Xon Snow1 - Smart Snowboard - A product to teach you snowboarding

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Xon Snow1 - Smart Snowboard

A product to teach you snowboarding



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XON Snow-1

Cerevo XON Snow-1 is a smart snowboard binding that is used to record your snowboarding activities and visualize your activities on a smartphone through the XON apps. It can sense the load balance of your snowboard and correct your snowboarding postures.


  • Record your snowboarding activities
  • Visualize your data on your smartphone
  • Can detect the load balance of your feet
  • Can detect your board deflection, speed and acceleration
  • Can detect your postures, direction and positions
  • Can display in real time on your phone
  • GPS route mapping feature
  • LEDs which can respond to the load balance sensors
  • Overlay your data to your snowboarding videos

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Hunter: @ray147880


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VERY COOL HUNT @ray147880

This is my opinion about your hunt


  • Products Cerevo XON Snow-1 is very much useful and useful when you use it. Cerevo XON Snow-1 can record your snowboarding activities with XON applications on your smart phone.
  • With so many features that are very complete, this product will be many people who will have it, and there will be no problem.
  • If you feel will fall while playing sky, this product will be able to detect your foot load balance.


  • None for this hunt

I will give value to your hunt


Thanks for your review

Look at you go! Well done, your post has been cleared for liftoff (aka @steemhunt Upvote!) Keep it up Hunter!


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This is a cool smart snowboard hunt @ray147880 !Keep up the cool hunts! Upvoted & fully approve with the Xon Snow1!


  • It is app connected, you can check your data instantly and then improve, thanks to it
  • With the help of GPS it can save your route, also the speed and acceleration
  • LEDs are built in for night rides, so you are safe riding it


  • none for this one

Binding only costs 199 $, this is not much for such an innovative snowboard binding, which improves your snowboarding.


Thx mate


-the application is very useful for everyone

-I am with your post that is shared, highly motivated me

-very innovative


  • there is no shortage

THanks for your review

Awesome Hunt @ray147880

Pros / Cons


  • SMART. this is a synchronized snowboard with high-tech smartphones that can record, analyze in detail and provide statistics about your snowboarding activities.
  • Detect the position of the rider, and give a warning if it is wrong.
  • $ 199.00 very cheap.


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • Xon Snow1 is needed for New Snowboarders to learn the right pattern.

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Hey, @ray147880 this is cool things great hunt

Here is my review


  • SImple and easy to use
  • Support multiple analysis
  • Support application
  • Cool way of learning things
  • Support multiple sensors
  • Overall cool hunt


  • No cons are found

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