5 NEW FEATURES - SteemPeak 1.1 - (Scheduling, Drafts and Bookmarks Organization and Multiple Account Management)

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SteemPeak 1.1

The 5 new @SteemPeak features we think you'll love. Check them out at steempeak.com.

"We want to create a platform that increases your interaction on steem while decreasing your time spent through time saving interface and functions."


Each one of these features warrants an announcement and celebration... we quickly pumped out 5 along with plenty of small upgrades. They should all save you time and improve your experience we hope you like them.

  • SCHEDULING POSTS: useful to schedule your post when you are away or just to be sure to have them online exactly when you want

  • DRAFTS AND BOOKMARKS ORGANIZATION: to help you organize your work in progress posts and to easily find your bookmarks when you need them.

  • ACTIVITIES AND WALLET FILTERS: always find what you are looking for without scrolling through pages of (blockchain) events

  • MULTI-ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: With the click of the button you can be in a second account. (All security is handled through SteemConnect... there is no SteemPeak login.)

  • NIGHT MODE [BETA]: we progressed faster than expected, the BETA version of the night mode is already available. ;)


  • BETTER DESIGN: improved the design and layout on various pages

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS: something we'll be keep improving with each release


As always we love getting your insights as to features you'd love to see. We've proven to be quick on development even as a part time project for all of us. But here is a roadmap we created for the coming weeks:

Roadmap 1.1
Which feature are you looking forward to the most?


We're photographers who met through @photogames.

@asgarth came up with the idea and is the lead developer.
-- He's been a software developer based in Italy working on web applications and enterprise business software since 2006. He started working on SteemPeak as a personal project. He sees SteemPeak as a single entry point for the blockchain and the community around it.

@dmytrokorol is our designer
-- Runs a small but awesome graphic design studio in Ukraine since 2007.
His goal is to design SteemPeak as user-friendly as possible and make mass adoption of steem blockchain easier.

@jarvie is the PR Guy and Tester
-- Full time photographer since 2008 based in the U.S. and has experience working and commissioning new websites.
He has an interest in seeing Steem (site and currency) excel and wants SteemPeak to save him time and also be a place he can send friends.

We all come up with new tools and ideas... We're really excited about some of the ones we have planned even beyond the "Coming Soon" features. Hope you're ready to come along for the ride !!

We'd love to know what you think and receive your feedback in the comments or on our Discord channel.#### Header 4

Connect with us:
Website - https://steempeak.com
Discord - https://discord.gg/Fy3bca5
Account - @steempeak

The SteemPeak Team
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Great features!


Thanks ;)

Great job guys, such great ideas and improvements! I really love the grid, and seeing so many posts at one time.


Thanks Sara ;)

Awesome! Loving how quickly you're updating things. It's already a great user experience.


GREAT? .... Or the Best? haha

You guys been enjoy account switching for @PhotoFeed and making drafts over there and collaborating on the drafts even.

I'd suggest create a draft for every day for the week/month then all you have to do is write your intro and drop in the pictures (or whatever else changes day to day)

But I bet you'd save hours of your life on a monthly basis. haha (I hope)

Better let @cryptoctopus know it'll save him mass time. And that we want his input for when we do AutoVotes next (along with curation trails) That could have a big impact since he's a big proponent.


The best ;)

Yeah, switching accounts is great! And definitely using the draft feature would make sense in the future, I just haven't done much with it yet, mostly out of habit I guess!

I'll let him know! I think he is pretty involved with steemauto.com, so we'll see what he thinks!

Hi guys, great work.
Tried two other interfaces, but this beats them hands down.
I will be using steempeak as of now.
Any plans for mobile app?
Voted and following.
Take care.


Thanks, happy that you like what we've done. For now we are focused on the website and trying to make it responsive so it can be used also on mobile device. We'll start talking about a mobile app later ;)


That's great, look forward to it.
Thanks for responding.


What would you like to see in an app that the mobile version of the website doesn't already have?