How To Delegate Steem Power - New Super Easy Way :)

in steemit •  7 months ago

Hi guys and girls, quick post about making delegations with one click (and few words) nice and easy :) But first the hamster:


Now we can proceed. If you want to make a delegation to any user / service you want, simply write a comment:

I want to delegate X sp to @user

Where X is the amount of steem power (for example - 100) and user is the steem user name that you want to make delegation to. You can write the comment anywhere you want. For example

I want to delegate 200 sp to @yoo1900

Within a minute @tipU will answer to your comment:
A link leading to steemconnect delegation tool - just sign the transaction with your password and it's done :)

Hope you'll find it useful, cheers!

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