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You all loved my idea but let's be real: none of you actually thought I could pull it off. Well guess what buckaroos, I did the unthinkable: I found someone willing to be the whale. But we'll get to that in a second.

For those of you who didn't read my last post, let me give you the summarized version so you know what I'm talking about:

The problems

  1. Minnows don't make any money from their posts
  2. Minnows get no exposure for their posts
  3. There is no incentive for high SP accounts not to rape the reward pool
  4. Steemit is flooded with unedited, low quality content
  5. New users leave quickly once they realize that paid upvotes are the only way to reliably make money and get exposure

These are all problems that everyone has acknowledged.

The solution(s)

  1. A new account is created whose purpose is specifically to pay minnows in SBD for contributing content
  2. Agreements are reached with high SP accounts to upvote every single post on the account (similar to the @haejin - @ranchorelaxo arrangement)
  3. Rewards are split between the writer, the whale and the posting account

If you want to read the full post, you can find it here.

While I haven't been able to get the exact solution I was looking for, I got something that is close enough to get this party started. It requires a bit of explanation, so buckle your seatbelt and get ready for another ride on the @YallaPapi Hype Train.

Choo Chooooooooooo

I won't lie, after making my last post, even I had doubts that I'd be able to pull it off. But you'd be surprised how motivated you are to follow through when you publicly announce you're going to do something.

So I figured I would at least start at the basics and send messages to a bunch of whales and explain my project. I probably sent ~100 messages to the top whales as ranked on SteemWhales. Guess how many responses?


Okay, no problem. They're not the only game in town.

Of course, it would have been nice to have a partner with a money-printing machine. Unfortunately, I haven't been around long enough to meet anyone who owns one. Other than a few interactions with @haejin in the comments section of some of my previous posts (and a few spirited "discussions" with @berniesanders), I don't think I've had contact with any whales. Maybe some of them are moonlighting in my Discord chat, but somehow I doubt it.

Anyway, those of you who have been following me for a while know that I do marketing for ICOs and blockchain startups. This blog started as a place for me to rewrite crypto news articles that I could show to clients as a way to let them know that I was familiar with the industry.

After doing this kind of work for a few months, you meet a lot of people. Some of them have a massive reach with lots of resources at their disposal. When I realized that the whales I contacted weren't going to write me back, I decided to see if some of my other contacts would be interested in my proposition.

I didn't have to look very far.

One of the people I contacted is very well-established in the ICO market. The guy has been on a guest on CBNC, flies around the world doing important things, and knows all the people who are worth knowing.

I assumed that he didn't know all the inner workings of Steemit, upvotes, SP etc so I sent him a long email explaining how it all works and my plan for using it to create a profitable business. Took him five minutes to reply with, and I quote: "I'm definitely in. Let's run with it."

I'll keep his identity private for now, but if the rest of the plan comes to fruition then you'll be seeing his name everywhere, believe me.

I won't bother pasting my email to him as it's 1400 words, but here's the gist of it:

  1. We create our own online cryptocurrency publication on Steemit
  2. We hire writers from Steemit and pay them either a flat fee or a % in the SBD payout after 7 days
  3. We brand the account under a new digital agency that represents blockchain startups and ICOs
  4. We use the account to create high quality content like you would see on Coindesk, CCN, etc.
  5. The account is used as a selling tool for potential clients and a way to attract new clients
  6. Instead of buying Steem, we lease the SP from MinnowBooster and use it to fund the account via upvotes
  7. A portion goes to him for funding the deal and supplying the infrastructure, a portion goes to me for putting it all together, and a portion goes to the content-creators for doing the actual work

The benefit to all parties is pretty clear here. He makes money and helps his clients, I make money and build out my brand, and Steemit users make money by getting paid to write articles.

It's all about the Satoshis, baby

In order for this to be profitable, we will be posting 10 articles per day from the account and upvoting all of them with the leased SP. That means 300 additional payouts to professional writers for contributing high quality content that passes through an editor before it hits the presses.

We are effectively turning Steemit into a professional online publication.

The plan is to do this for 4 weeks and then reevaluate. If it goes well, it will be an ongoing thing. If it goes extremely well, then we will replicate it in other niches.

Theoretically, with several of these "magazines" in place, we could give Steemit a much needed facelift and give the reward pool a more even distribution. Instead of Steemit being flooded with low effort, unedited garbage posts, it will suddenly be dominated by professionally written, edited and formatted articles.

My partner already offers a service to his clients that writes and places articles on cryptocurrency news sites. Part of the reason he agreed to the deal is that he is already producing too many articles and needs somewhere to place them. So in the beginning, not ALL of the work will go to Steemit users.

Especially for this 4 week trial run, we want to be able to control as many of the variables as possible. We've never contracted any work out to anyone on Steemit. We don't know how long they will take to deliver, if they're flaky, if they can produce the volume they say they will, etc. My partner already has a team of writers that is producing work as well as an editor that makes sure they're magazine-quality.

That said, I've managed to convince him to hire some Steemit authors for the trial. So we'll ideally be employing anywhere from 5-10 authors from this site to produce 5-15 articles EACH in the span of 28 days. It might be more and it might be less. Depends on who is interested and how much they can produce.

Unlike the other #sharkschool initiatives, these are open to everyone.

I feel I should point out that while I'd love to help poor people living in Venezuela improve their living situation, this is a business first and foremost. We have to pay to lease our SP. So unless you can reliably submit 300-500 word cryptocurrency articles with excellent spelling, grammar and spacing, this first run is not for you.

And even if you can write, you're going to need to write at a high enough volume to keep up. All you're doing is rewriting news articles and making press releases for clients. It's not that hard. I can write 10 articles like this a day if I want.

I know most of you are probably not professional writers. But you have to understand that this little trial run is going to cost us a lot of money and we want to recoup our investment with some left over for us as well.

We are giving a few of you the opportunity to get involved in this, but because of the comparably high rewards compared to 99% of the posts on this platform, the standards for being accepted are high as well.

If you want to be involved, I want you to pitch me on why you're one of the ones I should pick.

You can make a post and tag me, send me a 0.001 memo with the link, send me a message on Discord, email me... whatever. I don't care.

The requirements:

  • Interest/understanding in cryptocurrency
  • Able to write 300-500 word articles
  • Have good spelling and grammar
  • Show me samples. Doesn't have to be crypto.
  • Can produce at least ten articles per month. Preference given to those who can handle higher volume.

Don't fucking outsource this to your Nigerian writing farm either. If I wanted an agency I would hire an agency. I am looking for Steemit users who want to make money writing high quality content for the platform.

The #YallaPapi Epoch

Honestly, I don't have to hire any of you.

