you proposed that inequality is how this is all going to play out. The rich will be able to live forever and life will be restored to a similar societal structure as the ancient Egyptians enjoyed being waited on by a perpetual slave class that knew their place. Lets try not to let that happen shall we?

A very good post @adsactly, this news is very useful for everyone, especially for children who will be the next generation for the future. I just heard about this "Transhumanism" from you. This is an incredible discovery, it is really cool, I have to find out more about this Transhumanism, because I am very curious about this. I have to learn this again so I can understand how this works. Because this is a huge change for the world.

If Transhumanism is done successfully by scientists, then this world will grow and will be more successful for the future, I strongly support the scientists to work on this Transhumanism project. Because Transhumanism will prevent aging for all of us, and be able to make our lives much more sophisticated and we will always be strong to work. I really hope to the scientists, hopefully all this will be successful in doing. I have to look for Mark O'Connell's book, which deals with Transhumanism as you say, because I'm really curious about this. Thank you very much for sharing this very helpful information, and hopefully you will be more successful for the future... :)

...Or the notion that human beings have souls?

There can already be replaced some human body parts and perhaps in the future we will be able to replace all human body parts and basically create human robot with soul. However, you can’t build a robot from scratch having soul. I hope my point makes a sense. Robot will always do what he was programmed to do. When scientists speak of the soul (if at all), it's usually in a materialistic concept. As history and present teaches, science has rejected the soul as an object of human belief. They say “You are just dust orbiting the core of the Universe”. They think life is just the activity of atoms and particles. But if we add life to this process, we can explain some of the puzzles of modern science. Recently I read a few articles where some scientists are challenging this theory. At the end the answer is sooo simple “HAVE A FAITH!”
In my honest opinion I would rather die trying than have a chip implant in my brain. Just like you mentioned, only rich would be able to take advantage of it, to live forever. Not only because they would be able to afford it, but because they know they are doomed once their time would come.

Maybe it would be better to just live in the jungle and go against the herd if that truly does become our future reality?

Yes, I agree! I completely understand we can’t stop progress in technology. People loosing their limbs or even an eye will be able to use their hands again, will be able to walk again or will be able to see again. It’s already happening and I do cherish this idea. But why can’t we have technology being technology and humans being humans, just the way we were created? Do we really want to live forever? And I’m certainly not a fan of replacing our body parts with artificial substitutes just to enhance our abilities for reasons such as professional athletes. That would suck! Only people in need should use it.
This subject is really sensitive, but at the same time we should talk about it.


Nice thoughts and contribution. I believe we both see eye to eye on this topic (although maybe someday one or both of mine will be artificial because I stare at this screen too much lol).

I'm so flaccid right now, it's unbelievably disappointing.

images (7).jpg
Very intriguing this subject you simply addressed in this post adsactly. Actually invention is moving forward excessively fast.... To such a state that in the event that we look at the invention of a century back with that of the present century, we understand that it isn't even the shadow of what it was back in the days.

I'll tell to you what I feel about transhumanism. It is realized that all these tests and tasks are being completed and thought for the advantage of the world society. The future is to enhance the execution of the human body, broaden the life of the individual or even dispense with it and kill demise by maturing. That is the first perfect of this venture, yet we should consider the results it could have.

Plainly, if an invention can be made to extend life or even annihilate demise, it will be too exorbitant, as the request will be inconceivably high (clearly we as a whole need to live until the end of time). Accordingly just the rich will have the ability to buy a such invention. The other thing is that another time would start, another social class.... It will be the undying rich versus the mortal laborers. I think this will look exceptionally uncalled for. Give the cash a chance to choose whether you live perpetually or not. This could cause some grudges between the rich and poor people, similar to a common war. Also, this is, best case scenario.
images (9).jpg

In the most dire outcome imaginable, this innovation is additionally used to make super warriors or all the more effective weapons.

Presently I'll give you my assessment. I truly concur that inventions can be utilized to supply parts of the body, for example, legs, arms, eyes... In any case, I'm not very steady of utilizing inventions to kill passing by maturing. I trust that each individual has his chance here on the planet, everybody has a reason, comes to satisfy it and offers approach to others.... I want to carry on with a full life, satisfy my fantasies and objectives, do the things that make me happy.... As we discussed in the last article, you need to know how to use your chance. Also, well, when my chance comes, I'll leave in peace of mind and body.

That is my point of view , Mr. adsactly.

Much thanks to you for sharing this quality fact. I await your next post Welcome!!


@adsactly I'm not sure where this comment was stolen from, but considering this POS took my comment from here and posted it as a post here I'm sure nothing he does is actually his own content.

I lost an eye in 1971. A really competent surgeon put it back together and put me at the top of the transplant list. There has not been one yet. Would I have taken an 'artificial' eye? In a heartbeat. No further questions.

