It's Official: Got My Dtube Shirt!

in steemit •  7 days ago

Hey Dtube & Steemit!

So I have been on steemit for about 6 months and on dtube for about 5 months now. It's about time I got my first dtube apparel...It's a dtube shirt for myself and one for my husband. Super excited about finally being able to Rep. dtube while I'm out in town! I'm sure there will be a lot more gear coming my way soon!

I purchased theses shirts from Amazon with @reseller's link.

So check them out here:

As always,

All things cooking…decentralized!

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Good stuff, I also have these on Etsy if anyone wants to use that platform. Thank you for the support. I have had a few people ask me about my shirt and hat so it does work!


For sure! Great shirt excited about it.


Do you have any amazon links for Hats?! :)


@joeparys just Etsy: its the new logo hat only.

Sweet stuff. I got mine from @reseller as well and man, awesome, quick service. TShirt arrived and was exactly as I thought. Definitely recommend his Etsy store!


For sure! Highly recommend it!

Really interested too. Wow! should probably be my next priority. Love the shirt, great visual quality. Congrats, happy for you, I will also start making effort to get some. Honestly, you always inspire me.

Waiting for amazon to sell tshirts of steem in India.
and the link is not working .. Please check


Hmm i just checked it worked for me.


Yes its working now

Besides the point, your hair color is stunning ^_^


haha, thank you so much! Thats a nice compliment 😁❤️

Cool t-shirt @alphasteem

So ... the steemit/dtube/dsound tribe finally starts to cook some great food/music for souls here in this steemian world ... Congrats

Keep in touch


hey @luciannagy sorry for the late response... for sure we got some great content on steemit! Thanks a lot excited to wear this awesome shirt!

I had this in my cart a couple days ago. Was going to get one for the farmer! Great minds! I didn't realize there was a color choice! That's pretty! Or maybe you just make everything look pretty! 😘


haha That is too funny! Can't wait to see your video of it. You will make it look very pretty also! ❤️

Awesome! Great looking shirt, I will have to pick one up some time!! :)


For sure! @reseller is the man for that. They look awesome.


Awesome! :)

Looking cool, lady:)


haha. Thank you very much @xabi!

I would like to add that "Steemit is Love"


I would have to agree with you!

@alphasteem cool shirt! Looks like charcoal gray correct?


Yes! That's the one lol. I was to lazy to check back what I ordered haha...

Wow it looks amazing, I love the grey background!


Yeah I forgot what it was called but I liked this one the most I think it was called Ash or something...haha.



Yep, it looks like Dtube has taken root as a STEEM success story!




Yeah! You should join. 😀


Lol...I have no value in my sad....

Indeed, should God say the same, I'm sure this would be a fun 'venture!...In the meantime, it would be cool just to rock the t-shirt just for the hey of it.

Smh...still lol...a valueless upvote....How far can that Steem plummet??? Now, I KNOW I should have followed the CEO of Steemit's'm sure the wiser, more trained traders did!...;+)!


I like that color. Look good on you xoxo


Thanks anne i love the color too xoxo

nice post dear


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wow. beautifull .are you make it ?

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Hi girl... great idea for @dtube... congratulations from Venezuela country.


The Dtube shirt looks super cool!

Oh no! I only thought it was a photo now I see this is a clickable DTube video :O Hahaha I was looking at the Ash shirt....



I really enjoyed watching you get the D


Dude....high five.


Thanks! I couldn't be happier! 😀