What I Want To See Steem Monsters Become

in steemmonsters •  7 months ago

So I'm a giant nerd who loves card games. I want to see Steem Monsters become that, a card GAME. I don't want to see this become one of those cash grabs, where you pay all this money just to collect cards. Look at what Hearthstone, and MTG have done with there game (not saying to copy those same mechanics). They made good card games that you don't just collect card from, but you play a game with the cards. From what I've seen you already have the start of a good fan base. I'm very excited for this game, and can't wait to see where you guys go with it... No really I can't wait.... Where are the tournaments...

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Are you inventing Steem Monsters? Sounds neat.


No it's a game that's already out there, and it has potential to be a really cool game. It's just not quite there. They have the card buying and trading system in place, but no real play system yet. Like you can have all the cards, but you have nothing to do with them other then to just level up with duplicate cards, and once they are max level you can just look at them nothing to do after that. you can try to sell them to other players, but I want to see the playing mechanics, and how the game will really work.

Link to steem monsters: https://steemmonsters.com/#
Link to their Steemit profile: https://steemit.com/@steemmonsters

If you really love the card games and especially @steemmonsters, you should know that I'm giving away my entire collection for free! Don't miss it! I have many rares, one double epic and one legendary! Feel free to participate!


I checked it out. I'm definitely interested. Would I be able to use this post, and just edit the description to mention you and the giveaway, or do I have to do a new post. Personally don't plan on doing a lot of steem monsters post on my page since that's not what I want to focus on.


I was not very clear about this but you'll need a new post!

Hi there! The Battles start roughly in September, tournaments will have a 1K rewards pool-prizes and hopefully will happen weekly! :-) Come visit the Steem Monsters Discord! https://discord.gg/G2RtTSj


That's awesome I cant wait to see the game play. Do you know if you can only play tournaments, or will you be able to just play with your friends whenever.

I really hope it gets proper gameplay. I hope they hire some mtg veterans to design it.

I have to sub to a fellow nerd and you are right gameplay is where matters