I have some difficulty with replacing bits to make you faster or otherwise perform better. Same sort of problems I have with taking steroids or other PEDs.

Thanks for a really sturdy, thought provoking article.


Reading this made me connect more with how real this topic is. I'm so sorry to hear about your eye @bigtom13. I hope they can put artificial eyes on the top of the list and there is clearly a lot of benefit that can come out of this science. I guess its fair to say we would really like to keep what god gave us. I get the feeling that all you want is your eye back and my thoughts are going out to the universe to make that happen somehow! Take care buddy.

Transhumanism is defined as the belief that people can and will be improved and made better through science, and ultimately we will transform into transhuman or posthuman people. Transhumanists believe that through science, we will take evolution into our own hands. Science will enable us to be physically, mentally and emotionally enhanced, and enable us to progress far beyond the limitations of our biological nature. Technology will transform us into something superior to humas.


Well said.

I believe a great reason why we're humans is the never ending pursuit of improving ourselves.
Advantages of transhumanism will be:-
-we'll all be really smart
-we'll all have high IQ
-The world will be a better place
-machines will be replaced with humans
-we'll all be equal.
Disadvantages includes:-
-high cost of living
-accomodation and feeding becomes difficult.


You're assuming our current paradigm and problems would apply. If transhumanism gets to that point its main problems would be radically different. Probably "how to optimize this or better integrate that".

greatly written.... transhumanism can be define as the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology....
thanks for shareing such this type of post...

I believe that the scientific advances have already managed to extend our life time, and will continue at an unimaginable level. But I have read very little about the implications of these changes in our psyche, which is the most complex part of our being. I can not imagine the impact it would have on our personal evolution, the certain fact of not aging or dying. Maybe we should never eat that apple!

It is very useful information for me.
If transhumanism technology evolve more, I think the suit like ironman will be realized
I follow you and I hope we communicate more.

All the body changes so much that technology is used to cure, that there is an attempt to make up for the lost part of the soul, that consciousness has become unconscious, we will literally emerge in both spirit and form again without any need for technical change may be. Ordering our machine to replace lost, normal power is very dangerous and will lead the people involved in the place where they can not completely recover themselves. That glimmers gold is not everything::)

thanks for this informative information join me on

Helpful content sharing bro

Issues related to the possibilities of human existence, ways of social development, are fundamental questions of humanity. The development of ideas about the place of man in the world around him, about his capabilities has predetermined the emergence of the concept of transhumanism, based on the idea of the need to improve humanity through the use of advanced technologies. The achievements of modern science pose to society the task of understanding the limits of intervention of advanced technologies in human existence, the need for a deep and comprehensive analysis of the prospects for the further evolution of mankind, and transhumanism in this regard is one of the actual concepts of social development.

Yes we belive that through science we Don anythings..

Where more would i have had this knowledge about "TRANSHUMANISM" if not from @adsactly's post? You are always updating my knowledge on things i don't know about. Thank you for this, looking forward for more.

Many cheers!

From your various posts, we can learn a lot of good things from our followers, we love your creativity, so we hope you create our good post and give us a gift, and with that we want to follow you all the time

Good job, greetings!

Yazi cok iyi much great information bro

We are on the way to learn about AI for being hired by companies who wants to use Deep Learning and AI environment for their products. In twenty years, the world won't be the same...

nice post dude, I bet you would like to read "death with interruptions" by Jose saramago, The novel centers around death as both a phenomenon, and as an anthropomorphized character. A key focus of the book is how society relates to death in both of these forms, and likewise, how death relates to the people she is meant to kill.

A very good information, this is a new science for me, and I just found out about this all of you now. This is a very great invention, if this chip can work well, then I am sure this world for the future will grow and succeed. By combining humans and machines, surely all humans in this world will be all smart, and so many new discoveries that we will see for the future. I am very salute to the person who invented this new science, I am sure, the person has a very genius brain, and has a very high iq. Hopefully all of this will go smoothly and will be successful for the future. Let everybody of this world get happiness. thank you...

Trans humanism is going to limit the humans ...
In trans-humanism science is enhancing the human body ...
Science in this case can only be perceptive , practically applicable and commercialized and it can only operate on assumptions.
Development and understanding of perceptive reality is limitless ... understanding of the reality is in the human mind which is expanding the understanding of same.
Trans-human addons will be burden in the future ... humans will fight as always for their individual freedom and freedom of their societies.

Este interesante tema captura mi atención enciende mi capacidad de reflexión y de análisis, sobre la actualidad de los avances de la era tecnológica y las repercusiones que esta tienen en la mejoría de y modificación del cuerpo humano. debo saber mas de este tema para responder tus interrogantes e iniciar una discusión.

Scientists and technologists are exploring concepts to extend human life expectancy and delay death or potentially eliminate it through the use of technology.

