StellarX - Peer-to-peer marketplace for Crypto, fiat, bonds, and more

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Peer-to-peer marketplace for Crypto, fiat, bonds, and more


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I've requested an invite and will be testing with my own crypto trades soon. I've been looking for a way to trade one altcoin for another with just one trade, and this goes even beyond that.

The fact that trades are free and that they even pay you when you're a market maker is even better.

This comes from the creators of Kickstarter, Headspace, and OKCupid, so while they may be new to the crypto space, they are certainly not new to creating apps that work. I'm glad they decided to build on Stellar (XLM) instead of ETH, for faster, fee-less transactions.



Hunter: @indigoocean

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Hi, this is a great platform. Here is my opinion.


No brokers - traders are trading with each other!

Trading directly from your wallet

You have full control over the keys.

Fast Transactions (2 to 3 Seconds).

Free Transactions (No Trading Fee).

A variety of trading objects (crypto, fiat, bonds, commodities?).


Now I see nothing.
But only maybe too many types of stores until the platform is not tested (they might have tested well platform good - DEMO !?).

Good luck with the hunt.


Yes, I agree with both your lists. I'm signed up to be in the testing phase, and hope it lives up to its promises.

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Just heard the news that both Steem and SBD is being added in the exchange via Tethered Assets. Steem Anchor will be backing the tethered digital assets. The service is relatively new so proceed with caution.


Wow, how interesting. It's good to see Steem being added to so many exchanges these days. Thx for the update.

Thanx. I was searching for a exchange with cryptos and other kind of investments


You're welcome. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities. Will let you know if it lives up to the promise.

I wish I understand crypto life like everyone else but I am still learning as quick as possible... I will try my best to stick close to you... I believe i have a lot to learn from you... If you are free to teach...


Crypto is definitely a big subject to learn! There's so much too it. I've studied it a lot for many months, yet there is still so much I learn all the time. But it's fun, and the info is so freely given.

I actually put out a longer post on this exchange right after this, not realizing Steemhunt automatically posts to Steemit.


Lol... I saw it, it's all good... Even better because you will earn from two posts...
I just love how crypto is elevating people from abject poverty, Many people have nothing other than debts to pay but thanks to crypto their lives are becoming better.
Since many people in my country are dummies about crypto, I want to be able to change their lives by teaching them... I see it as opportunity to make an impact in the society.


Absolutely! In fact, I'm in the process of reading this article on exactly how crypto can uplift those in the developing world!

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