Those posts that I made about encouraging people to step their game up? I wrote them because I stood to directly benefit from the initiatives inside. I gained followers from each post. I grew my Discord. And I further cemented my reputation on this platform as someone who is smart, ambitious and gets shit done.

Do I really want to help any of you? Like, do I care about your personal lives or how you pay your rent every month? Not really.

But I see that there is potential to turn this platform into a place where people are essentially paid to contribute high quality content to a series of online publications. And by doing all the work, contacting investors, hiring writers and all that other boring stuff, I get to be the one in charge.

Maybe for some reason you DON'T think that's a great idea. I know I have some haters out there. Strangely enough you were very quiet on my last post. Maybe because you realized my plan was solid. And let's face it - did you even expect me to get this far?

Well guess what? We're here now and this shit is happening.

Soon, I will pay people to write articles on Steemit. They'll be paid in SBD that they can use for whatever they want. Isn't that what this platform was designed for in the first place?

If this goes according to plan, then there is literally work for hundreds if not thousands of you. Here are some other potential niches that are on the table:

  • Finance
  • Dating
  • Fitness
  • Celebrities
  • Employment
  • Networking
  • Food
  • Travel

You get the idea.

Every silver lining has a cloud

I'm very excited for this and the rest of you should be as well.

But do you know what I'm worried about? I'm worried that you won't know what to do now that you've gotten what you've asked for. Where will you direct your aggression now that there is a clear, realistic plan for you to make money by using this platform that DOESN'T depend on 6 months of kowtowing to the right people or random @curie upvotes?

If this lease is approved, then you all really WILL be able to make money by contributing to the platform.

Will you be able to write about whatever you want? No.

Will you be able to write whenever you feel like it? No.

Will you be able to submit your flabby posts and make money because you made the right friends? No.

This is an ongoing freelance gig for the right people. Let me come right out and say it: that isn't most of you. Most of you are bad writers. Why do you think I started #sharkschool? Because I like you? No. Because most of the content on here has no direction and is laughably bad.

I'm sorry if that offends any of you, but let's call it what it is. You sit down and write about god knows what, add a couple pictures and click publish. You don't proofread it. You don't edit it. Most of the stuff on here would never be accepted anywhere - and you expect to get rewarded for it? Please.

If you want this place to be anything other than a money-printing machine for 200 people, then that needs to change.

Love me or hate me, I am giving you what you have been clamoring for this entire time: a chance to make reliable income by submitting your content to this site. This is the beginning of an opportunity for massive exposure and to be part of something that can eventually replace your full time job.

Those of you who were here before me, who paid in sweat equity to network, comment and engage with other users, I respect your effort. But there is working hard and there is working smart. With the system weighted so heavily in the favor of the 1%, you are relying on the goodwill and generosity of mostly-inactive members to spend their valuable time reading and upvoting your posts.

Why would they waste all the time necessary to do that when it's so much easier to just delegate their SP to a bidbot or a program like @minnowbooster and make a passive income for doing literally nothing?

They wouldn't. And they don't.

And that's why this place looks the way it does today.

The vast majority of posts on here go unread, getting only low-effort shit comments from bots, phishers and people living in $1/day countries who actually seem to think that begging for upvotes will get them somewhere.

What about the people who DO get exposure? You know - the ones whose names you recognize? Aside from the lucky few that were in the right place at the right time and now control high SP accounts, the rest of us spend massive amounts of money to upvote our posts. I spent $300 SBD to upvote my last post and will probably spend the same on this one.

That's $900 USD. Nine hundred fucking dollars to upvote a goddamn post about soliciting less than 200 high SP account holders - all with the purpose of getting enough popular opinion on my side to launch the project WITHOUT being overrun by haters who don't like me - just because I ask them that we all do the unthinkable: take responsibility for our lives.

Did anyone come to me and offer me this deal? Did someone tell me, "Hey @YallaPapi, you should like, lease out a million Steem Power for a few weeks and use it to pay Steemit users to write articles for a new business."


Did an investor come to me and say, "Hey, do you have any new business ideas I can invest in that are blockchain-related?"


Did anyone force me to sit at my computer for the past three months and write more than most of you have written in your entire lives?


Maybe you look at me and you think, "Wow, I could never do that."

But what did I really do? I wrote a few posts and sent a few emails.

Yeah, I had some money, but so what? Am I spending my own money to get this online publication started? Nope. But I proposed an intelligent deal to the right person and they jumped at the chance to be involved.

Nothing is stopping you from doing the same thing.

Normally in my posts I would emphasize the previous sentence with harsh language and a patronizing tone, but I say the following as one human being to another:

All of you are limited only by your own creativity. You can all design solutions like this on your own. Not just on Steemit, but in every area of your life.

You can live on a beach in Southeast Asia and work from your laptop. You can get famous on YouTube or Instagram. You can create a company that generates millions of dollars a year.

Take the neck pill so you can handle the crown

Honestly, none of you should want to write for this publication that I'm starting.

In a perfect world, I wouldn't hire any of you. You'd be such big thinkers that you'd all be working on your own projects.

You'd be too busy pitching deals and managing your own people that you wouldn't even CONSIDER writing for me except as a way to promote your own project.

I realize that's not the case. Is it your fault? Who cares.

Because the reality is that starting right now, right this second, before you even finish this post, you can choose to take your life into your own hands and design it any way you want.

Don't get me wrong. If you're up to the task and can produce quality, I'd love to hire you to write.

But I'd rather you come to me and tell me that you want to be in charge of the Steemit Health And Fitness Magazine that I'll start once the crypto one is stabilized.

I want you to tell me how you're going to handle finding the writers, make advertising deals with supplement companies, reach out to Instagram Influencers in the fitness niche, and all the other ways you can help both of us make lots of money. Writers are a dime a dozen.

If, for some reason, you don't want that for yourself and just want to keep it simple, alright. No problem. Do your thing.

But you have to understand that the lower you are on the totem pole, the less control you have. You don't get to choose what you write about. You don't get to make deals with anyone. You don't get to utilize anyone else's brainpower and time to put money in your pocket. You have to do all the work yourself.

The less control you have, the more easily you can be replaced. Writers are commodities these days. I can go on Upwork right now and hire 20 writers with full portfolios for less than it would cost to hire people from Steemit. And they're reliable with a proven reputation.

But what will that do for me? Yes, I do want to make money. For sure that's my main priority.

But I also want to build goodwill on here because I know that if you all like the direction I'm taking the platform, if I am directly responsible for putting money in your pocket, if I am creating an ecosystem that gives Steemit a reputation as a place where people can reliably make money AND go to consume excellent content, then every move I make in the future will be met with less and less friction.