It's completely crazy, without death there was no life, have not you thought about that? the human being looks for resources only for gambling in my opinion, better to look for the cure of deadly diseases instead of preventing death,
Fear of death ?. One must fear life, not death.

great science technology. thanks for @adsactly

As a software engineer, building apps doesn't end there. For the apps to continue to be relevant and effective, users need to keep updating it.

Updating makes the app relevant to the now, eliminates loopholes etc.

To an extent, the essence of transhumanism is the same: to keep improving man until he achieves the highest possible efficiency.

But how you to about to achieve this is the important question we must ask.

So, transhumanism isn't a bad thing. It's how to is pursued and to what end that's important.

You determine the day. Make this one badass.

In my personal opinion I believe that transhumanism can be of great help in some people that, as in the case that you commented, lack a limb of your body necessary to perform daily activities or in people who have organs that do not work properly and that may be replaced by artificial organs that guarantee their proper functioning in order to improve health. Now, I do not agree to use transhumanism to be super athletes with super powers or to extend our life time on earth because I believe it is not from God.

very very interesting this tropic. verry good post. thanks for kind information.

The medical system of today's world has developed a lot and I think scientists of today's age can not find any medical treatment that people can live forever, Everybody wants the world to live forever, no one will want to leave the world, so many problems will arise in the world. And so it will never happen.......

You really give us such a great information . Thanks a lot brother.

"For centuries philosophers and academics have tried to pinpoint what exactly it is that makes us human. Is it our compassion? Or the notion that human beings have souls? Is it our ability to work together and overcome obstacles or the never ending pursuit of improving ourselves"?

Are we really that human?perhaps for you guys out there, it may be easy to say or to show positive human elements. But out here in Africa, i wonder what we are made up of, especially our leaders. Look at our in human cultures and traditions. No i think most of us are yet to be fully humans in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Your post is quite engaging really, but that paragraph got to me differently.

Wonderful post your.I am new user please send me upvhote.

Great info <3

I have read so much science fiction in my youth that all the tech advances towards transhumanism leave me in awe for the scenarios that are possible. My main question is thought: In what world? The way things are going this planet has began to deteriorate and in just a few years I think transhumanism will not be a top priority for the elit but relocation to another world might seem more of a pressing subject.

It is a one way street though to the division of the people to groups that can and have and to all the others...

Great Post. Very interesting read

Your post resteemed by @steemch

Great article and very interesting to read.

The questions for any would-be transhumanist are: what are you going to do with all the time and abilities you gain? To me, the answer is to seek bigger, better, and greater challenges. There's no point in enhancing your self if all you're going to do is binge-watch Netflix. I would want to do something like migrate to outer space and test the limits of my transhuman characteristics.

Interesting and thought-provoking. In my opinion, the biggest problem with today's technology (cell phones, for example) is that our hands are required to interact with our devices. We need a telepathic interface so we can free our hands to use other they were evolved to do in the first place😉. There must be a better way to communicate with our phones than using our fingers! We could be using them to do more important things, like scratch an itch or pick our noses ! 🙄😂

Hi Adsectly,

If you are interested in transhumanism and enjoy intelligent and philosophical approaches to exploring our species' future I'd highly suggest you read the book Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. I have found a quote from the second book of the series that is thought provoking, and a good insight into what kind of ideas Harari explores:

“Throughout history, religions and ideologies did not sanctify life itself. They always sanctified something above or beyond earthly existence, and were consequently quite tolerant of death. Indeed, some of them have been downright fond of the Grim Reaper. Because Christianity, Islam and Hinduism insisted that the meaning of our existence depended on our fate in the afterlife, they viewed death as a vital and positive part of the world. Humans died because God decreed it, and their moment of death was a sacred metaphysical experience exploding with meaning. When a human was about to breathe his last, this was the time to call priests, rabbis and shamans, to draw out the balance of life, and to embrace one’s true role in the universe. Just try to imagine Christianity, Islam or Hinduism in a world without death – which is also a world without heaven, hell or reincarnation. Modern science and modern culture have an entirely different take on life and death. They don’t think of death as a metaphysical mystery, and they certainly don’t view death as the source of life’s meaning. Rather, for modern people death is a technical problem that we can and should solve. How exactly do humans die? Medieval fairy tales depicted Death as a figure in a hooded black cloak, his hand gripping a large scythe. A man lives his life, worrying about this and that, running here and there, when suddenly the Grim Reaper appears before him, taps him on the shoulder with a bony finger and says, ‘Come!’ And the man implores: ‘No, please! Wait just a year, a month, a day!’ But the hooded figure hisses: ‘No! You must come NOW!’ And this is how we die.” - Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Merging with machines may be only one approach. You have people called "biohackers" who are right now experimenting with their bodies, trying chemical, biological and genetic alterations. To them it probably looks like unlocking the x-mutant gene or super-soldier formula. But to me it looks like kids playing with uranium-enrichment kits.

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