Hots or Shots Episode 9 With Guest @tygergamer

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Hello Steemit!
Welcome back to another episode of
~Hots or Shots~

Today's episode marks the beginning of the Missouri adventure.
We had a blast meeting and hanging out with everyone we met on this trip.
I look forward to introducing you to some of the awesome steemians Missouri had to offer.
So let's get right to it!

Today's amazing steemian is

Tyler is one of the oldtimers on steemit, joining the platform in July of 2016.
Since he arrived here, he's helped build and grow the gaming community with his posts of game reviews & let's play videos.
Even when Steem/SBD was worth nothing,
he trudged on, organically earning him an impressive 71 rep.
Tyler also helps run a weekly Steemtrail Gaming Podcast,
which you can find and support at the account @gaming-trail.
It was an absolute pleasure getting to know this fine steemian and it's my pleasure to now introduce him to all of you.

So without further ado....

Hots or Shots
Episode 8

Let's Get Sauced

Thank you everyone for your support, your resteems and your upvotes!
It's because of all of you this show is possible.
I hope you enjoyed today's episode.
See you all next week.
(shoutout to @seveaux for providing music)

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Love your show!! best thing I watch on Steemit!

@tygergamer was great. And props to @liberty-minded for doing some extra sharp editing on this episode. :)
( I would have cut the WHOLE vagina monologue....)

I really enjoyed this particular show, GO HOS

LOVE these guys!

Edit: LOL at "Instructor's back in the peanut gallery, watching his son get shit faced!"

7 shots in, @jonny-clearwater was hammered. @tygergamer never got drunk. As a mater of fact, I think 10 shots made him slow down and relax to the point where he was cooler than @jonny-clearwater. Great editing btw. Loved the music and the angles. The videos are getting smoother and smoother.


It was right after the tenth shot that it started to hit me.


You held your own. How would you have done with hots if you would have flipped "hots" on the coin? Can you handle hot stuff?


I love hot stuff honestly I was hoping for either.


I could not even tell if the alcohol was affecting @tygergamer or not....I can always tell when it starts to hit @jonny-clearwater. What is interesting though is that @jonny-clearwater did a double shots episode day and on the second shots episode I think @jonny-clearwater drank 10 shots and got sober. It was quite weird.

typergamer is a pretty old account and has earned a lot of rewards

mate you have the hottest show on the platform for me man this is entertainment! thank you for the shoutout on this with the music man, really hope that you will take it abroad someday.. be sure to visit holland then i will show u around... let me know if you have future things planned which may need some audiostuff on them or so, you can count on me for that life fx or so

Really enjoyed watching again! Great episode and @tygergamer was great guest! Already looking forward to next week!
Oh and the editing on this one WOW!
Hooked even more now!


Great Episode, @Tygergamer is loosing up so sweetly in the end trying to stay on point by swinging back and forth and back and forth like a nervous school boy. Editing improoved greatly too, love the fast cascade after the booster clip. Well done good drive , this one was interesting to watch.
I will make you a different fyrst-witness clip with different less annoying music. . . . I´ll DM you when i got it ready

Overall thats a record 9/10 peppers from @elgeko


Great start on the weekend with @tygergamer on Hots or Shots 😄
I have to say the show is taking form on all levels 👍
Looking forward to next episode!


This was fantastic! I liked the cinematography.

That whole hobby is just a failed business idea really resonates with me. Previously, hobbies were just hobbies, but now, most of my "hobbies" are either a result of financial curiosity, or just short-lived hobbies which will be replaced by others if they don't prove to be profitable. I believe it can be good to sometimes sit back and think about what one would like to spend the money on, because often, those things you appreciate more than money, might be your true hobbies.

Great episode!

That's fun. It seems you two are enjoying your drinks!

The first time I have seen this but is brilliant, it's an adult version of hot ones.
and a s a bonus its a steemin gamer. excellent.

Best thing I watch on Steemit!

Watching this at my girlfriends house and as her dad walks in to come smoke in the "entertainment area" this dude with the beard says VAGINA at about 14:20 odd.
Awkward moment nominee


Ya'll didn't even get to hear half of it. That vaginia monologue went on for at least 30 minutes. .......and it wasn't mine he was talking about. I had to say something to end it. great-story-please.jpg

Another cool hots or shots, I like the down to earth vibe and good answer that helps give steem/steemit a face of real people on steemit! Oh and was Instructor taking shots in the background with you guys LOL I would be if I was him.

I love when what you do

or love doing
Pays you.
In this case, gaming. 😍😍

Nice work jonny
Nice work tyler

.keep up the good works

It is really great and informative thanks for posting

good stuff!

2 times on shots lol , and tyler is very hard working steemian , i wonder how did the people who were signed on steemit from 2016 , how they heared about it so fast? i m here since the summer of 2017 , a year diffrence only a year but with crypto a year seems like a light year :O

truly amazing show and great audience participation and appreciation of your work. ! I am impressed.

i like your show! i watched this fully. keep it up and go ahead. thank you so much for share this.

looking very attractive now

Really loves this guy a lot.he is a masterpiece I must say .LOL