Welcome to Vault 13

Regardless of what you think of me or my plan, I'm sure you'll agree that it's clear that we've been left to fend for ourselves. This place isn't capitalism - it's anarchy. There are no devs to update us, there is no executive team to guide us. It's the nuclear apocalypse over here baby.

The only difference is that instead of killing and pillaging each other, the system is designed so that the only way to earn significant rewards is by creating programs that benefit the majority of users. All the bidbots, @minnowbooster, @curie, @adsactly, @smartmarket, @dtube et al... all huge initiatives that distribute rewards to lesser-known users and put mega bucks in the pockets of the users who run them.

Anyway... this is too long, even for one of my posts. I'm going to create the account soon and put a request for a 500k - 1M lease for 4 weeks at 400 SP per Steem. That's the best rate that MinnowBooster allows on their order form.

If you know anyone who is leasing SP and you want to see this happen, then I encourage you to express that in a comment.

And if that doesn't work? Don't worry, I have more tricks up my sleeve.

Do you or someone you know want to be a crypto writer?

Tell me why in a comment!

Want more #sharkschool?

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Can't believe I have to hijack my own top comment to address this, but here we are.

A certain well-known Steemit user flagged my posts with a few of his accounts. Instead of communicating in the comments section or reaching out directly, he chose to take money out of my pocket.

I'll make it simple for you people: I am creating this program to make money.

Yes, it has the peripheral benefits of 1) improving the content on this site, 2) distributing the reward pool more evenly, and 3) paying users a respectable amount of money for their contribution.

But I designed it like this to gain popular support AND to provide a longterm solution to problems that are not going to be solved by technical changes any time soon, if ever.

I'm doing this for money just like the rest of you.

I'm just smart enough to know that if I figure out a way to make money that also helps you make money, then you'll help me put it into action.

If this program is not profitable, then there will be no program.

Do you want it to happen? Great. Then you need to communicate that to @berniesanders.

My stance is clear. I've laid it out in two long posts that explain exactly what I'm going to do, how I'm going to do it and the motivations behind everything. If you agree with me, then it's time for you to step up and make your voice heard.

If you don't speak up for yourselves and these posts keep getting flagged, then there will be no program. You will all keep the system the way it is. Nobody will read your posts. You won't make any money and you'll all just stay as frustrated as you are now.

Meanwhile, witnesses and whales will keep making lots of money and the gap between you will widen every day. Initiatives like mine are the only chance you have of making reliable money on here by creating content.

Maybe you want to negotiate, @berniesanders? Make an agreement? Give some input on the program? Suggestions? Talk like two adults instead of just trying to impose your will? Up to you. You know how to find me. I'm all ears.


he chose to take money out of my pocket.

It's not your money until payout.


Um, if I paid for upvotes to boost my post, then it is my money.


If you buy votes you need understand that you can loose money.
It is Potential payout.

The dollar amounts next to posts and comments are estimates of the potential payout that will occur when the payout period ends, based on the current voting activity and price of STEEM. These potential payout amounts may fluctuate up or down until the payout period ends.


Dude.. if I pay for a certain number of upvotes, and someone takes away some of the reward with flags, then they are taking money from me. Or anyone else for that matter. Making a profit from the bots is a toss up now anyway with the limits on ROI. Do you not understand this?

  1. Reward pool is limited. There is only 48,029.695 STEEM created (source)
  2. Main reason for flags is "Disagreement on rewards".
  3. No one forced you to buy upvotes. It was your decision.
  4. Bernie was one of first miners and he has huge amount of SP, so he has right to do anything with his stake.

There is a comment section where people can air their disagreements. For example you and I disagree on several points, but I am not flagging your comments.

Disagreement on rewards? Of what, a post that proposes a solution that will employ steemit users? Yes what a terrible way for someone to get rewarded. Better upvote your own two line posts about how people should go watch some comedy videos. Yes that’s extremely valuable.

Good for him for being one of the first miners. So he set up a computer and let it run a program before anyone else. Wow what a contribution to society.

I agree what’s his is his and he can do with it what he wants. But the guy is a toxic human being and obviously enjoys throwing his weight around. Hey what can I do about it though? Nothing I guess. So what does it matter?


I’m working on bots this weekend that should be up n running in a few days. DM on sharkschool discord amd we can chat about how to prime them. I’ll possibly be a bit slow to respond because — I’m coding bots.


witnesses will keep making lots of money

It's not true that all witnesses get lots of money. Only first ~75 get enough to cover server costs.
I'm at 140 and I lost lots of money every month.


unfortunatley trolls tont respond to logic. he supposed to b downvoting posts that as shitty but he just down-votes whatever. i've had so many run in with him and is trail its really irritating. they attack other users knowing most of the folks they attack are helpless to do anything about it.

but aside from that I am really interested in becoming a part of this project and contributing to the content on the site you are creating. this opportunity would really help inform me on how i can go about building my own online news network. i cant afford to do much right now but i can surely write up to 10 posts a day on ANY topic imaginable.

lets keep on doing what we can to earn money regardless of the actions of bullies like Bernie.


I don't know enough yet about Steemit, how things work here, the supposed hierarchy or what have you. However, I can say with absolute certainty and the weight of history behind me the "powers that be" have always been nervous or frightened of those that threaten to disrupt or re-balance their current power base or structure.

If you're getting responses like that from some of the "higher-ups" here, @yallapapi, then I say it's just a good sign that you're doing something right. So keep on keeping on, man!


well if you don't know what are you on about, go read, figure it out, then come show us a picture or something, it's a public transparent blockchain, it's all a big mess and bernie is one of the first ones to do whatever he likes, most people have tried talking with him, myself included I'm not gonna proofread and edit my comments with links then upvote with bots so i get a payout for it, I do it for myself when I feel like it and all my posts are awesome :)

That was for @yallapapi, call me a hater, I'm split on weather you are a total douche or a minor one, probably the haters blew you off for your bullshit like they did with haejin, if you get into a coalition you might make whatever you like and bernie bernie ...

I don't have time to waste reading your posts that take 3-4-5 hours to write at the least (I know because I've wrote some myself and you are probably better at it than me) I'd rather spend my time with the 0... payout people that aren't possibly douches like well all of the above mentioned :D

I gotta say out of the bunch I prefer you @yallapapi, you have some direction, sadly I'm not convinced marketing is a great thing so I don't like it, there are better people around and well beats me why I read anything trending here than waste my time explaining for people to read and why it's better to have a head on your shoulders and direct yourself than go wherever the current takes you,

I think we have a lot in common :D I just don't like marketing platforms, would what you describe be good for the platform, yeah on your biased world-view, that's the mainstream adoption everyone has been crying for :(

as you can see I can't stop typing so I will :D

in conclusion, yeah a flag from berine is the award you get, its' a distributed-decentralised-centralised platform, the technology is efficient and distributed, the people are decentralised and looking for something and the power is centralised(how it's managed and directed is another topic) at least it's not directed and managed in a totalitarian way, it's pretty close tho, I'd call this place a meritocracy, cheers @oleblueeye

You can always hijack comments here which is awesome :) I hate it when I go back to a post 3 months ago and can't upvote, at least I can comment whenever and wherever

Good luck yallapapi, I gotta say most of what you are doing has been done and I'm not sure it's gotten any better, still I applaud your commitment, now that's enough traffic from me to your post.


