Delegate to @SteemPostItalia (and other local communities). Just Delegated 20K SP. Here's Why and How!

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When I have started on Steem it was thanks to a @jerrybanfield tutorial. I could not find much about the Italian community on Steemit and eventually I found out there was a small group of committed people behind @SteemPostItalia trying to do something great for the Italian community.


The Italian community it is still very small, I think we don't count more than 1K active users in total, but despite that, they are working seriously hard.

I have been contacted for several initiatives they run, from translation projects to curation activities.

@SteemPostItalia needs more love.

I have just delegated 20K SP from the account which was used to constantly power down and pay out the bills. Most of it has gone to @SteemPostItalia and I honestly don't care if it can help growing this wonderful community.

Every small bit counts. Please consider delegating to @SteemPostItalia (as well as other local communities) if you have some spare SP.

How to Delegate?

In order to delegate your Steem Power you can use Steem Connect.
Delegation can be returned anytime and takes a week to get back to your wallet, it is completely risk-free.

Visit the link above.

Change delegator=utopian-io with delegator=youraccount where youraccount is your steem username.

Change delegatee=steempostitalia with delegatee=targetaccount where targetaccount is the steem username you want to delegate to.

Change vesting_shares=1000 where 1000 is the amount SP you wish to delegate.

If for any reason you want to have your delegation back, just place 0 after vesting_shares=.

Why Delegating?

This is not just about voting power and profits, this is about positive signals we need to give to these communities to motivate and incentivise them in keeping the great work they do, almost for nothing in return. The power of this blockchain is in the hands of those who work hard every day to raise the quality bar and to bring more users into the blockchain. I can't think of anything more effective than committed local communities to achieve such mission.

I want to personally thanks @xeldal for having delegated 30K to them. @xeldal was the very first Utopian delegator and finding out he/she is also supporting the Italian community makes me proud to have him/her in our sponsors, even more than before.


Vienici a trovare nel Discord di SteemPostItalia!

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@elear you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Thank you @elear! It is a great achievement for our community! :)

Thank you @elear! This is a great news for us and we're really grateful for your support: we'll keep on doing our best!

You did a beautiful thing for Italian community, thanks for your support @elear!

Yes @Elear !
It's all about helping the community and get a helpful enviroment where everyone collaborates with eachother, after all this is our steemian/utopian community we're talking about, also I'm Italian too lol

Thank you @elear!!!!! :)

Thank you so much @elear!!!
We hope to continue growin’up together with many projects and big ideas!


Thank You very much!
A simple member of @steempostitalia

What you have done is remarkable.

I want to suggest something: Why not create links for delegation so that steemians who do not know how to can easily click the link and it directs them where and how much they can delegate.

@steempostitalia can easily put those links at the bottom of their posts. It will be easier.

take care.


Cool. Have a great day

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Thank so much @elear for your significant contribution!

ThanK You @elear
Yes, we working seriously hard and with alot of QUALITY..
We put so much passion into our post.

Thanks @elear for the delegation. i'm sure it will help a lot this community, i wish God creates more 100 people like you.

grazie @utopian per il tuo sostegno. un saluto @giornalista

Thank you so much @elear!!!

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good initiative for support and delegating steempower to the community. this is very awesome. good job steempostitalia. cheeerrr

Giving is caring, every small community needs love from the house. Thank you for caring enough to delegate to this small group of determined individuals.

Thank you!
I make a resteem.

Let's make Italy great again. Grazie @elear and @xeldal. New governement and new 50k delegation for Italy

Important information, thanks!

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Thank you very much for your support! We are still a small community but we have a lot of projects regarding Steem, we host several great, hard-working users, we publish quality content and we have a lot of dreams for the future :) Steem on!