My First Viral Video - 30k views and counting! [Bonus inside post]

in steemit •  7 months ago

So I did a post 2 days ago titled: "Stupid Driver Strikes Again - Involved in a 15 vehicle Accident today because of an IDIOT!" in which I included a Dashcam video of the truck driver that cut me off and then stood on his brakes bringing me to a complete stop causing a massive pileup of trucks and cars behind me.

Well I posted the video to Youtube (video is below) and in less than 2 days I have had over 30k Views and been approached by ViralHog about them purchasing the rights to the video. I sold them the rights to the video today and I will earn 60% of any money they collect using it.

In other news, the police are on the hunt for the driver in the video to charge him with: Reckless Driving, Attempted Murder, Fleeing the Scene of an Accident with Injuries and who knows what else they add on when they catch him. Plus the Insurance Company for the Schneider truck that was behind me that was hit multiple times in the accident is also hot on this jerk's trail!

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Have you tried calling the police on reckless drivers?


Multiple times!


Hopefully we can do some lobbying here on steemit. Police need to do more lifesaving and less revenue generation.
You might want to check out @dustsweeper. My solo upvotes don't count.

What a %ick, I hope they bust this guy.
Your post has inspired me to get the old dash cam back out and power it up.

It looks like you may be able to see the license plate on the left side. Interesting story.

In all, you should be happy to be alive and well. It's not great news to be in an accident, but it can always be worse.

This is life. I hate life and that driver .

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I did not know there were such bad roads in Chicago, and there were enough jerk drivers everywhere!

I hope they find this scum thanks to you and your video! Great work getting it on cam in such a dangerous situation

That rat bastard just freaking drove off. Terrible. I'm glad you are ok.

What trills me here, is the 16k views u got. That's massive bro, big ups


Over 30,000 views now!


Wow! 30k and still counting. We should toast to this

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You struck lightning twice in the same wreck!

The plate appears to be a Texas plate 1228-381. The problem is the video does not show what is in front of his truck, so as far as evidence of reckless driving it has limited value. I am glad you have so many views, what I don't understand is why is your steem power is only$1.09? (I'm new).