Facing some problems in eSTEEM App.

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eSteem is a blockchain based mobile social application - powered by Steem. It was initiated and founded by @good-karma in August 2016 as an alternative interface to Steemit.

You can login using your Steemit credentials and Submit a Story, View your Wallet, Upvotes, Followers, Curation and Author Rewards, and pretty much everything else. The best part is that it's all very easy to use and nicely organized.

This is a very good app for steemit users I enjoyed it from last 4 month, but I am facing here some problems which I want to share with app developer Mr. @good-karma. I am very thankful to Mr. @good-karma who develops this app for steemit users this is very attractive app and easy to use for every user.

The problems which I want to share is that the app is working slow in some options by which users are getting bothered in sometimes. Question here is?

Why some options are working slow and also the app is not working properly when we minimize this app then want to open app is not working properly and that time we have to close the app first then again open it, then app is working again same like ist.

I will show to you here by videos what problems I am facing in this app.

In this video you see when we try to comment on any post when we click on post we can't see properly our post has been successfully done. But to the contrary we have to open our profile then we see there is our post successfully done or not.

Now I will show you second problem through video. What actually I am facing.

In this video I am going to show you when I click on bookmarks option then I open one post when I try to download that it completes 💯% but nothing to show. App completely shuts down nothing happens at all i try to go back click everywhere can't do anything untill I close the app.

These are some problems which I am facing in this app. Now I convey to Mr. @good-karma sir, if you will update this app again it works properly and will look so attractive. I am using this app from more time I enjoyed it a lot. I want this app grows Better and better in future. And Everyone will love it to use. In this eSTEEM app there are lot of features which you never seen in any app like this.

Follow @good-karma to learn all about the app and go through the change-log for new updates.


My conclusion is that the app is really so good to use for every steemit user. I love eSTEEM app. As my experience inside this app. Being the first STEEMIT app, eSTEEM is actually very good. Can it be better? Yes, and it will be. As I belive the man behind its creation @good-karma. Surely we will see some improvements in the app soon.


eSteem is an alternative application for every Steemit user with great features.

Download for your Android devices on Google Play Store and for iOS devices on Apple Store.

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