This post has received a 19.51 % upvote from @boomerang.


Hey, where can I find your email adress?


it is hard to fight the mob family when we are just foot soldiers under the mob bosses. we have to nickle and dime them until we get noticed...I like your idea. I am behind you.


Damn bruh I didn't know Boomerang upvotes comments


thats why its a boomerang


You got a 25.00% upvote from @brandonfrye courtesy of @doctorspence!

Want to promote your posts too? Send a minimum of .10 SBD or Steem to @brandonfrye with link in the memo for an upvote on your post. You can also delegate to our service for daily passive earnings which helps to support the @minnowfund initiative. Learn more here


This may sound like a silly question but there is no way for me to learn if I don't ask the questions that I don't understand. It is only my second day on steemit and I am still trying to figure everything else. How do you hijack the top comment? I upvoted your article as well as your comment. I'm guessing that it must have something to do with buying votes for the comment because it would make sense that the top comments are the highest voted. That's just my guess based on what makes sense to me.


Jesus christ, why did @bernie flag you? This is utterly ridiculous... Why?

I would potentially be interested in trying this program, feel quite discouraged by the normal "status quo" around here right now...

Yes, you are right. I never thought you will come this very far just from the last post you made. I am excited to see what would be the result of this experiment you want to make. Hoping it will become the problem to our long solution on Steemit. Great long post @yallapapi

thanks for helping minnows @yallapapi, you're a good example to all steemit users, i wish you success on publication covering cryptocurrencies, and success in sharkschool. This will not only for the benefit of minnows but it also endorses tokens that have great impact to our society. :)


@cortexx. Am glad you're commending @yallapapi's effort. I believe you are also contributing this positive in the platform. My question is: with the increasing population, how does creativity and originality of newbies come to limelight?

if you spend too much time it's because your a friggin genius @yallapapi and you love it:)) and we love it!

Thought I would jump in and ask a few questions that I don't think was covered in the post.

1- Do you plan on using this as a funnel to find cheap writers for self publishing as you said you were planning to do a few posts back?

2- I am assuming for this to work, the writers you will be auditioning will need to submit the work to you outside of Steemit, and if chosen will get published under your brand?

3- If the answer above is yes, will the writers get credit for writing it on the post, or will it be like a ghostwriter who forfeits the recognition?

4- If you are using this to funnel writers into your self publishing idea you proposed not so long ago, do you plan on investigating the many changes in self publishing that have occurred since your last stab at it?

I will be curious to see how this turns out. I found your YouTube videos from a couple of years ago, and will be curious if you can pull this off while maintaining your dream to never work full time again. If you think sub par work exists in social media such as this (probably because it is social media), just wait until you are relying on many tasks to get done by other people.


Do you plan on using this as a funnel to find cheap writers for self publishing as you said you were planning to do a few posts back?

This project has priority over the last one as it is easier to manage and produces more profit in a smaller amount of time with less work.

2- I am assuming for this to work, the writers you will be auditioning will need to submit the work to you outside of Steemit, and if chosen will get published under your brand?

3- If the answer above is yes, will the writers get credit for writing it on the post, or will it be like a ghostwriter who forfeits the recognition

Writers will get credit and a link to their own blog, similar to guest bloggers or journalists. Can also link to their social media or somewhere else.

I will be curious to see how this turns out. I found your YouTube videos from a couple of years ago, and will be curious if you can pull this off while maintaining your dream to never work full time again. If you think sub par work exists in social media such as this (probably because it is social media), just wait until you are relying on many tasks to get done by other people

Argh... I knew those would come back to bite me. The truth is that I have worked a lot since then. No acting or modeling for me. I was tempted to delete those videos, but decided to keep them as a reminder of a time when I was a loser.


check out @adsactly and lolz I don't have time to watch, but I gotta say I did make 1 video mocking youtube culture, never uploaded it, it's strange but the social-media difficulty gets bumped up every 3 years, now it's a non-delete place :D

Anyways, left you a comment above, feel free to read it if you wish, I've learned some neat tricks from you, probably won't use them the same way, my efficiency sucks tho, I've been focusing on climbing the ladder while trying to tend to the garden as well and while at it why not wrangle some clouds...

good luck, when you get fags from @ned you can complain, bernie is supposed to be a free man out to be his own man, I've given up on caring since the last time I started being interested in the politics of this place drove me to the edge of the cliff and I took a step back :D


What about the copyright? Would it be you who had it?

I want to contribute through my writing. My reason for being a writer for your program is due to my love for Steemit, but I love the education that I have been undergoing about cryptocurrencies since December. I am addicted to learning more about this technology. Studying cryptocurrencies is the reason I have been able to pay for my university fees. I want to write for you, because I've never enjoyed payments the way I do in the decentralized arena. I also have a love for writing. I don't love it as much as I love music, but sometimes silence is perfect in its golden state. As a result writing is something I get inspired to do, especially for the decentralized community. It makes me feel invisible to generate cashflow that the government knows nothing about. I am in the process of finishing my piece for 'The Kingmaker Writing Contest', thus I am even more inspired to apply for this...well I can't call it a job. It's industrialist who have designed that slave-ship. After reading your post I feel like what you're offering is new. So I want apply, because I want to be a part of the new world. I also like your style. You just don't give a nutsack homie. The alter-ego of my dreams. I also believe in what you're opting for. High quality. There's nothing worse than smoking brown that was once green. I will email you a sample of my work. Thank you for this @yallapapi..

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Nice .. Nice work, thanks for the info
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing, for more creativity

This is an solid idea and something I was thinking about before but never actually got to do it. The idea of having steemit "newspapers" for each niche, making HQ posts + supporting steemians who make them is definitely someting the ecosystem needs.

Have you thought about giving other steemians who don't write a chance to delegate sp and split the profits? Something like bidbots do.


No I haven't. No idea how to do that.

I was just thinking of leasing the SP because it's fast and easy as long as you find a seller. I didn't want to ask for a delegation because I don't like asking for anything.

Also I would need to do the math on splitting the profits to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Where can I go to learn more about delegations etc?

