Touch Board - Turn touch into sound and make any surface interactive

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Touch Board

Turn touch into sound and make any surface interactive



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Hunter's comment

Touch Board

It is an electronic product that can interact with any surface. The sensors are electrodes (Electric Paint) that allow users to draw on any surface and make your own midi piano, lamp switches, doorbells and interactive wall. The device is also programmable which can be customized and applied to different usages.


  • Can turn touch into sound
  • Distance sensing
  • Programmable on Arduino
  • MP3 player
  • MIDI controller
  • Have USB and SD card adaptor
  • Can connect with different things and make different applications through electric paint

Tutorial Guide is here
Proximity Sensing Guide is here



Hunter: @ray147880

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  • can draw anywhere and make your own piano midi

  • can change the sound at touch

  • easy when we use it.


  • can not berkaroke with the tool

Thanks for your review

The other day I was watching how creative a drummer got with buckets lying on a road, I cant imagine enough how creative people will become if this gets into their hands.An Arduino Uno will cost you around 20 USD and shilling another 40 USD is totally worth it. I am also expecting an active community for this as it is open source , just like arduino


Thanks for your reply. There are plenty of tutorials online to tell you how to play with it.

My brother is really into Arduino stuff, he has programmed some interesting gadgets. I´m sure he would love this.

This would be a great gift for a kid that is into music and technology/engineering.

The possibilities are endless, love it. Great hunt!


@dontstopmenow thanks for your reply. This product is really good and work as advertised when going through review from other users! Hope your brother will like it!

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Here is my review for your product:


  • Can turn everything into music instruments
  • Very cool idea
  • Hard to find similar products in the market


  • Nothing for this product

My comment:
Easy to use too. It can increase our creativity

For this product, I like to mark it as

Good work on hunting, thank for bring us a good product

(Please noted that it is my personal opinion only)


Thanks for your reply

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