Steem Monsters Fire Beetle Fantasy Story Contest Winners!

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Steem Monsters Fire Beetle Fantasy Story Contest Winners!

Last week we started our first Individual Card Fantasy Story Contest!

The winner's story will become the official story in the game and on the website!

The winner will receive 5 Booster packs and the 5 runner ups will each receive 1 Booster pack!

Fire Beetle Fantasy Story Winner!

Burning Land (Fantasy) by @foxfiction

Congrats @foxfiction!

Fire Beetle Fantasy Story Runner Ups!

Origin of the Fire Beetle - A Steem Monsters Story by @chrisroberts

Week 1 The Legend Of The Fire Beetle
by @bamboozled

Firebugs by @torico

Fire Beetle Story. Week 1 Entry. Chapter two of my Ballad of the Spark Series by @swolesome

Enkidu the Fire Beetle - Steem Monsters Card Story Contest Entry for Week 1
by @blockurator

I want to thank everyone who submitted a story. All the stories were fantastic and it was quite difficult to choose the winners!

I'll be posting the next Individual Card Fantasy Story Contest Submission post later today!

Thank You for your continued support!


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Congrats @foxfiction! It was a good read, and well-deserved victory. I hope you are lucky with the card packs you get, and get a Legendary ;)

Congratulations, @FoxFiction! Great story. Also, congrats to each of the runner ups.


I really liked your story!

Yeah! Thanks for the encouragement and congratulations to @foxfiction!
May he be rewarded with legendary monsters!

This makes me want to buy more fire beetles 😂😂😂


Me too!

What a great notice, congrats!

Congrats to the winners of this author contest!

Reading all stories now...

Is there something that you're looking for in ORIGIN? (I can't play if I don't understand how to win.)

Are these meant to help the teams that are now forming for the splinters?

Great start!

Can't wait to see what's next!

its a great stroy

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Thanks so much - awesome to have won and that this piece is now steemmonsters canon. 👍👍

Congratulations to the winner

Esto es bueno @steemmonsters, motiva a las personas a participar, te felicito, gracias por compartir!!!