Also do you think it's possible to get 500k - 1M for a delegation?


I'm not sure that you will be able to get that much sp from minnowbooster tbh. Also it could be unprofitable.

You should try to find a whale and get a better, more sustainable deal (try getting a hold of @yabapmatt and asking him where he got the shit ton of SP for his bot)

As for asking for delegations you could just figure out how much you can afford to give back to the delegators, make a post about it and present them a nice ROI, boost it and see the SP rushing in :)


check out blocktrades, rates are different everywhere, heeey why am i helping you, 500k per consultation I accept steem as well

you people are so funny, jerry, me in that sense as well

well gave you enough hints, have fun

Not gonna lie...all I got from this is...
We'll be spamming steemit with 10 posts a day


spamming steemit with 10 posts a day written by Steemit users and upvoted with a high SP account that pays them more than $0.01 for their contribution without having to rely on a curation circle-jerk



Now I can get on board with this


that's what everyone is gonna see in this!

Fuck a whale @yallapapi don't needem

This is truly an amazing initiative I cannot wait to follow this from the start and see where it goes. I’m rooting for you for sure, there are lots of amazing writers that will be able to create create content and be rewarded for it from this project. Steam it is such an exciting platform or such things like this could start from nowhere and become huge. You have my support 100%.


i am a new person brother..please vote me

Great Article @yallapapi

I'm giving you my Respect for this Initiative, this will help many people on the platform.

Need to add though, never ever in my Life I would write for you! That is the same Shit like a regular Job, no thanks :P

Oh and yes btw, I'm that guy who works from the beach with his Laptop XD

Resteemed so you can feel better about yourself ;)

Yalla - great content as always!

Love the idea and would love to support in any way I can. Probably not looking to contribute articles, as I have a full time job already - but I will be happy to help upvote the articles that comes from this project.

Good work and thank you for helping Steemit get better.

Perhaps you should try and start advocating to become a witness.


i am a new person brother..please vote and follow me


You should probably read some of his articles before you waste your time with comments like this.

best of luck. i hope you will be successful

Don't fucking outsource this to your Nigerian writing farm either

I'd need some clarification on this.


He doesn't want the producers he is going to hire to act as "middle men"...

But it is written in a borderline "racist" way because it is @yallapapi and he probably wants to trigger people under influence of "politically correct groupthink", he is obviously not a real racist (I think), he could have put any country in the third-world in there.

But I think he choose Nigeria because many Nigerians speak and write flawless English, and many are probably looking for these types of "micro-jobs"/jobs making it a great place to run a "farm", (not a real farm, but a kind of sweatshoppy-internet-café where a whole bunch of people are pushing out low-level content or clicking "like" or "upvote" as a kind of job/on demand etc)...


Calling someone Nigerian is not racist if they are actually Nigerian.

Second, there are writing farms that outsource very cheap labor and sell it under an agency banner. They are not unique to Nigeria. I could have said Indian, Pakistani, Mongolian, whatever.

Nigerians just sounded funnier to me because they have a rep for being scammers.

I’ve met a few in real life and they’re nice enough. Plus from what I understand they have a reputation for being the hustlers of Africa. In a good way.

No offense intended to any actual Nigerians.


I totally understand what you mean, Americans have a reputation here too. I have no intentions of defending my people even though I know a few people who will give Abraham Lincoln a run for his title.


I love to look at it your way. No hard feelings tho


@tudors @friendly-fenix It has nothing to do with race, Nigeria has all races living there. He used Nigeria as reference because people actually are willing to work there for much cheaper than most other places, while still being able to speak/write English language.


I'm almost offended by the statement though.


Don't feed the troll! =)


offcourse,thanx friend


i am a new person brother..please vote and follow me


Hello @doctorspence!
Yeah as I wrote in my response...
(I almost got suckered into working at a "like-farm" once so I know), lol...


@friendly-fenix @doctorspence ever been to Nigeria?

I think you seriously overestimate the amount of steem power you can lease from minnowbooster, at a good rate, in order to make the upvotes worthwhile. Not to mention minnowbooster gets a 10% cut from every transaction. If you and your investor are serious about this, I recommend making a large STEEM purchase and maybe lease something on the side. It may be painful to purchase that much STEEM, but it will pay for itself, in time.


You got a 13.72% upvote from @slimwhale courtesy of @prometheus21!

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Yeah I’ve thought about that as well. Maybe we can find a private seller or solicit an official delegation somehow. We’ll see.


There are some whales delegating SP on minnowbooster. Perhaps you could contact them directly and come to an agreement. You could arrange for the lease to be paid on a weekly basis, in order to avoid fraud.

Duh! @adsactly do this already, so where's your originality? Oh, wait your plan is to dominate the trending with 10 posts per day. lol

I'd like to see you get that one past the thought police.

@berniesanders will be all over your arse, fighting this scheme and rightly so.

And I hope you've done the math on that million SP purchase. It'll cost more than you think.

GL and I'll be interested to see how the shit storm plays out on this one.


there’s already a company that makes T-shirts

Bro did you even read the article?

If people want to fight something that helps distribute the reward pool and pays users more than $0.01 for their contribution, go for it.

You should probably read the entire thing and the post before it before attacking the plan.


Bro, did you even read my comment?

Is it possible it's just a crap plan? Don't make me read it again. Pleasssssse Nooooooooo!

Oh and I like this

And even if you can write, you're going to need to write at a high enough volume to keep up. All you're doing is rewriting news articles and making press releases for clients. It's not that hard. I can write 10 articles like this a day if I want.

Of course, you can write 10 articles a day, so why don't you?

My point was @adsactly are already a small publishing community, and following the @haejin/whale route won't find you the upvote love you're looking for.

If you're so defensive with such a tame comment, how are you going to handle the community backlash when the shit hits the fan.

As I've said before GL but this plan still needs a little work.

Think of your prospective clients and what they'll think if their posts get the same type of negative attention as @haejin enjoys.


Of course, you can write 10 articles a day, so why don't you?

Because I have better things to do. And that’s not the point of what I’m doing.

My point was @adsactly are already a small publishing community, and following the @haejin/whale route won't find you the upvote love you're looking for.

Oh I’m sorry I was aware you were a mind reader who can tell the future and also speaks for all of steemit. My bad.

If you're so defensive with such a tame comment, how are you going to handle the community backlash when the shit hits the fan.

Your comment was just a straw man and didn’t address several of the details that make the plan unique. I didn’t feel like answering it in depth as I’ve already written 6k words that address those issues.

Think of your prospective clients and what they'll think if their posts get the same type of negative attention as @haejin enjoys.

But why would they? I am not writing ten posts per day and keeping all the profits for myself. How is that not clear?

