Instax SHARE SP-3 - Mini printer for your smartphone / DSLR photos

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Instax SHARE SP-3

Mini printer for your smartphone / DSLR photos



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Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-3 Printer

It is a mini and highly portable printer that can instantly print any photos that are taken from your digital camera or smartphones.


  • Select your photos from smartphone and transfer to the printer through Instax Share app
  • Print in 13 seconds
  • High image quality
  • Have a "My template" function to add text on the photos
  • Spilting one image into two template
  • Real Time Template: Record and display date, place, temperature and weather on the photos
  • Collage template
  • Filter function
  • Directly send photo from your fujifilm digital cameras to the printer



  • It is very portable which can bring it to travel or gathering and share the photos immediately with your friends
  • Can select and print photos from your smartphone which make sure that the printed photos are the best
  • Will not waste films when you make mistake on taking photos
  • Have various templates on the app which save time on editting photos


  • Price of the printer and films are a bit expensive

Official website
[Review from users]



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Yep the cost is generally the problem

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Yea. That's why a lot of people don't use the film to shoot photos.

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  • very good device to print photos anywhere
  • can instantly print photos
  • can print smartphone photos which is a unique and cool idea


  • expensive

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