#STEEMGIGS: I will transform you into a Jedi using GIMP

in steemgigs •  10 months ago


I will transform you into a Jedi Master or a Sith Lord using GIMP. You can actually do it yourself using the instructions I posted here. But if you like, I can do it for you.


Price is only 2 SBD. Because I'm not always in front of the computer, orders may take up to 3 days max to deliver.

Price: Starting at 02 SBD

Delivery: 3 day(s) 0 hour(s)


Please submit an image with someone holding a sword-like object.

Example below:



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Ha ha ha, very funny.Really looking like a superhero.

looks cool. great transformation. And because of that its a yes for me. 😁


Thank you very much.

that is some great work!
that is some nice transformation


Thanks. It's not that hard to do too. Try it!

Lol....this is cool. Will love to see you really do it.


Hi. Do you have a picture you want to edit? Send it over and I'll work on it.


Once I have, I will forward it

Wow! amazing transformation
This is so beautiful
Nice work @digitaldreamer


What of this one
Lol 😂 Screenshot_2018-03-30-04-11-44-1.png


Let me see what I can do with this.


I trusted you, you be boss at you own profession. Keep the good work doing


The light saber effect doesn't seem to be the best one for the image you sent. This one, I think, is better.

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