This program brings legit professionals with big money to fund high quality content en masse. We are hiring steemit users to create the majority of the work after the trial run. People can make money here for writing. Is that not the point?

This post, with over $50.00 in bidbot payouts, has received votes from the following:

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therising payout in the amount of $41 STU, $73 USD.
upmewhale payout in the amount of $24 STU, $42 USD.
ebargains payout in the amount of $2 STU, $3 USD.

For a total calculated bidbot upvote value of $368 STU, $645 USD before curation, with approx. $92 USD curation being earned by the bidbots.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @yallapapi and is by no means a judgement of your work.


Help stop plagiarism on Steem.

I hate to post apropos of nothing, but I'm following @transparencybot around because I'm hoping a "cause bot" won't complain and can believe in the following plagiarism cause:

Since the original post is from an actual creator, I felt this would be a good place to point out @manashjyoti has been plagiarizing Andy Weir's novel "The Martian". He's already made 3 posts featuring the beginning of the novel:

The Martian Part 1
The Martian Part 2
The Martian Part 3

I've flagged them, but I don't have any juice to make an impact. If anyone would like to flag and/or comment on one or more of the above posts. You'd be helping the community. Thanks.


He has removed the content. Thanks for letting us know.

This is a variation of what some steemers used to do in 2016. They got "guest posters" and split the rewards 50/50 between the host and the guest poster.

You have really set a template that will definotley be useful to me. I look forward to sending you a pitch post ans getting to be one of the first writers.

I'm eagerly waiting to see how this thing goes. Best of luck!

Two weeks ago today I announced a need for a Steem Media Organization .

I also see the need for exactly what you describe in your article. I feel like we are of the same mind, on this topic. You should include me in your plans as you were the one whom actually motivated me to get my first introduce yourself post done.

Here is an excerpt from my article to give a taste. " I want SMO (Smart Media Organization) to collaborate with content creators. I want the focus of the organization to be to help create and curate QUALITY content by providing access to professional services."

Resteemed to over 17800 followers and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!

Send 0.200 Steem or 0.200 Steem Dollars and the URL in the memo to use the bot.
Read here how the bot from Berlin works.

We are happy to be part of the APPICS bounty program.
APPICS is a new social community based on Steem.
The presale was sold in 26 minutes. The ICO is open now for 4 rounds in 4 weeks.
Read here more:

I am absolutely, one-hundred percent in on this idea @yallapapi - I just have one for you about this effort and I wonder if it has also crossed your mind?

How are you going to handle potential issues with @berniesanders (and his flagging accounts) flagging all content produced under this umbrella effort? I know Bernie is quite against centralised efforts such as these and I have no doubt you'll see him flag this kind of behaviour (and possibly others).

Interest/understanding in cryptocurrency

I have written a few cryptocurrency focused articles already on Steemit, it's not my primary, but I understand it enough to be able to write about it.

Able to write 300-500 word articles

See my post history for reference, but my posts are routinely above the 300-500 word limit. I rarely write short-form content and long-form content is where I shine.

Have good spelling and grammar

Once more, see my previous posts for reference. But having said that, this comment in itself should be an indication of my spelling and grammar ability.

Show me samples. Doesn't have to be crypto.

Maybe more samples than you were expecting, but here are some posts I have written (not all cryptocurrency/blockchain focused) many long-form content. As you can see I pride myself on spell and grammar checking, but perhaps more importantly: formatting.

Can produce at least ten articles per month. Preference given to those who can handle higher volume.

I have been known to publish four to five long-form posts on Steemit per day, ten per month is more than achievable.

-Cool man!

This sounds interesting @yallapapi, Most definitely a "niche" empty here for this type of project... Lets see how it plays out! I would read your "magazine" for sure! Thanks for posting!!!

Man, you rock! I might just found my guru on this platform 😁!
I never said that before in my entire life, lol!
Love the attitude, I may even change my opinion(unscrupulous, manipulative, power obsessed) on Jew people, all because of your last articles 😋.
Not interested in writing about cryptocurrency or anything else on demand, but I sure like the ideas you are putting together.
No upvotes on this comment please!

This is definitely one post that needs to be upvoted and resteemed for others to see because it cuts across all.
Meanwhile, I really love to write about cryptos because our world is going to be ruled by cryptocurrency soon and people need to learn and know what it's all about!

It is a nice project and hope it works out the way you want it to be. I am glad that you got a positive response from Whales and keep up the good work :)

lol actually doing work to get paid, hell nah, i just passive everything

Wao… Este artículo me hizo sentir como si estuviera montada en una montaña rusa. Tú efusividad, creatividad y motivación me hacía sentir en la cúspide y tu claridad y nivel de exigencia me ubicaban en su parte llana y me hacía poner los pies en la tierra y reconocer lo importante de tener las ideas claras. Sinceramente me encantó. Y desde hoy tienes una nueva seguidora, aunque quizás eso no te importe (risas). Y siempre recuerda “Todos necesitamos de todos”. Por otra parte te cuento que, sólo hablo español y que usé un traductor para leerte y escribirte, y del cual espero haya traducido bien mi mensaje. Que tengas muchos éxitos. Chao

Wao ... This article made me feel like I was riding a roller coaster. Your effusiveness, creativity and motivation made me feel at the top and your clarity and level of demand placed me in its flat part and made me put my feet on the ground and recognize the importance of having clear ideas. I sincerely loved it. And from today you have a new follower, although maybe that does not matter (laughs). And always remember "We all need everyone." On the other hand I tell you that, I only speak Spanish and that I used a translator to read and write to you, and from which I hope you have translated my message well. You have many successes. Goodbye




Why? And, if you don't mind, @veerall, please answer in detail.

As well, if your comment is indeed a helpful one, which bots, in your opinion are worth paying and which should be avoided?


smartsteem is one of the best as of now.
However what i meant was, now thank the bots that you can write any crap and pay them to trend..;)


Hey so sorry @veerall! I thought I replied to this a long time ago! But caught it in time. Thanks so much for the info! Much appreciated. Cheers!

that pepe meme so true

I enjoyed reading your post.There is a lot to learn from this post but this post will be a lot to read. This is an important post.Thank you very much for sharing such a post and I would like to post later.Thanks Bro #Yallapapi

I'm in. Upvoted & resteemed.

The only difference is that instead of killing and pillaging each other, the system is designed so that the only way to earn significant rewards is by creating programs that benefit the majority of users.

You nailed this one @yallapapi. I actually never thought of seriously writing here but enjoyed writing about small things. Three impacting crypto articles a week is a full time job doing something I don't enjoy and getting stress about it.

Writing about ICOs and movements in the market would be easier. I will try writing one crypto article this week and promote it in your discord. If the reward is high my writing suddenly gets better.


