Big News for Steem - Massive Crypto Exchange Huobi to list Steem!

in steem •  9 months ago

Huobi is the 5th largest Crypto Exchange and they have just announced that they will be listing Steem.

This is currently on the front page of the Huobi website:


You may have been wondering why the crypto markets are bleeding today and yet Steem is slightly up from this time yesterday...

Well now you have your answer.

Some specifics:

It looks like deposits will begin about 4:00 pm EST today and then Steem will begin trading tomorrow at about 4:00 pm EST.

Huobi is currently the 5th largest exchange in terms of volume over the last 24 hours.

Another point of interest is the fact that Steem will have a USDT pair, which marks the first time any exchange has had a Steem to USDT pair.

That could prove very beneficial to Steem traders going forward.


A little about Huobi:

Huobi is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China.

It was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Beijing.

They have plans to expand to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea in the very near future.

Overall, this is big news Steem fans!

This could be the start of a major bull run in the price of Steem.

Stay informed my friends.

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Probably another round up after trading is enabled!





Is this the reason for the big rise of STEEM over SBD?
I guess they listed STEEM and not SBD, but I still do not comprehend why it caused one to rise against the other.
I sold over 94% of my liquid STEEM today, at just over 1.15SBD/STEEM.
Recently STEEM got very weak compared to SBD, so if this is a temporary swing due to this enlistment, I will soon see a big profit the other way again.
And I have to repeat my:
I wish I had a good exchange that worked for me and has at least STEEM listed in it, even if currently I have very little liquid STEEM.


Yes that is why. Trading actually begins tomorrow on Huobi, which means there may be another big surge in the price again tomorrow. SBDs are not currently being listed on Huobi.


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Brb mooning! Awesome news, see simple things like this I wouldn't be aware of unless I checked Steemit. I wonder when they will also add Steem Dollars. What other big exchanges have yet to adopt Steem? This is very exciting :). $10 soon?


I hope so. I would not be shocked to see $5 by tomorrow or Friday.


That's very optimistic. I hope you're right. Steem is one of those cryptos were you don't look it at for a week or so, and it could be up 100% or 200%.


10$ by June, 30$ by end of the year is my bet.


I like that $30 number. Though my predictions are a bit more conservative. SMTs are going to be the big wildcard though, if/when they ever get released.


Totally agree with your SMT's view.

What took them so long to add Steem?


Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

great news to the moon

Great news! Do you that's caused recent price pump? :)

This is great news, bringing Steem to a wider audience and allowing more to buy in. Holders should definately benefit during the next bull run.

Thanks for your important information on steem cryptocurrency huobi news.

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It's all over the cryptonews! Better monitor the price of steem because we might see the rocket engine again :)

Really good news!

Sweet! Great news, particularly on a day like today.

This is awesome news.

STEEM to the moon!

Impressive 💪🏽👏 great news for the steem community as we continue to contribute our own quota to the development of the steem block chain thanks @jrcornel for sharing!

This is great new. This trading of Steem by Huobi will bring in most of the Asia investors to steem. Steem is going to the moon

This is very good news, Trade Steem by Huobi will bring Asian investors to be mastered. Steem will always go ahead and that is what we expect all, I will always support your good work.

Super awesome news
Hopefully, with listings like this, Steeem soars higher and gets popularized the more.

As it continues to get listed on more exchanges and traded in more pairs, demand will surge will supply will remain limited as a good amount of it is staked for Steem power. Although there have been some recent power downs, this supply will easily be met with demand given upcoming SMTs and now new exchanges.


Those are my thoughts as well. There is a tipping point that if we can get past, prices will really start to surge. I feel like we are pretty close to that tipping point right now.

Thats good news :) Steemit is growing bigger and Steem is getting more famous. The future will be amazing for all of us :)

very useful information that you convey hopefully they also open a branch in singapore,

celebration times for steemians
we want $10

That's awesome !! :D

good job successful friends are thankful for his post and his information

Steem to the moon then

Awesome newsss


It is indeed one of the top news and that is indeed very great news for all of us I must say .Lets see how much we get to like it !

well it is a BIG News

let's get esteem all the world's. And let's go to far. All of us get the benefit of esteem. I am with esteem