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SteemPeak.com Your favorite UI for Steem has consistently been responding to requests and creating new features while we continue to work towards the other BIG features. Right now on our discord we're taking a poll about which "big" feature you're hoping for next.


In the most recent release @asgarth notified us that these were what was updated.



We created the notification system and presently have 4 items notifying perhaps most notably Replies.
You can turn those notifications on and off for all 4 of those items.


This lays the groundwork for getting notifications for lots of other things like:

  • mentions
  • new followers
  • and one day keywords.


We had this for @dtube and @anarcist figured out how to get that working for YOUTUBE and VIMEO

youtube in feed.png


This is just a beginning for search ... while we believe there will continue to be improvements to SEARCH for Steem we have integrated the asksteem.com search for now. We will continue to keep an eye on those doing great things for search. Help us keep an eye out for those focused on making search awesome.



This is a big push towards our goal of making SteemPeak the best place to send your new user friends so they can understand the Steem system easier and without YOU having to personally try to do it.

  • We changed the wording of the tokens in the wallet
  • Added 2 sections that help educate about the Steem economic system.

new wallet layout.png

We are live testing out the wording again and again with new users and people who have never even heard of Steem and getting their feedback each time. We have gone through a lot of editions and will likely keep perfecting it as we learn more about our core audience that we're trying to educate.

Feel free to say if and how it helps you understand the steem economic system better. If you're a long time user these improvements are mostly helpful by helping you can share with your newbie friends and hope they understand quicker. So message us what your new user friends say.


Your vote is NOT worth ZERO as many have been led to believe. (We know.... we've asked them)
It's worth something even if it wasn't quite .01
Now we show your vote to 3 digits so even those with 15sp can see the impact they have.

showing 3 digits.png


We got rid of the $ symbol on the posts because it confused each and every single new user that used Steem (based on our surveys). I myself (@jarvie) consider using the $ symbol not just confusing but more or less a lie even if it was perhaps originally well intentioned with the hope of the $1 SBD peg.

STU?? it is not a great intuitive abbreviation but it seems to be the one mentioned in the Steem whitepaper. We will soon work on explaining what that means to people but at least we're not confusing them expectations that they're earning USD or that number as an equivalent. I wish we had a more intuitive abbreviation that was widely accepted. I would rather go with something like Steem Vote Indicator or something like that. But for now we go with the flow and use STU.

**Do you have a good intuitive definition for what that number means?"
We really need to get a helper definition on that STU...we should have had that up there when we released. Blame me (@jarvie) for not giving the definition to the developers in time. If you have a really short definition we can use when you hover over STU or in the wallet then please share in comments for consideration.


Next step is to show users what the actual rewards estimates they'll be getting in the actual tokens they'll be receiving. At that point we can even let users see the value equivalent of that reward in the currency of their choice (EUR/USD/Steem)

When that happens we think new users will have a real perspective of the reward potential of Steem, something based in reality of actual numbers they can relate to.


We did several updates to continue to make night mode more polished. Thanks to many users who use night mode in all locations on desktop and every mobile device. Continue to send us word if a font or section of night mode can be improved.


We have focused most of our effort on desktop features but continue to make small and consistent improvements to mobile.
Just like night mode we love when mobile users can screenshot and tell us when their device is having issue with the layout.


Bookmarks and draft labels are incredibly useful for power users.*
*Our feature for tagging bookmarks was working but wasn't intuitive enough... intuitve is a huge goal of @steempeak there's enough to learn about for Steem our user interface shouldn't add to the list but solve problems so with that We just made them a bit more intuitive based on some feedback... mostly we added the text instruction.

(Including improvements i'm less familiar with So i'm just gonna copy past the text from @asgarth)

  • 10 Fixed ability to detect image links in post when publishing a post
  • 11 Fixed rendering of html tag
  • 12. Fixed the 'jump in the middle of the post' bug on android
    (please @jpphotography and @revo let us know if this works now)
  • 13. Added an icon to easily check or paste the link of a comment

These are just the changes since July 22!!

And half that time was during a period where @asgarth was camping with his family!