If the reward is high my writing suddenly gets better.

Funny how that works

wow nice post i like it...
i follow your id i like your id
i upvote your post.....
plz you upvote my one post

I still havent been able to read any of your posts to the end! You just cant stop. Thank you for sharpening my skimming skills though. I get your point. Great content nonetheless.

Lile we say in Africa, more oil to your elbow👌

Ah I see!
What a hustler! You bringing up a solid solutions.
We count on you bro ;)

I propose @yallapapi to be the leader of minnows colony..


"Lead Us"

Wow, this initiative is inspiring. When I signed up to Sharkschool, it was mainly for writing tips— and that went along with my mission here (to learn to write better.) While the payouts of blogging here incentivize my journey and personal mission, you've taken it to the next level. I think that's great for you and everyone that participates. And I wish you the best of luck with this business venture. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones to already have a sustainable online business. Steemit has been a great opportunity for me to use my spare time, with zero expectations and commitments, to still learn to write and perhaps win a little in the process. So for those whom you can combine those needs for for, you will do a great service. For now, for me, Steemit must remain the most lightest of uncommitted side-hobbies. I wish you and everyone who commits to your venture the best at finding their dream to work online. I would never quit my online business for anything and providing that opportunity for others to work online is a great contribution to society.


Thank you sweetie. What's your online business?


Primarily, I administrate the use of copyrighted music— mostly from my own catalog, my father's catalog, Wu-tang fam members, and personal clients. Secondarily, I own an online retail business administrating vendor relationships with ecommerce store owners on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etc. Lastly, I'm self-employed as a freelancer. I've done a range of work in that respect from Wordpress development, to online marketing consultation, to ad agency work. Serial Entrepreneur? An introverted low-key non-videoblogging less-annoying (hardly) version of Tai Lopez? I prefer WAHM (Work At Home Mother.) I prefer not to share my company names with this blockchain if that's okay. ♥️

Thank you for asking. My work affords me the flexibility to care for two children on the Autism Spectrum full time. While I may not be able to go as hard as Joe and Jerry, I'm happy.

I hope you don't stop writing articles about writing, copy, psychology, and similar topics. I'm not an easy catch and you managed to inspire me to stalk your content. Providing answers to burning questions and solutions to common problems is after all quite baiting.

So when are you going to start video blogging?


Wu-tang fam members

What? You have Wu-tang people in your family?

Secondarily, I own an online retail business etc etc ...

Damn, didn't know you were such a baller.

Thank you for asking. My work affords me the flexibility to care for two children on the Autism Spectrum full time. While I may not be able to go as hard as Joe and Jerry, I'm happy.

I'm probably also on the spectrum if you're looking for a third child to take care of with some of that Wutang money.

I hope you don't stop writing articles about writing, copy, psychology, and similar topics. I'm not an easy catch and you managed to inspire me to stalk your content. Providing answers to burning questions and solutions to common problems is after all quite baiting.

Writing these is an exercise in vanity more than anything else. I love the attention. Can't believe people actually enjoy reading my regurgitations of all the self-improvement garbage I've consumed over the years.

So when are you going to start video blogging?

Believe it or not, I actually vlogged for 30 days back in 2016. They were pretty terrible although some of them have a few k views. I've thought about doing it again now that I have a little fan club, but I'm hesitating because it takes so long to edit the videos. Like 4-6 hours to do a 7 minute video.

I used to do Instagram stories but my selfie-stick broke and haven't bothered to buy a new one. Didn't see much of a return on it, but then again my following was much smaller.

I know it's something that I should do. Just don't see a reason to do it right now. Am I wrong? Redpill me on making videos.


What? You have Wu-tang people in your family?

Yes. And not quite. Wu is an umbrella organization. There is, of course, the original Wu-Tang group members. There are Wu affiliates. There's Wu syndicate. Wu fam is a rank. But I do have family associated with Wu, yes. It's quite complicated. :)
bla bla...

Damn, didn't know you were such a baller.

Former baller.

I'm probably also on the spectrum...

Yeah? Well, I may have originally first found you by searching Autistic so... lol

Writing these is an exercise in vanity more than anything else.

I, for one, am pro-vanity, ethically. Not so much narcissistically, but I believe strongly the world could use more self-love/other-love balance.

Although I'm more the observational type, I probably should care more about attention— since it's the backbone of the whole internet. Lol.

Redpill me on making videos.

  • Going live is often as effective as running ads
  • Fuck editing or outsource it
  • Gives people who can't read until later a chance to listen
  • Can't read in the gym
  • Increases trust/rapport
  • Halo Effect

Not suggesting you write less, just saying— hey, putting a face with a name never hurts trust or branding.

Beep! Beep! This humvee will be patrolling by and assisting new veterans, retirees, and military members here on Steem. @shadow3scalpel will help by upvoting posts from a list of members maintained by @chairborne and responding to any questions replied to this comment.

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
Curious? Read @resteembot's introduction post
Check out the great posts I already resteemed.

ResteemBot's Maker is Looking for Work

Hi Yallapapi,


It is a very good idea and the best is that you already found money to put it in practice.
I am @mfederi, tax lawyer and entrepreneur working in London and Paris as consultant.
I have join Steemit in November 2017 but really begin to post in march 2018.
I am following the crypto-currency market and more particularly interested in the regulations aspects and the public adoption.

Like you, I have a few projects in the blockchain area and still learning as I am not a dev.
I don’t know if Steemit whale and Minnows system will last, but it is not written that we cannot change the system or create others.



Hi Yallapapi,


It is a very good idea and the best is that you already found money to put it in practice.
I am @mfederi, tax lawyer and entrepreneur working in London and Paris as consultant.

Nice. Welcome to the cult

which you post very good .... I've read it .. as a reply to you want to follow me and vote my article....

Really stoked you came through with that! Don't forget about #cannabis market if crypto publication works out.


Don't forget about #cannabis market if crypto publication works out.

Great idea


I'd say so. Cannabis is getting bigger on Steemit every month, but we lack the support system. No serious SP is trickling down to support quality content, so good stuff earns practically nothing without bots, and I hate seeing people throwing money to the whales for the obvious reason.

Hey bro, it's wonderful that you put so much effort to think such a good plan.

I don't want to get your spirits down this time again, but last time I checked that a user was posting 10 times a day and upvoting it to 100$ or more, was fucked pretty bad by the community.

And it doesn't matter how much you work on quality, because not everyone will understand that it is superior than all the other posts on steemit(if it is).

Just wanted to give you a heads-up before you make any further plans. People here are pretty serious about reward pool being raped by a single account.

Anyways, all the best for your future endeavours!


