BIG NEWS! The China IT Ministry Has Rated Steem The #2 Cryptocurrency Of Global Public-Owned Chains

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Hey @ned have you heard?

#2. This is crazy. Number 1 went to ethreum and the second is steem. Bitcoin is number 13! It gave a rating for each coin on categories such as Basic Technology, Applicability and Creativity. Not only was steem second overall but it was number 1 when it came to basic technology. Steem is rated as one of the top coins in the world and as it grows in use it will only get better.

NUMBER 2. Now we have to work hard to use this tech and get it in the mainstream. There is so much potential here, if we work hard we can get the coin to the top ten in the market in a year. With new applications, communities and SMTs this can be the coin for content and content creators.

Here is the link for more info:

And the link of the top coins:


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Steemit will be the leader of social networking within very short time. The way it is moving now and the increasing users, the future is very bright. When steemit is going strong, steem will be going to the moon!


I followed you. You follow me. Are you interest Cyptocurrency? :D

Wow. This is fantastic news. Looks like I've come to the right place. I was having my doubt a moment ago.

Wow, its a great news.Steemit is the best community, I love to be a steemian.Thanks for your wonderfull update sir.

It was such a good news!

woww that's an amazing news :) Steemit is going towards sky :)


I followed you. You follow me. Are you interest Cyptocurrency?

I aldo believe in this prediction.steem will be top one within very short time


I followed you. You follow me. Are you interest Cyptocurrency?

Awesome news @whatageek, realistic utility behind Steem, what's more to say


I followed you. You follow me. Are you interest Cyptocurrency?

I think there are a couple of interesting things in their rankings. I'm not saying that they "mean" anything - just interesting points:

NEO - It's rated as having the highest utility of all coins, in China. I believe that's because it's more common to the Chineese population and will be their main crypto for payments.

BitCoin - It's rated #13. It's too slow and costly for everyday use. Good security, though.

BitShares - Another one of Dan Larimer's projects is in their Top 10.

There's no doubt that Larimer has some of the best ability to program useful blockchains, with good "staying power." It's too bad EOS is having a bit of bad news regarding this recent Brock Pearce/Block.One split. But, you can't partner-up with a questionable character and think it's going to go smoothly when you're at #5 in the world. So, EOS was/is bound to have speed-bumps along the way. But, I think that EOS will be a good long-term coin to HODL, and it will soon be near the top of this list as well.

Steem is #1 because it's applicable to one of the most sought after industries cryptocurrency, social media and scalability when it comes to software as a service. It just adds more value when you tie it to blockchain technology. Koodos to this great platform

Good news! One day it will be number 1 no doubt :)

Very good news in the same week when Steem hit 1 million users. We are surely winning this war!

Fantastic! That will help Steemit grow in no time!

Wow! There's no stoping STEEM...

Excellent news, steem promises to be a resounding success

I hope Soon Steem will be the #1 Cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin is on #13 Its very wonderful news.
Steem is on #2 .It is goodnews for steemians.

I hope Soon it will go up and up....
Thanks for this good news @whatageek

Ayyy Let's GOOO


Steem always is highest on Blockchain Activity. You can see in
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 23.30.31.png

I agree the steem platform is a place of creativity and growth. Its a young facebook with a much higher potential for growth.

Its great news.Thanks for sharing this....

very happy to hear and i am glad that i joined here , and it's not like other site which isn't disappointing me but making me more curious ^^ falling in love more and more **

rank 2... o yea,,,,...

What is your take that we have a steady 60k active users for months? I can't find any reasonable answer.

The news just keep coming, first it was a mil users and now been listed as number 2 and many more to come

Steem to the moon

Thank you for the exciting news. It's been one revelation after another today for me.

I didn't know there was so much development going on,with dTube and a Steemit rival to Instagram.

Investors are realising the full potential of Steem.I think the Smart Media Tokens concept particularly exciting

Cryptocurrency is the trending now and it's very interesting.

Thank you for the report! We start a new series today with Steemit relevant "Best Of & News" and will use your informations in our news later today. We will bring it under the hashtag #stmcnews.

For sure you get your mention and link and all this. We will "just" bring a small introductions in our news and the people can read the whole story in your article.

I just want to inform you, say "thank you" and send some greetings.

I'm slightly amazed by this information. Thanks for sharing this news about!

your post has to reach new members like me as we are kida lost on the site, you words are hope

Steem is currently one of the few blockchains up and running and with arguable utility value so this makes sense. This will change however as time goes on, as an application like a social network cannot really compete with the larger protocol plays in terms of size. Of course, it can still be a successful platform nevertheless.

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@whatageek Great news for Steem. Thanks for sharing.