CREATING DRAFTS - @SteemPeak Highlight #2

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Save and organize your 'work in progress' posts

As many drafts as you want autosaved and organizeable



We created this tool because we believe that most active Steem users already use some external tool to write and store their posts.

  • To plan ahead
  • To save their work
  • Just to be safe
  • Perhaps better formatting options

So as prolific bloggers ourselves we added the 'Drafts' to we also made them auto save to keep our content safe from loss and then added organization for those who are planning out their content in advance.


When you start writing a post, saves your post into DRAFTS automatically. You can start writing another post and it will do the same.
"DRAFTS" - You can find a list of all those unposted blogs in "DRAFTS" which is located in the drop down on the top right.

Drafts Section Layout.png


  • Auto Save = You won't loose your work
  • Multiple Drafts = You can start planning a list of all the posts you hope to write and publish
  • Drafts as Templates = You can save layouts of how your posts are usually laid out
  • Organize Drafts = Tag your upcoming drafts with things like: "Templates, Upcoming, Planned, Scheduled, Ideas, etc"


Drafts are even more powerful combined with SCHEDULING FEATURE
... yep you heard that correctly... you get to set when you want those drafts to be posted.

We will do a seperate post about SCHEDULING feature because it is one of the most unique and requested features on SteemPeak.


As always, we'd love to know what you think and receive your feedback in the comments or on our Discord channel.

Connect with us:
Website -
Discord -
Account - @steempeak

The SteemPeak Team
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I would love to hear stories of how people plan to use these tools. I'm making videos to show off these tools.