Pretty sure it’s abundantly clear how this is different. I’m more than happy to explain how for the 1000th time in case there is someone out there who still doesn’t get it.

But thanks for the heads up.


well, let's hope you are right then!

I am a new comer and i have found myself in a position that you have told.But your blog gives me something that i will try to evaluate.Thank you very much,Sir

Hi Mate

I like your idea! I can write. I'd like to join this. Here is an article I wrote yesterday as an example:

Let me know :)


I like the idea... I'm not a good writer though... but will want to see professional articles ;) so you plan may just be what steemit needs to produce good articles

Friends are not my steemit voting power. I am commenting.
Genius is a great post, so you countless
Thank you so much for fun, funny writing. I'm a general steemit user. I want to follow the wonderful people like you. Please give me upvote and follow me.

i am a new person brother..please vote me

Very interesting talks, and quality, is also very helpful with this posting @yallapapi.

Just Upvote You sir.

Thank's for a great Post :)

Interesting idea my friend. As a minnow who takes time and puts effort into my posts, but gets few up votes, i will definitely be watching your progress with interest. Good luck to you @yallapapi!

hello bro good and very nice post ... best of luck bro ..

I am new here follow me i tell u about Pakistan beautiful places

Steemit is not a professional online publication; it's a social media site. People on social media like posting pics of their food.

You're not going to change it into something it's not, and you're not going to solve a technical issue with administrative duties.


Steemit is not a professional online publication; it's a social media site. People on social media like posting pics of their food.

Steemit is whatever we want it to be.

You're not going to change it into something it's not, and you're not going to solve a technical issue with administrative duties.

I took a look at the current system and came up with this solution. Would you rather I start another bid bot? Would probably be more profitable and require less work.

followed and upvoted...

ur turn bro...please

Good solution for all needed people...

Lol am not surprised no whale got back to you. What you've managed to achieve by getting a partner is amazing. Let's hope it works out well

I'm actually reading all of this while I'm working on my own substantial post. Publishing a roadmap is a good way to generate interest. Your plan just might work...

Nice plan, and I definitely hope it works out! Although I'm not that knowledgeable about cryptocurrency as others, I have a few people in mind that write articles regularly and may be interested in this venture. I am mentioning them in this comment section - @dbroze @johnvibes
And I'm sure there are tons more that I haven't thought of at the moment, but those two individuals stick out in my mind when it comes to crypto news and independent journalism.

I'm also resteeming your post so that it gains more exposure! Best of everything in your new venture.

I like your idea. Something has to give and you seem to have hit on the fix.

Yallapapi... Yalla yalla Papi ... I do not want to comment on your posts, but want to ask you one important thing, haha ... this is very important ...
A few years ago I had attended a German course and I had some friends from Arabian countries. They often said to each other ... "yalla yalla", which means "hurry up".
Is your nickname related to this ....? anyway i'm new on Steemit and because i like your nickname, i follow your blog, that's the only reason i follow you haha ...

Very very good post.

NIce post ! I interested in pepecash and rarepepe.

It certainly looks interesting, what you got and the project you are going to develop, I like your absolute sincerity, even if it sounds raw and many people feel offended is the reality.

I identify with the aspect of being independent and being able to work on my own projects, the truth is that it speaks of the mental strength, talent and constancy that one can have.

The truth is that when you mention Venezuela I only think how that nation with so many resources has been impoverished by obvious corrupt leeches, so when it comes to making choices you have to be cautious and judicious, being alert to the extremely populist politicians.

When I write a publication I have as rules the grammar, check the spelling, read several times to be sure of the coherence in the words and all that has to do with editing, I find it unhealthy that some people do not do it, so a large percentage of people evaporate the quality lines.

I think 10 articles per month, even some more with a good incentive and using the necessary creativity would be a good figure. I'll try to send you some samples.

I hope the project succeeds.

thanks for helping minnows @yallapapi, I LOVE YOU POST.


you have the whole reason friend many people are here to get votes but they are not aware of what other people are interpreting what they express

rich mans comment section hijack

I saw some of those memos - figured you were working on something like this.

Unless you want a regular 300-500 words on how a large proportion of ICO's are junk and the people getting enthusiastic about them are deeply misguided and/or morally underdeveloped, I'm probably not going to be writing for you. That said, surely this publication needs a column satirising the living daylights out of various crypto-whales...

Anyway, I'm really interested to see how this works out.


Unless you want a regular 300-500 words on how a large proportion of ICO's are junk and the people getting enthusiastic about them are deeply misguided and/or morally underdeveloped, I'm probably not going to be writing for you. That said, surely this publication needs a column satirising the living daylights out of various crypto-whales...

Never say never.


I've got $1500 worth of papers to grade in the next week - we'll talk after that.

i apprieciate to your post.your idea is really good.

Great Post..👍👍

Because small fish have every right to be taken into account, or what would steemit be without us? Hurrah

It is a pleasant undertaking and expectation it works out the way you need it to be. I am happy that you got a positive reaction from Whales and keep doing awesome

with your post i can take a good [email protected]

Amazing post

@yallapapi you are lucky and talented. I guess anybody who wanted to power up will desperately do anything just to get promoted and level up. Hopefully will grow to be a big fish if not as a whale haha. More power to you guys.

This is going to be a non tech utopian :)

Now this is going to be an interesting experiment. I will send you an e-mail.

Everyone who has common sense and open mind will realize how brilliant this idea is! I believe in success. Good ideas are always finding way to manifest itself in life!

I follow people in bot tracker making big bids and vote on their posts for curation but damn son 500 dollars total is just too much, I'm not upvoting this because it's just too much, 500 is dollars is excessive that brings the downvoters out because it is it is kinda of raping the pool.


Take some time to learn about bid bots. I will probably lose money on this article. Google is your friend.

A great initiative I ever meet so far on steemit. If happened many whales think the way you do this place would have been a better shade to rest. Convincingly, I believe in your personality and in the feasibility of this great work. I would like to work with you, even being considered a student; I know learning continue and the way to add value to personality is to be around the valuable personnel who are keen to bring out best in you. I understand your passion and motive of achieving the unthinkable. More success sir.

I think I should be able to come up with a similar idea in time :-)


Best of luck @pagandance! I'll look forward to reading about it. Should you choose to share ;~)

Help me ,please one vote on my post

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great initiative. best of luck . really need to find out a way to grow up steemit all over the world

Finally, I found a worth reading article and a pure hearted hero that really minnow to the moon. But how about the plankton and the redfish?

Now, this is an interesting concept. I see so much garbage all over Steem - reposts from other accounts, blatant disinformation, shilling disguised as information - it's nice to see that someone is doing something about the problems plaguing this platform. Improving it should earn you something.