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I'm so glad to have been told about steempeak today. I'm going to be onboarding and training a bunch of new steem writers in the coming weeks/months and will definitely be teaching them on steempeak! Thanks for all you are doing.


They are very lucky to have your assistance - steempeaks will certainly make that learning curve that little bit more gentle too. -- glad to assist such a fine steemian such as yourself, because the ripple of goodwill will travel so far.

Awesome updates and thanks for fixing the mobile layout, you are doing an awesome job!


Your balance is below $0.028. @dustsweeper is now disabled for your account until you transfer new funds. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here: https://steemit.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-faq

@asgarth has some serious superpowers!


Indeed he does!


Hmm, interessanter dan laatst 😂

This account uses TEMPLATES all the time... saves a ton of time!

Really liking steempeak a lot and it makes me wanna be on steemit more, well steempeak anyways. 😃

Love me some steempeak. It's my go-to now.
Is the quill new? (next to OP's name in comments section).


Yeah that isn't new... we just never did a post about it. haha

V0t3d 4nd r35733m3d
3n717y 4ppr3c14735 y0ur w0rk v3ry much

35p3c1411y f0r hum4n5 :)


You're welcome v3ry much

Is there anyway you can prevent the site horizontally scrolling whilst on mobile?


Amazing work guys!

I just found out about Steempeak like a few days ago. Been using it on and off switching with others apps. Been loving it so far though I would love to inform just one small flaw. On the feed / profile, instead of showing the cover photo or the FIRST PHOTO in the post, it randomly shows the video (if there's one in the post).

Anyways, SUPER SUPER great job you all the devs :D <3 Thank you so much for creating this fun and useful platform. I love the look of it sooooo much :)


Thanks ...you are not the first to point this out. Actually we have a poll right now on the Discord channel to define how the cover image should be selected. Feel free to join to give your vote so we can improve this ;)

I posted about steempeak update at 7.30
The NOTIFICATION is great.😍

Hey guys, I have really taken to SteemPeak - loved it so much that I blogged about it the day I discovered it :D. One thing I did notice - which I am copying below from the post:

[when in the 'Write a new post' window] the buttons to load images are located at the top of the editing box and do not float, which means that I need to make sure the cursor is in the right place before engaging with the upload image dialogue, as I cannot see it.

The 'issue' is still the same atm. A suggestion to 'improve' the user experience here would be something like a floating toolbar, or perhaps keyboard shortcuts? Dunno, I'm sure you guys are onto it. I'll certainly be spreading the word in support of this fantastic improvement to the whole experience of interacting with the blockchain.

Many thanks indeed to all (four is it?) of you 🔆 🔆 🔆


Hi @steempeak, @jarvie. Dunno if you saw what I wrote about the 'issue' with uploading images above. I'm using the simple work-around of placing the cursor at the top of the window and then copy/pasting them into place - it came to me eventually in all its simplicity lol!!! I also noticed that I can upload multiple images at a time - this is a great improvement for me :D. Thanks again guys!

This goes from strength to strength. Amazing work to the team involved.

I am using the site more and more and liking it a whole lot. This is bound to become a sensation! One thing though, is it just me or does my feed look different from the one I see on steemit - the accounts I have muted, still show up on steempeaks.


Thanks @trumanity, can you share with me one of the account that you have muted and a sample of your feed with this problem? If you want you can also PM on Discord ;)


Hi @asgarth - tks for responding - I didn't think it's a major thing but maybe something that might be going unnoticed.. It is actually 'trending' not 'feed' that is the issue. I found this out while testing the favorite topics feature - I found that muted accounts would show up when I select my favorite topic.

I made some screenshots to demo this situation - I will find you in discord and dm you with them.

Account is shown as muted on steemit - it doesn't appear muted on steempeaks. I mute the account on steempeaks - it will show muted - but the trending page still shows the accounts post (on steemit, it doesn't show up). A refresh of the steempeaks account profile of 'muted account' will return the button to showing 'mute' i.e. as though the account is NOT muted - a refresh of the page also returns to a status of 'not muted'.


Thank you so much for telling me about them!


Same for me. Even if I mute users again on Steempeak, their posts are shown.